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How do you do it? How do you do it? It always amazes me! I place an order and it’s here in 15 minutes!!!! (Well not literally, but almost). And if I need to return something, a credit is applied in no time at all! Where else can anyone receive such wonderful customer service! I do not know how you do it, but please keep it up!!!

Susan F. │ 05/29/2012

My Husband and I have been customers of another online shoe shopping website for many years but because of your great customer service we are now Zappos customers!

Lauren N. from Irving, TX │ 05/29/2012

As a customer for several years now who shops with you constantly... too constantly, probably! I just want to let you know that you always do a fabulous job… even when the wrong item is shipped or arrives damaged, the customer service has always been outstanding, and it is certainly appreciated in a business world where service seems to fall by the wayside.

Tricia L. from Grand Forks, ND │ 05/29/2012

This is our first experience with Zappos – your customer service has been amazing. The return shoes are on their way. Thanks so much for the understanding – you've made a customer for life.

Dwayne S. │ 05/14/2012

I miscalculated when Mother's Day was, so I quick ordered a pair of shoes for Mom that I knew she'd love. This was Sunday and, of course, she had them Tuesday. She's familiar with MY love of Zappos, so she couldn't wait and opened them up. She loves them, and is reassured by your easy exchanges, as sometimes she needs a size up. I know she will be in good hands if she has to call to exchange, and for that I thank you. There's too much hassle sometimes trying to do a simple thing like exchange a size, and you make it so easy. As a P.S., this led to me treating myself to a pair of Uggs, which I had Tuesday as well, and I love them. I tell everyone where I get my "awesome shoes" that friends "never see in stores": ZAPPOS!!!

Christine B. │ 05/14/2012

Hey Zappos! To start off I’d like to say your customer service is incredible. I just had a quick idea that I’d like to share with you guys. I believe a live Skype employee could really be beneficial to answering to customers’ needs/wants. I believe this can increase sales for multiple reasons. The customer will feel more comfortable looking at an actual employee answering their question; they will feel as though they are getting undivided attention from the Zappos employee. Not just this but also the term WMD comes into play. Not sure if you guys use a similar technique but Words, Music, and Dance can really effect a customers purchasing experience (Words = speaking, Music = tone of voice, Dance = how you present yourself). They can use their hands and facial expression to really explain and answer all questions.

Christopher K. │ 05/14/2012

I am just taking a quick minute to tell you how much I LOVE Zappos. Not only is the variety of merchandise amazing (I look at Zappos first before any other web site) but you customer service is like none other in cyber shopping land. I ordered some things on Saturday and they are on my porch now, not even 48 hours later. Compare that to another web site where I ordered early last week and I STILL don't have my stuff. This is stuff for my upcoming vacation, so time is very important! No worries with my Zappos order. :) Of course your easy return policy is incredible. Things I'm sure you already know, but you should see how many times I post on Facebook “I LOVE Zappos” and sing your praises to my friends. My boss finally broke down and tried you after hearing my praises, and she too is now a huge fan (with TWO very cute dresses). Thank you for being the best online shopping site on the web!

Melanie W. │ 05/14/2012

Thank you! Zappos really does have the best service and the nicest people. Your success is well deserved.

Jennifer B. │ 05/07/2012

I always have a wonderful experience when ordering with you guys; whoever I talk to has always been so helpful. You have a great staff and, as you can see from my ordering, will always use you.

Janice W. │ 05/07/2012

Totally amazing! I ordered shoes yesterday and they were on the porch this morning... Thank you for your terrific service and for your kind consideration. This was the third set of shoes I tried, and it is so wonderful to be able to try and return with no penalty or unkind words. The two pairs I received today are PERFECT. Zappos forever!!!

Judith K. │ 05/07/2012

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you! I have been struggling with heel pain for over a year and when my new podiatrist recommended Dansko shoes, I ordered them that night from Zappos, of course. To my surprise the shoes were delivered the next day even though I ordered them after 8pm. Two days later my heel pain is almost gone. Yay Danskos and yay Zappos for your amazing customer service!!! I really can't thank you all enough!!!!!

Christine C. │ 05/07/2012

You have an awesome company. Thank you for your outstanding service!!!!

Patti B. │ 05/07/2012

As someone who works throughout the week (and usually weekends!), finding time to do shopping for something as important feet chariots is tough. Thanks to all at Zappos that made my most recent purchase so easy (knowing that there's someone who has to manage the relationships with the vendors, package the product, craft the code to keep the site going, and also respond to emails like this!). I can't wait to receive my new boots!

Dan D. │ 05/07/2012

My goodness!! I ordered these shoes on April 24 and they arrived on April 25!!!!!!!!! I don't know how in the world you did it, but THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I usually get these shoes from a storefront in a neighboring town because we have no shoe store here. When I order them from the neighboring town, it takes them two weeks to get them. I like that store, but I will continue to order them from Zappos! And no postage! I love Zappos! Thanks again. Oh, the shoes are wonderful, but I always get these so I knew they would be great.

Lee P. │ 05/07/2012

My husband bought this shirt a few weeks ago at the Adidas store in Soho, NY. He never buys expensive clothes but he liked this shirt and I bought it for him at the occasion. Accidentally I put it at the dryer machine and the fabric shrank... he got so disappointed when he noticed. I started to look for the same shirt in every online store that I could find... Zappos was the only one who had it. I was so relieved!!!! The customer service rep who helped me was the best, too, confirming my delivery for the next business day! Thank you so much Zappos!

Thati S. │ 05/07/2012

I wanted to let Zappos know we recently lost our friend Garfield, our cat who lived up to his name. He loved when I got a new Zappos box in the mail, as soon as it was opened he would climb in it and take a nap. When he died we put him in a Zappos box and put his blanket on him and buried him in the box. I think he is still napping in it in kitty heaven. Thanks for the memories. When we get a new Zappos box in the mail, my four boys and husband and I always think of Garfield climbing in the boxes. I think he would be happy with his final resting place!

Missy │ 05/07/2012

You guys are incredible. I screwed up an order, called and got it cheerfully and efficiently changed, and the correct order was delivered to my house in No-where-ville LESS than 22 hours later (it takes me about that long to drive to a shoe store). I am awed. Is it some kind of magic? Thanks!!!!

Lisa H. │ 05/07/2012

Thank you for your prompt and friendly response. I really appreciate how friendly and helpful the CS team is every time I have dealt with Zappos. I didn’t want a refund. I just wanted to let you know about what I thought was a quality issue. But now that you have informed me about the average lifespan of a child shoe, I see that there was no quality issue with the shoe after all. Thanks again.

Yelena A. │ 05/07/2012

Dear Zappos, You recently gave me VIP status. Now my boyfriend is DISSING my status, saying he has been a VIP longer and it "means something." I disagree. I think that Zappos stands for freedom and equality for all. However, it would mean a lot to me if you can send me an email telling me that because I take cool surveys (he says Zappos would not waste their time on a seasoned VIP member with such frivolity) and email your awesome customer support team, that I have now earned EXTRA SPECIAL VIP status. This status not only earns me the right to get products shipped next day free with orders by 1PM PST, but also means that all other VIPS must call me Ms. Welland, ESVIP. :) I'm really kidding and don't want to waste your time, but I do want to prove a point. Plus, he told me the $600 worth of golf clothes he ordered was mostly going back and it didn't. He kept all but one pair of pants. Zappos, stop tempting him! I think he has a problem.

Tonieh W. │ 05/07/2012

I never give consumer feedback, but being a consumer also never feels as good as it does at Zappos.com! I am amazed with the efficiency and accuracy of your search engine that allows me to narrow down your incredible selection of shoes to exactly what I want in SECONDS. I am continuously impressed with your customer service, from the cool printout I used to measure my two-year-old's foot size to the knowledgeable and enthusiastic customer service reps who answered the phone both times I called today. Whatever you guys are doing, it’s working and you are doing it right. THANK YOU for actually operating a truly customer-centric and customer friendly business. Sadly for my husband, you make shoe shopping a pleasure! Until my next pair...

Tova K. │ 05/07/2012

I love you. I ordered these at seven o'clock last night... I can't believe they'll be here this afternoon!!! And no shipping charges!!! Anyone who reads this email, you should feel good about your life; you made me extremely happy just now.

Katherine J. │ 05/07/2012

Got it yesterday. WOW, FAST! Love the boots, love the service, LOVE the wit in your missives, and LOVE being a VIP :-) Thanks much.

Karol B. │ 05/07/2012

You guys are the best. And I have never written that before, to any company!

Maureen from Seattle, WA │ 04/30/2012

Kessley called to say thank you to Zappos. She has been a customer for a long time and has always been happy with our service. She said she never says thank you to us, and wanted to tell us we are awesome. She said we are doing it right on every level. Zappos Rocks! She loves us and just wanted us to know that she appreciates us.

Kessley via CLT │ 04/30/2012

Zappos is the most Awesome company going right now in the United States. There are SOOOO many companies that could learn from Zappos in respect to customer service. It is “Old School,” if you know what I mean. I just wanted to say THANKS and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for always giving me the best customer service of ANY business I deal with!! As a MOM of 3 children... you guys just ROCK and make my life SOO much easier. I just wanted to say THANKS for being the BEST!

Christy from Panama City Beach, FL │ 04/30/2012
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