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Thank you! I've been singing Zappos' praises a lot recently and this interaction confirmed what I've been telling people. Thank you for quick, caring, and personalized service. It's appreciated. Please keep up the phenomenal service. It's tough to find.

Amelia C. │ 07/09/2012

I would like to say thank you for your repeated ability to be far and away the best company when it comes to customer service. Not only does your website not misrepresent your company by adding hidden charges but your customer service team over the phone and on the web has always been a great help toward buying exactly the right item. My most recent order was placed earlier today and I know that not everyone is a night owl like me, but regardless, your customer service team was cheerful and, most importantly, helpful. I would like to extend a large thank you to one Customer Loyalty Rep for being a great help on this last order. If it weren't for your professionalism I would not have been able to make my purchase from Zappos due to a time constraint and would have thus been forced to drive to the nearest mall which is over an hour away. I hope that y'all are able to keep up the good work as I will definitely be shopping with you again.

Miles K. │ 07/09/2012

You have helped me so much with your bright colored Asics. I was hit by a car as a child and just now have had surgery and learned to walk. Asics from Zappos have helped me learn to walk again and I have 3 pairs. I love the bright colors. I celebrate being able to walk and thank Zappos for giving me confidence and pride in my disability.

Anonymous │ 07/02/2012

I just wanted to compliment this company on such a great order. We ordered on 6/25 at 8:40 a.m. and received the product on 6/26 at 6:15. That is amazing and we will do more business with you in the future. We cannot believe what great service your company has displayed. Please pass this along to who needs to receive the credit.

Anonymous │ 07/02/2012

Wow, what a great shopping experience. Quick shipment, great shoes, and most of all I had the best phone sales associate. I honestly think this was the best shopping experience I have ever had in a store or for sure on a phone order. She was amazing. We were visiting about Las Vegas after I asked where the call center was. When I received the package and saw the company statement on the box, I thought well that was the epitome of my phone sales person. Love my shoes and my sales associate. I can't remember her name. Tell her thank you.

Deanna R. │ 07/02/2012

As part of my internet marketing class I am to let a company know how much I appreciate their product or service. Zappos was my “top of mind” response! Thank you for your exceptional customer service and product. Your packaging even made me smile!

Lee D. │ 06/25/2012

I ordered a pair of Ryka for Jazzercise at 2:12PM pm, June 6th - yesterday (I live a bit north of Vancouver, WA) Imagine my surprise when I looked at the UPS tracking information, discovering that the shoes had arrived in Portland overnight and were due to be delivered today!!! Now that's what I call service! I know I risk wearing out the exclamation point key on my keyboard, but you folks deserve it! My husband and I order merchandise on line all the time, but I usually expect items to arrive in a few days - certainly not this fast and for free! You can bet I will be telling all my friends about this experience, and I will be back to order more shoes! The best thing about it is that I am wearing my new shoes to Jazzercise tonight (I really needed new shoes)! For your excellent service all the way around, I thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Ricard W. from Brush Prairie, WA │ 06/25/2012

Please extend my sincere thanks to all of Zappos' customer service. Having these sandals exchanged so quickly and kindly is a dream to deal with! I totally did not expect such thoughtful and prompt service. I'm really just rather floored at how quickly your customer service responded, set up an exchange, set up a UPS label to print out, and shipped the new sandals next day air, so I get them tomorrow! I have never dealt with any company who has made an exchange so convenient and painless. So thank you again for your consideration of the customer and quality service -- it truly shows through. Best,

Jody A. │ 06/25/2012

I just wanted to tell you how incredibly impressed I am with your customer service. Thank you so much. Anna

Anna M. from Arlington, MA │ 06/25/2012

WOW, absolutely amazing customer service!! You guys are great! Thank you so much! I will definitely be sharing this with EVERYONE I know.

Jill B. │ 06/25/2012

You guys rock. I have ordered from Zappos for years and I always get my orders freakishly fast, and I've never had a problem with a return. I was sitting in bed at about 9pm last night and I ordered something, and it's already out for delivery today. Crazy! I'm sure you guys get a lot of complaints so I just wanted to send some praise your way. I am more than willing to pay a little more to get the great customer service!

Amy G. │ 06/18/2012

You guys rock. I have ordered from Zappos for years and I always get my orders freakishly fast, and I've never had a problem with a return. I was sitting in bed at about 9pm last night and I ordered something, and it's already out for delivery today. Crazy! I'm sure you guys get a lot of complaints so I just wanted to send some praise your way. I am more than willing to pay a little more to get the great customer service!

Amy G. │ 06/18/2012

If every company was run the way Zappos does it, the world would be much cooler. You guys are so awesome. Thank you for letting me shop for everything I need from my sofa!!

Jake F. │ 06/11/2012

Hello, Thank you so much for responding to my message so quickly. My fiancé and I very much appreciate your help with this. We were so upset at the response that we had previously gotten, but your email confirmed the level of customer service that we have always heard about with Zappos and come to expect. I completely understand the need for the investigation process, I would expect nothing less. We will definitely be happy to answer any questions that UPS or Zappos has about the missing order. I am VERY glad to hear that a signature will be required upon delivery; I was very worried that the same thing would happen again, and before reading that a signature was required, I was thinking about asking for the shipment to be sent to my parent's house just to make sure that it was safely delivered! Zappos has restored my confidence in the quality of its service, and I will definitely tell my friends how well you treated us. Thank you again.

Corinne L. │ 06/11/2012

Hello, I am a longtime customer of Zappos and have seen the expansion changes over the years which seems to be for the better. However, as a customer of Men's size 16 4E sneakers, I have found the selection of sneakers to become less and less and more of a selection out of my price range. Thus, I have to seek alternate companies to do business with which I don't like having to do with Zappos’ great customer service. Not to mention, I used to think of Zappos as the one and only place I could go to find sneakers my size without a problem, and I'm not finding that anymore. As for the prices are considered, I would not be upset about a $20 increase but we're talking sneakers that are running for twice what they used to! While I understand that my unique size may not be of importance to shoe manufacturers, there has to be a demand from consumers like me because it is proving to be very hard to find a merchant that sells decently priced and attractive sneakers my size. So, I write this email to encourage Zappos and its shoe buyers to sell more of a selection of sneakers in the upper sizes. Thank you for your time.

Adam K. │ 06/11/2012

Hello, I recently shopped at Zappos for some items my daughter needed. Unfortunately, they didn't accept them and they had to be returned. Zappos was so understanding of the situation and acted quickly with the refund. I can't tell you how grateful I am to your company for working with me within a small time frame. I'm writing to you to say thank you and to let you know that I am recommending your place of business on Twitter and Facebook and in my emails. I am sorry for the inconvenience I caused. Forgive me please, I had a senior moment. Thank you again.

Carol S. │ 06/11/2012

I would just like to extend my thanks for such a wonderful shopping experience. I recently ordered from Zappos for the first time and have since told many of my friends how much I enjoyed working with your company. The ease of the website aside, what I truly enjoyed were the humorous and fun comments included on your site and in your emails responses. Quite simply, they made me laugh. I found myself smiling as I shopped and read emails. Your company philosophy should be the envy of others. I love what you have done and wish more companies were like Zappos. Thank you!

Laura Taylor │ 06/04/2012

Robert wanted to give props to Zappos. He said we are always a happy staff. Robert said it’s nice because Zappos reps are always positive and willing to help. He comes to us because of the service we provide. Robert has been in customer service for years and loves working with Zappos.com.

Robert Zonies from Parrish, FL │ 06/04/2012

Zappos continues to be the easiest and best company to deal with online.

Ross Trachtenberg from Natick, MA │ 06/04/2012

OK, so I was driving back from Colorado to Kansas today, that VERY long stretch of I-70, and YOU all popped into my mind. I just got home and saw this email, and so I have to respond. I ordered from you for the first time recently. I have 3 kids, and each wanted 2 pairs of shoes. I cannot tell you how pleasantly surprised I was at every aspect of my Zappos experience. Seriously. I shop A LOT. And I'm blown away. I love, love the fun, personal writing you include, like “Yippee! Your order is on the way.” SO much more fun to read than the usual boring updates. The shoes arrived like 10 minutes after I hit “send,” I swear it. How in the world did you get them out so fast?!? I almost didn't order them, because I was worried it would take too long to get them. Way cool!! Also, you had me at “Free Shipping.” I think I'm in love. Anyway, we were pleased with the shoes, of course, but the customer service deserves a 5-star rating if you ask me! I will tell all my girlies (other minivan driving soccer moms who love great customer service!) how amazing you are, and I am now a happy customer for life. The next order will be for ME! :) You guys rock! :)

Joy Shiner │ 06/04/2012

Zappos I just love you...the first time I shopped with you I ordered my shoes on a Monday at noon, and Tuesday they were at my doorstep. This month I ordered a pair of shoes, and a few days later you send me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. The young lady who took my order asked me a question, and my answer was quite lengthy and sort of sad (I had been very sick, but finally am much better), and now I have TWO great stories to tell about Zappos... and I will tell it to anyone who will listen. You guys are the very best!! Joelle

Joelle P. from Gurnee, IL │ 05/29/2012

I just wanted to say thank you. I recently needed help with an order, and the people I spoke with were more than helpful, the issue was completely my fault, and yet they could not have been nicer. This never happens to me. I'm usually met with either aggression or apathy and am put on hold for HOURS, but the whole experience with Zappos was wonderful. I am telling everyone I know and will be a loyal customer from now on. Thanks again.

Jack V. from Seattle, WA │ 05/29/2012

I just wanted to share some feedback on Zappos. I have a physical disability that affects how my legs and feet move. I walk, but I have a sizable limp. My feet tend to slide around in my shoes, and if the shoe doesn't fit properly, I end up with large, painful blisters and sores. For my entire life, I have loathed shoe shopping. As a kid, it was embarrassing. As an adult, it's just flat out annoying. I get short on patience after trying on every shoe in six different shoe stores without finding the Eureka! When my husband first stumbled upon Zappos years ago, he suggested I try it. Free shipping both ways means the shoes come to me, saving me the headache... I'm not exactly a shoe horse these days, but I don't dread shoe shopping anymore. It might take a couple trips to UPS to find the right shoe and the right fit, but it gets done. I'm grateful for the ease of shopping and returning. This is a great website and a wonderful business model. I've recommended Zappos to every friend and family member who'll listen.

Maureen R. from Aurora, IL │ 05/29/2012

I wasn't sure where else I should put this, or who I should tell, but I just wanted zappos.com to know what a fabulous site it is. It has the best customer service I have ever experienced, and I am more than satisfied with every purchase I have done with this company. I work in retail myself, so I can truly appreciate a positive shopping experience. I was in a bind for a wedding recently and desperately needed shoes fast, while unfortunately I have plantar fasciitis (and love high heels), so my options were limited. As usual, zappos.com pulled through. I was able to order more than once, and quickly found the perfect pair, and people at the wedding stopped me to tell me how great my shoes were (they were the printed Nine West Danee peep toes). Either way, whether it's running sneakers that I just ordered, or last minute dress shoes, I cannot thank you enough for how efficient and helpful your company is. I'd be happy to post a wonderful review for you somewhere (if there is a place), but if not I just hope you all know how great you are!!! Thanks for everything :o)

Jenny M. │ 05/29/2012

I wanted to write a quick email to tell you about my first experience with Zappos. I ordered a pair of board shorts for an upcoming trip, and by upcoming I mean this coming weekend. I mistakenly ordered the wrong size, my fault... I planned to send them back and exchange for a different size but did not expect to have them by my trip this weekend; HOWEVER, the person I chatted with was able to send my correct size on good faith that I will return the wrong size within 2 weeks. I will have my correct size, by Wednesday, and will be able to show them off at the beach on my upcoming trip! Thanks so much. I am a first time user, and plan to be a return user just due to this.

Patrick J. │ 05/29/2012
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