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Hi, I just want to Thank you for great service. My husband doesn't like to shop at stores. He found his running shorts on your website and said the whole transaction was great (I agree) Keep up your fantastic work! Again Thanks!

Kay │ 02/28/2017

Thank you and Zappos is great as usual!

Michelle │ 02/28/2017

Thank you and Zappos is great as usual!

Deborah │ 02/28/2017

I love the expedient responses from Zappos! Have a great weekend!

Tonya │ 02/28/2017

Hi, I got confirmation that you received my exchange items. The new sizes fit great, I totally love them. I have never experienced such a fast & easy return-exchange. Thank you so much!! I have found my new shoe store & will be telling all my friends!! Great job!!

Maureen │ 02/28/2017

Thank you for your kind reply and positive attitude. It is reassuring to know you understand that shoes may not fit regardless of descriptions, sizes etc. I appreciate your outstanding customer service.

Nola │ 02/28/2017

Thank you! Good customer service always.

Kathylin │ 02/28/2017

Hello! I wanted to email and let everyone at Zappos know how happy I am with your service. In a time when it seems like customer service is less of a focus for most companies, Zappos continues to exceed expectations! Each time I call I am extremely pleased by the help, knowledge and general feeling of someone caring about whatever issue I'm having. You all are doing everything right and will have my business ahead of any other company. Thanks again!!

Angela │ 02/14/2017

Great, thank you for the excellent service!

Dennis │ 02/14/2017

You guys are the best! Love the customer service ALWAYS! Ordering, returning or recently trouble with delivery....due to my error....always great service. I live chatted at 10:30 on a Friday night when I realized an order hadn't arrived and it had been way too long, by Zappos standards...not only was I taken care f but the representative was friendly, and fun and understanding! I am devoted to Zappos!

Kristie │ 02/14/2017

Thank you so much for this service, I bought these right away! They are I think the most comfortable shoes I've ever had.

Laura │ 02/14/2017

I got my Pants and I love them I like doing business with you. It got here when you said and in good shape.

Joan │ 02/14/2017

Thank you for being amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have a hard time getting away to shop, and some neuromas that have developed are throwing me into a tizzy on what to wear that is cute and doesn't hurt my feet. 40 years in heels. I have a big learning curve ahead of me, so thank you for the fast delivery and all the returns. It really seems impossible and I feel like I am taking advantage. I know it's sort of different, but I sell houses and it's devastating for us when a. User changes their minds. I hope you stay in business profitably forever.

Teri │ 02/14/2017

I received my order that was an exchange for Superga shoes that did not fit. The exhange is perfect! You picked up on the fact that I requested size 7.5 (thank you) but what impressed me was that I had commented that the previous pair was too narrow. You sent me a "wide" and I couldn't be more pleased! I didn't even know they were available in "w." Zappos makes things right! I have always been a fan, but now I am even more so. Thank you again!

Judy │ 02/14/2017

He's [Jack] awesome. This is called Zappos magic and this is why I am addicted to Zappos. You're awesome!

Eri │ 02/14/2017

Thanks for being persistent in getting me my boots...I ordered a pair from you and one other company, both due to arrive on the same day along with the onset of a 5 foot blizzard...With impassable roads, I walked to the PO which was finally open and retrieved my Zappos delivery...Love my boots and now I have them to dig myself out!!!! (That other pair are still in transit due to inclement weather)Again...Thank you for the superlative service

Carol │ 01/27/2017

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I think Zappos and Zappos service is great. I ordered some shoes and stupidly read UK8 as US8 and got the wrong size. But I knew how good your service is, so I immediately ordered the right size before packing up the return. I 've already received the right size and love the shoes and have just been credited for the return. All within a matter of days. Perhaps 'virtual' shopping is not for everyone but I truly love it . Thank you for making shopping at Zappos so enjoyable! Cheers. Best from NYC.

James │ 01/27/2017

You all are the best!

Ann │ 01/27/2017

For the record, you guys are amazing. I received this response within 5 minutes of my inquiry. Now, we need to get Zappos to buy every other company on the planet, and teach them how to manage like you. Talk about great worldwide customer service! Thanks again.

George │ 01/27/2017

Thanks for your help! Reinstalling the app worked! I had ordered some shoes off the website and they were delivered today. Sadly one of the straps on the Birkenstocks was broken. I was able to request and return label and order another pair on the app. Love Zappos!

Caroline │ 01/27/2017

I have had so many bad experiences with companies these days. Bad products and poor customer service BUT Zappos always comes through. I have hard to fit feet and they deliver quick service offer free shipping both ways with no minimum purchase. The one time the shoes did not arrive the next day they gave them to me free! Not a discount - although that would have been fine and I would have been thrilled with that but FREE! Now who does that these days. Customer for life.

Anonymous │ 01/20/2017

Although disappointed with not being able to exchange my desired shoe for a smaller size, your team member was accommodating and pleasant.

Jane │ 01/20/2017

I just completed the requested survey you sent me...but I want you to know, the reason I shop primarily at Zappos is because...of SHOES! The awesome selection The ease in ordering AND free returns!! The other areas of purchasing I honestly have not considered...when I want to check shoes/boots I automatically go to...Zappos!

Beverly │ 01/20/2017

Just a quick note to say, your return process, quick delivery on items and even your emails make we want to continue purchasing from your site. Superb customer service! Thank you!

Karla │ 01/20/2017

Thank you!

Julie │ 01/20/2017
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