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You guys have the best customer service! Thanks for being awesome! Just sayin'. :)

Amy M. │ 11/19/2012

My experience with the Zappos Customer Loyalty Team has always been positive. Every person that I have interacted with has been polite and professional. There has never been a negative experience the entire time that I have shopped at Zappos. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the wonderful individuals I have interacted with at your company and to say thank you!

Jamie S. │ 11/19/2012

Yes, your staff member was very enthusiastic about helping me! The issue was small, but she was persistent about getting the job done. After several tries from a former member with no result (that was getting a label to me via computer for a return).Well, she seeing it was a Mac and your cut and paste, etc. did not work, she took a picture of the label and emailed it and . . . bingo. The package is on its way. Give her a BIG pat on her back for creativity and best customer relations.

Marge C. │ 11/19/2012

Hello, Me and our team at Southern NH University are studying a wiki paper/case study of Zappos. I love it. Please note: I'm neither a shopper nor your target client, however my girlfriend, mother, sister and all their friends are huge fans. Until this case study I only knew you as a creative online master who was bought out by Amazon and became an inspirational success! Kudos! However, what's more interesting is over the last couple of weeks of analysis I'm discovering what an innovative culture you've created. Along with other business cultures, I think you're differentiating and reinventing the service industry . . . double kudos!! Earlier today I had a great conversation with a person in your customer service area and want to salute his efforts as well. I can't wait to see you on television again. By the way, I was a former institutional salesman for a large company in NYC and would have helped disseminate your corporate culture ideology if I was still on that side of business now. These days I care for my elderly parents in NH, but would like to keep a dialogue with Zappos to help your prosperousness any way possible.

Mark N. │ 11/05/2012

I just wanted to say thank you for the great service. I've been a customer here several times, and I've always received the best service. I never completely understood why I was offered VIP membership, but regardless I am extremely grateful. In an ideal world, Zappos would sell everything. Transactions with Zappos are always such a convenient experience. Thank you again from a very satisfied customer.

Joe H. │ 11/05/2012

OH MY GOSH! I cannot believe how great you guys are! I would've never expected that reply. I was more than happy to send the watch back. I am blown away by your outstanding customer service. If there is any way I can bring attention to your wonderful service, please let me know!

Kori M. │ 11/05/2012

I'm not usually one to take time out to write a review, but I want to take this time to compliment Zappos on your exceptional customer service! You were able to replace my broken Reef flip-flops within a day without question. In addition, when they were delivered today, there was a dog biscuit on the box (on the porch), even though my dog was inside (and is very friendly). Not sure if it was Zappos or UPS that did it, but a nice touch. Many thanks again. I will be a long and loyal customer. You don't find this every day. P.S. I also found it funny when I called your customer service for one of the options to be "Joke of the Day"!

Tim A. │ 11/05/2012

I just wanted to say thank you for the great service. I've been a customer here several times, and I've always received the best service. I never completely understood why I was offered VIP membership, but regardless I am extremely grateful. In an ideal world, Zappos would sell everything. Transactions with Zappos are always such a convenient experience. Thank you again from a very satisfied customer.

Joe H. │ 10/29/2012

I just wanted to let you know that you are my favorite Web site. I like your efficiency and lighthearted messages when ordering. I think you sprinkle magic fairy dust on yourselves in the morning because I order from you and the next day it is sitting on my door step. And . . . I save about 25% off of shoes if I had purchased them at the mall. Keep up the awesome work!!!!

Teresa S. │ 10/29/2012

I just wanted to write to you and let you know what wonderful customer service you provide. I needed to return some sneakers for a larger size and the person I spoke to was so helpful and made the return so easy I was really impressed. He was polite, friendly, expedited my return and just made the whole process a pleasure. So keep up the great work; you’re one of the few companies that have people who answer the phone that actually seem like they enjoy their job!

Greta G. │ 10/29/2012

Do you guys sell awesomeness? If you do, let me know ASAP as I want to buy a bunch of them. Never. I repeat never, have I seen such great customer service. I mean I got some bad products, but the way you guys handled it for me—lots of hugs!!!

Joson. │ 10/29/2012

Hi Zappos. I was uncertain about where to send my comments, so here I am. I just wanted to say thanks so much. I received my super-awesome rain boots today and I love them. You all rock! It's been awhile since my last order, but I've never forgotten the great customer service which brought me back even when the shoes were a little cheaper on other sites. I was sharing my Zappos pride when someone at work told me Amazon had acquired Zappos. I felt kind of down about the prospect of change in the shopping experience and shared the fun story of when the CEO/owners of Zappos told jokes for customers who were on hold during phone service. It is one of my best customer stories. So I was concerned that the Zappos of my experience was gone or would eventually be leaving. Having to confirm the story for myself, I looked it up online and sure enough there it was, Amazon acquired ownership of Zappos, but I also read the email from Zappos CEO but it sounded reassuring to customers and employees. I genuinely respect and appreciate a business that shows concern for their employees and their customers. So, thanks again Zappos for making my shopping experience fun and something I can feel good about. Cheers.

Vicky L. │ 10/22/2012

Dear Zappos, I always enjoy shopping with Zappos. The operators are always so fun, friendly and helpful. This is proof that good companies train and treat their own as well as their customers. Thank you Zappos!

Wendy K. │ 10/22/2012

Mr. Hsieh, I just had my first exposure to Zappos’ customer service and it lived up to and beyond my expectations, which had come from the management where I work. Zappos customer service is what excellent service should be.

Michael S. │ 10/22/2012

I want to say Zappos has great service. It is speedy, and the website is easy to navigate. Thank you.

Vylmary B. │ 10/13/2012

Dear Zappos Family, I was so very touched by the beautiful flowers you sent me. My deepest thanks to you and all of your coworkers. I have never experienced such a wonderful company staffed with such exceptional people. I cannot find the words to express how truly thankful I am. All of you make Zappos a unique shopping experience! With deepest gratitude, Ann

Ann J. │ 10/13/2012

You guys are probably beyond blushing at praise for Zappos by now . . . maybe not as you obviously take seriously what you do, since you continue to get even better. I'm too old of a seasoned shopper (retail and internet) to blow smoke, so let me just say, I do not understand why any business, dealing with the public, would not look to Zappos as a benchmark in shipping, delivery, reliability and positive customer service. I continue to be awed and impressed. Thank your team!

Jacki B. │ 10/13/2012

This company is incredible! Since I have difficulty finding shoes that are attractive and fit well, I typically must try on many shoes. I have no qualms about ordering several pairs from Zappos since the delivery is efficient and the return easy. I ordered four pairs of shoes from Zappos a few weeks ago in the hope of finding a pair that would work. Of course, I found a wonderful pair of shoes that I will wear to my class reunion this weekend. I returned three pairs this past Monday using your return labels. Today, I was notified that you had received the returns and credit had been given to me. Sure enough, my bank account reflects the credit for all three pairs in record time. Thank you all so much for the great job you do. You make your company proud and I encourage friends and family to order directly from you. I think I have recruited several devotees already. :)

Jackie M. │ 10/13/2012

Love you! Love the shipping! Love the customer service. LOVE the whimsy of your website writers.

Dayna │ 10/10/2012

I've ordered from Zappos a number of times and have been very pleased with the service. Today I needed to deal with a return and spoke with Deidre because I did not have the original packaging. I just wanted you to know what a great job she did. She was so pleasant to talk with and addressed my issues very efficiently. In addition to great service at the front end of a transaction I now know that Zappos has equally great service when something needs to be returned. Zappos is a first rate operation from beginning to end. Thanks for renewing my faith in customer service which seems to be almost non-existent these days and thanks, Deidre, for great service.

Anonymous │ 10/08/2012

I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE ZAPPOS!! Every shopping experience that I've had has been so pleasant. Even your return system is very friendly. Thank you guys for all your hard work.

Anonymous │ 10/08/2012

I just have to say HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR COMPANY!!! Thank you for making mail order so easy and affordable. Offering free shipping both ways makes ordering from you guys a NO brainer, and I love that. So many companies I used to shop with charge $ for shipping, and it's such a turn off. I end up not buying anything. So thank you. Thank you, and I just chatted with a member of your customer service team (Wesley?), and he was happy and friendly and having a good time. Clearly you guys know what you are doing!

Ashley C. │ 10/08/2012

What a welcome surprise this morning when the UPS truck pulled up, mobile phone in hand! You have been so incredibly helpful . . . from now on, Zappos will always be my first choice for online shopping. In a world where one is very lucky to discover that hotel reservations have been held until on arrives, your incredible service is truly amazing!!

Kathy L. │ 09/29/2012

Dearest Zappos Customer Loyalty Team, Oh the face on the poor UPS guy when he knocked on my door. I don't think his eardrums will ever be the same. He had to endure shrieks of joy and disbelief when I saw that what I ordered late last night was on my doorstep before Noon. He was a good sport about it, though. His grin told me he gets that reaction a lot when delivering Zappos.com boxes. I simply don't know how you do what you do. I didn't even know that I needed a replacement French press 24 hours ago. I didn't even know that I could get that from Zappos. But to have it here in California quicker than if I had hired a private jet to fly it from your warehouse to here?? For free? Simply put, my mind is blown. This Zappos VIP business is where it's at . . . You are magic and joy and rainbows and jellybeans and I love you. That's all. Faithfully yours.

Mindy L. │ 09/29/2012

I just had the best customer service experience, ever! I made my first Zappos purchase for my wedding shoes and when I received them, they were a little too big. I wanted to exchange them; however, they were out of stock. Your representative (obviously understanding the importance of a girls "wedding shoe") promptly sought them out online at another retailer! I just got off the phone with them and should have them early next week. You guys just gained a lifetime customer. Awesome experience! Thanks again!

McKenzie M. │ 09/29/2012
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