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I just want to say what a great job you guys are doing. I ordered some shoes through the iPhone app, decided I didn't like them, noticed there was a 24/7 live chat, and easily canceled. I will honestly only buy shoes through you guys. Keep up the good work.

Thomas L. │ 01/07/2013

I really like your site and your customer service is great! I love that I can go to one site and find such a wide variety of shoes!

Ray S. │ 01/07/2013

I just placed my first order on Zappos.com on Saturday and am writing to tell you about my great experience. While shopping on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago on December 1, my 13 year old son saw a pair of new shoes at the Puma store that he just had to have. With Christmas coming, we did not buy them for him at the store. We figured we'd be able to buy them at a store around our house when he wasn't with us. We didn't find them in stock anywhere and forgot about them until Saturday, December 22, when we went out for some last-minute Christmas shopping. We were told by a shoe store that this particular style of shoes was only available directly from Puma. It was too late to order them from Puma.com. I remembered that there was a Zappos.com app pre-installed on my Android smart phone, so I thought I’d check it out. I launched the app and saw the promotion for FREE shipping guaranteed in time for Christmas. I was wondering how that was even possible since this was Saturday and Christmas was on Tuesday—just one business day before Christmas. I placed the order for my son's new shoes. The shoes arrived via UPS on Monday afternoon—Christmas Eve. We got them wrapped and under the tree in plenty of time before our family Christmas celebration on Tuesday morning. Zappos.com saved Christmas in our house! Thank you for a great first, but certainly not last, experience!

Jonathan M. │ 01/07/2013

I placed an order a few days ago and could not understand why it hadn't arrived since your shipping is usually super fast. I found out that I had inadvertently shipped it to my daughter's college address where it was not being accepted since the school is closed for winter break. You guys were able to recall that package as a return and send out a new order! That's the best customer service EVER! Thank you so much!!

Patricia D. │ 01/07/2013

I can't say enough about Zappo's VIP service!!! They are remarkably FAST! and ACCURATE! I tell everyone of my friends to shop Zappos.com all the time before they try any other website!! Many thanks for making me a VIP customer!

Betty W. │ 12/28/2012

First can I just say how much I love Zappos?! You guys are my touchstone for customer service. Even yesterday when I wasn't even dealing with Zappos I was talking about them and how I wished the fancy natural market I go to almost every day had half the customer service you guys do. When I start my new business, I will again use you guys as a standard to emulate. Thank you Zappos, I bow deeply for all of your fine work and customer service. As a matter of fact, you're so great, we are doing as much of our Christmas shopping as we can with you!

Mary Ann J. Santa Barbara, CA │ 12/26/2012

I received your "We love you" e-mail, and got a chuckle out of it. Typically, receiving such a message from a large company would elicit a groan. However, from you, it's believable. Your selection and customer service is beyond excellent. I don't buy a lot, but doing business with you is always a pleasure. Thank you.

Cathy P. Fergus Falls, MN │ 12/26/2012

Oh wow! Now this is GREAT customer service . . . All the rumors I've heard and case studies are true!! But how can a new digital company be so customer service oriented??? Can you please package what you do and sell it or better yet offer it up for some holiday cheer. All other companies can learn from you! Thank you, and I look forward to giving you more of my business :) Merry Christmas!! John

John P. Oxford, NJ │ 12/26/2012

The quality of Zappos service, and the shipping is unbelievable! If other companies could follow your example of care for their customers, perhaps our country would be in better financial condition. I will always be an enthusiastic customer of Zappos!

Andrew J. Wilbraham, MA │ 12/26/2012

Dear Zappos, Thank you so much for always providing exceptional customer service, easy-to-use website, and competitive prices. In 2008, I was looking for a summer dress and I think I found Zappos via Google. I found exactly what I wanted and have been a happy, repeated customer since. There has been only a few times that I needed to return something, and every time I have received the BEST customer service. I feel as though your company actually cares about their customers, and more importantly your staff, because it shows with every interaction I've had. Thank you, Zappos, for your willingness to be a friendly company offering the best prices. I still tell people about "going to Zappos" and I enjoy spreading the good that is Zappos.

Jamie S. │ 12/17/2012

Hello! I wanted to put in a testimonial, but I couldn't find the spot! I ran into an issue a few weeks ago regarding a missing pair of shoes for my daughter. I spoke to a wonderful woman on the phone, which went out of her way to try and resolve the situation. Unfortunately, the shoes were needed for the next day (Sunday) and there was no way she could get them there in time, but she did try her hardest! She signed me up for Zappos VIP (which I already have used and love) and was a pleasure to talk to. I wanted to thank her and Zappos for the great customer service. You definitely have a customer for life! Thanks again!

Erika B. │ 12/17/2012

I had no idea where to send this so forgive me if this is going to the wrong department. But I just had to tell you how much I love you guys. Seriously. My husband and I have been VIP members for about two years now and it's always so nice to order something and literally have it the next day. We've had to return shoes before because they didn't fit and you have always been amazing (honestly, we only buy our shoes through you guys. If we see something in a store, we get the item information and then use the Zappos app to research and order). But what you did for me the other take just took the cake. I ordered a purse on 11/16 (again, I needed a purse and didn't even bother going to stores, I went straight to Zappos) and I found one that I LOVE! So I ordered it, got it and everything was perfect. Well, the other day I went to zipper it up and oh no! The zipper broke. I knew you guys would be amazing and accommodating. I called on a Wednesday and the customer service rep said I would have it by Friday. Imagine my amazement when I got it on Thursday instead!! I only went a day with a broken purse! Now my husband and I are in need of luggage for a vacation in February and yep, you guessed it! We're buying it through you guys. Again, thank you so much. You have no idea how nice it is to call a place and get helped and not hassled and to be able to share a few laughs with the person smiling on the other line. :)

Nichole │ 12/17/2012

Absolutely the best shopping experience I have ever had. Your website is superb. Your service is outstanding. Shopping with you is an absolute JOY! Now THAT, my friends, is customer service.

Sharon S. │ 12/17/2012

I just placed my order last night at 9 pm. The very next day at my door was the shoes. I think you have magic elves working for you. That is the best and fastest delivery ever. Your site is fantastic! I will be ordering from you more often. Thank you for the wonderful service!

Heather S. │ 12/03/2012

Dear Zappos staff: I have never met you all. I only hear your voices when I order stuff. I only see your written word when I chat with you. And I cannot understand how you all keep such a great attitude and sound so wonderful on the phone and on chat. It seems you are in a different world. I say that because I cannot find another company that has such excellent customer service, such excellent shipping and such a superb work atmosphere. From the people that answer the phones to the people that ship the product to the people that manage the whole show, I complement you all on a wonderful performance. I know in my lifetime I will never come across a company that holds the belief that the customer is the reason for its existence. May your company and its employees flourish beyond expectations. May your lead in e-commerce be unsurpassed. And may you and your wonderful employees be showered with the finest things in life. You deserve a gold medal from the president for providing the highest quality service that I have encountered in my entire life. Top universities should do research on Zappos and use you as a model for others to see. My warmest compliments to your entire staff!

Hari S. │ 12/03/2012

Dear Zappos Team, I am not a die-hard online shopper. I do occasional purchasing with merchants for items I may not find in my local area. When I do shop online, certain things are important to me. One of them is shipping and handling costs—both to and from. Another is prompt attention to my order and my refund, if it is necessary. I have only placed a few orders with you, but I have been so impressed with the way you handled EVERYTHING!!! You made it very easy for me to place and receive my order, and then you quickly refunded my money when I did not keep an item. Your policy in that regard makes it more appealing to shop with you, and your attitude towards me as a customer makes me feel important. Please accept my sincerest THANKS for a job well done!! You are all very much appreciated—and I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season.

Mardi │ 11/26/2012

I don't have any complaints; I simply wanted to let you know how impressed and happy I am with the INCREDIBLE service your site provides! I have never encountered such easy and excellent customer service like I get when I shop with Zappos. I will definitely be doing much more business with Zappos in the future and appreciate all you do to make buying online an easy and enjoyable process. Thank you for all you do!

Wade V. │ 11/26/2012

I'm not asking for any sort of help, but I wanted to let the employees at Zappos know how great of a job they're doing! I'm very pleased with my order delivery and returns! I could not be any happier to have shopped here! As a first time customer, it is often assumed that there may be difficulty in terms of purchasing a product. However, such was not the case with Zappos! Basically, I wanted to send an email out saying "Thank you!!!" to everyone at Zappos for their prompt delivery service/return service.

Christopher A. │ 11/26/2012

This email is actually to THANK you guys so much for the EXCELLENT customer service you guys have provided for me. I love how the CS Reps are not so formal and over-professional . . . it's like I'm talking to one of my friends. My first time experience with you guys was almost two weeks ago. I ordered a shoe, tried it on, it didn't fit. Gave you guys a call to do an exchange for half a size bigger, and the dude was just OVER AWESOME . . . he threw me on the VIP account, emailed me a return shipping label and sent my new pair out, NEXT BUSINESS DAY SHIPPING! I'm in Alaska, so he did inform me that it might take a couple more days to get here through USPS. I was okay with it. I told him I was going to send the old shoes back to him that day, but I haven't had the time to send it. I spoke to him Friday . . . and my new pair of shoes got here Tuesday! And I STILL haven't sent the old pair back (which, by the way, I am going to today) Overall . . . this is one great company who delivers what they SAY they do. I wish that EVERY company online was like ZAPPOS! God bless you guys!!

Sina A. │ 11/26/2012

I can't say enough about your great customer service. I had to return a pair of boots due to a slight defect, which was handled with great efficiency. The customer service rep was very helpful and did it all with a smile, very noticeable even though we were talking on the phone. I called 6pm PST 11/19/12 and had my exchange pair of boots on my doorstep when I got home 11/20/12. Amazing!!!! You have made a fan and a return customer out of me. Thank you Zappos

Karen C. │ 11/26/2012

This is the third time I've ordered with Zappos and it has to be the greatest company ever! My latest buy was a pair of Vasque Ultra Dry Hiking boots. I live in Seattle, WA and it has been pouring for three days. I gave my boots the ultimate test—walking in the rain and, especially, the puddles. My feet were toasty warm and dry the whole time. Thanks so much for you and your great products!

Ashley H. │ 11/26/2012

My husband is posted at American Embassy overseas. We have to resort to online shopping for most of our needs. Zappos customer service is among the best of various online shopping service providers. Every time I spoke to Zappos’ CS rep, the person has been professional, courteous, and helpful. The CS team seems to really enjoy their work and care about the customers. Will definitely continue to use Zappos!

Lantian M. │ 11/26/2012

I am thrilled with the customer service at Zappos.com. I just wish that every company made ordering/returning/exchanging online as simple as you all do!!! Many thanks!

Terri M. │ 11/26/2012

My wife and I would like to extend kudos and heartfelt thanks to Zappos and Tony Hsieh for sponsoring Kefauver Day yesterday. It was a very nice gesture and gift to Nevadans. We appreciate what you are doing to help revitalize downtown Vegas.

Jeff D. │ 11/26/2012

Hi, my name is Muriel I love this site. I will order from Zappos for years to come. I loved the dresses. Thank you so much for all the help. When I called your customer service, the ladies I spoke to where beautiful, kind and so helpful. The dresses I kept are more beautiful in person; my daughter loved both of the dresses. She was also happy that they fit perfect. Zappos has a wonderful staff to take orders over the phone. They are on the scale for perfect customer service; amazing in all areas. I love this company.

Muriel R. │ 11/26/2012
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