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You guys provide a great service; it's fast, effective, and efficient. I enjoy being one of your many customers. I will continue to shop at Zappos!!!! You guys are great.

Reginald Y. │ 06/03/2013

I have a healthy backpack that is a bit too large, so I checked out your products and you sell some in extra small. I ordered one on Monday, a holiday, and it was on my doorstep the next afternoon. Wow, what service — and all with a smile, too. Thanks so much for your exceptional service!!

Barbara S. │ 06/03/2013

The website is very easy to navigate. I was able to find the shoes I wanted in minutes. The delivery was quick. Unfortunately I received the wrong item. Zappos customer service was so helpful. They bent over backwards to make sure I was pleased. I will be buying more from Zappos in the future.

Andrew B. from Billings, Montana │ 05/24/2013

I just love the service you good people in the Zappos team offer. Your e-mails make me smile because of the fun way they are written, and the fact that you offer such an amazing service of paying return postage AND a 365 day return policy - truly awesome. You respond to things so quickly too; thank you! Team Zappos, you are the terrific! Happy weekend to you all.

Jann B. │ 05/20/2013

It's very rare . . . Nowadays when all you do is listen to recordings and press numbers and after waiting and waiting finally someone with issues (which we all have) answers the phone, and many times I hang up the phone because I detected that I was bothering her or him and avoid being aggravated when all I wanted was to order. I haven't called Zappos yet where I had to wait a long time for an agent (I am aware that they are helping others) with attitude or who was disrespectful. Every time I called Zappos to order I always mentioned to the agent at the end of the order how professional and nice they are. I want them to know how much we appreciate their help. I like to be treated the way I treat others, with respect, and your customer service provided that and more. That is the reason why I keep coming back and ordering from you. I only order from other stores when I have no other choice. I don't mind letting you know how happy I am with Zappos whether it is purchasing merchandise or returning. It's a pleasure. It's nice to be different, and your customer service is. Keep the good work, and don't change. Sincerely, Ms W. (a happy customer) P.S. It is so nice not to write a letter of complaint.

Ignacia W. from Briarwood, NY │ 05/13/2013

WOW!!! TALK ABOUT AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Thank you so much for your help!!! Please send me a customer service link! I cannot praise you and the rest of the CS team at Zappos enough for the service you have provided for me!!! By far, the best service of any retailer out there! (And I've worked in Retail management for 8 years -- I know service :)).

Brooke C from Tampa, FL │ 05/13/2013

I'm not sure how this email can be pushed up the chain to your company's management and owners, but I sure hope it makes it up to these people! This company runs its business in a way that is absolutely IMPRESSIVE and should be the ENVY of all others who seek to provide OUTSTANDING customer service! Each and every time I order products from your company I receive them the very next day, and even with NO shipping fees! What customer would not be elated with this kind of service??? I will continue to buy from this company first over all others! Thank you for your zany humor, your excellent selection and portfolio of products, and for putting my needs and wishes first on your company mission. ZAPPOS . . . YOU ROCK!!!

Anita B. │ 05/06/2013

Hi. I just had to share I broke my leg on an epic powder day at Vail skiing some fun terrain with my kiddos and hubbie, and have been on crutches since my accident/surgery on 4/14 to put a beautiful titanium rod and screws in my now bionic leg. I have been gimping around wearing an old Chaco on my good foot but high on pain meds. The other day I went shopping on Zappos, and it was the best thing I could have done. I got some great stuff in one order for my soon-to-be 9 yr. olds birthday, and I went back for a pair of Naot sandals for myself. I wanted a functional, sporty but nice quality sandal I can wear for work this summer with skorts, pants, etc. These just arrived and when UPS rang the doorbell I hobbled over to get my purchases and quickly ripped the box open. These sandals are the BEST and they exceeded my expectations of comfort. I will definitely be ordering another pair in black or the great looking red, or both! You guys rock. I hate not being able to drive right now and being able to get great stuff from your website makes you my now FAVORITE online retailer. Appreciate the quick shipping. You are so much better than other websites. I promise I have not had a pain med in 3 hours, and I am completely clearheaded as I type this glowing report of your customer service. Thanks, Zappos! I wish you delivered homemade ice cream and my life would be complete. Happy Tuesday!

Rhonda A. │ 05/06/2013

Just wanted to tell you that I love your products, service and humor . . . I wish I could work with you. Thanks for your fast and friendly service. Zappos is what I call "The 6 Ps": Prompt Professional Polite Pleasant Productive Patient Your nonconformed/individualistic community is very inviting. Keep doing what you're doing. Thanks again.

Robin N. │ 05/06/2013

I've been a customer at zappos.com for some years now; I just wanted to let you know that this company's service is outstanding. I think I can comfortably say I have been NEVER let down by this company, which is incredible knowing how many big name companies there are right now in this industry. I just want to point out that when it comes to prices, customer service and the incredibly fast shipping that is never more than a day is just exceptional. I've been highly recommending this website to everyone, and I hope to have many more enjoyable business experiences with zappos.com.

Kevin L. │ 05/06/2013

This is very late for me to be sending this, but I didn't want to not do it at all. About six months ago I had ordered some shoes and ended up not liking them so I boxed them up to send back. I have two toddlers running around who love to throw stuff in boxes. About a week after I had sent some shoes back I received a small box from Zappos. I was very confused because one, I wasn't expecting anything, and two, it was way too small to be a pair of shoes. So I opened it and there is one of our monster trucks wrapped up nicely. It took me about 10 minutes to process what had happened, but it finally dawned on me that one of my kids had thrown one of their beloved monster trucks in the box not knowing what would happen to it! I was so impressed that not only did you guys send it back, but it was wrapped up so nicely and you didn't charge me! I will always shop with you guys because that proved extreme customer loyalty. Who knows what my kids would have done without one of their favorite monster trucks! Thanks!

Megan P. │ 04/29/2013

Unfortunately I can't find the appropriate place to give a review, but I had such a great customer service experience I figured I had to send it somewhere. I ordered for the first time from Zappos today and messed up my shipping information. I called the customer service number expecting to have to press a million buttons in order to get someone to help me. After hearing there was a joke of the day and only needing to press one button to get a live representative I was thrilled. Whoever took that call is also the most polite and friendly customer service person I have ever talked to on the phone—she actually seemed happy to help, which we all know rarely if ever happens when you're trying to get something fixed over the phone. I absolutely never write reviews (this might be the second one ever...) but this more than merited one. Please keep up the excellent service, and I'll be ordering from Zappos again.

Chelsea B. │ 04/29/2013

I LOVE YOU GUYS!! I hate to shop. Going to clothing stores is such a waste of my time and makes me ill. You make ordering shoes so easy. And I don't even have to go out of the house. I know my size. I see a photo of what I'm ordering. I click a few keys, and DONE! Suddenly shopping is fun again. Thanks again.

Bruce R. │ 04/29/2013

Saturday night I realized I had put off buying a new pair of basic black shoes for work far too long and I didn’t have any time to hit my local store. So I went to my old favorite, Zappos. Search was incredibly easy and user friendly (I can’t tell you how much I love the section you created “shop by outfit”) I found a great pair of Boss shoes and within a few minutes I was on my way with an order confirmation in my e-mail box. Last night returning home from work there was a Zappos box on my porch. Did you guys really ship on a Sunday and get it to me within 24 hours? Ridiculous. Awesomely ridiculous! You guys have come an incredibly long way since I made my first purchase with you almost 10 years ago. Job well done! I can’t see myself going anywhere else. Thank you!

Christopher B. │ 04/15/2013

I lead a learning and development team and we have a call center as well. My experience when I call or go to the web is always very, very good! It was great to see that you all were having some kind of learning event the other day, as a person who comes from that type of background. I thought, “Wow! This is an organization that cares about the development of their people!”

William F. │ 04/15/2013

I want to tell you how pleased I am with Zappos.com—I have never had a bad experience with your company. The merchandise is high-quality, the shipping policy couldn't be better, and your representatives are always friendly, courteous, and helpful. I rarely have a need to talk to them, but last Saturday I did because an order had not reached me, and the representative I talked to solve the problem right then and there. I have dealt with Zappos.com for a long time and will continue to be a loyal customer!

Susan M. │ 04/01/2013

I wanted to thank you for the amazing customer service you provide and just the way y'all do business. It's so easy and quick to order, and I've been 100% satisfied with every interaction I've had with Zappos. Thank you!

Stephy │ 04/01/2013

I first learned about Zappos when Kelly Ripa mentioned it on the Regis and Kelly show, but it took me years to finally get the courage to actually place an order. Looking back, I sure wasted a lot of time and wore a lot of ugly shoes! Over the past year, I've ordered 9-10 pair of shoes, I guess, and honestly, I will never purchase shoes anywhere else ever again. I LOVE everything about all of my transactions with Zappos. You guys have a fabulous selection, a phenomenal ordering system, and a style of communication that is very personable while efficient/accurate. I tell everyone about Zappos! I just wanted to let you know how truly awesome I think you guys are. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous │ 04/01/2013

Hi Zappos! I really don't have any questions or concerns regarding your products, but I just want to share what I feel about your book "Delivering Happiness – A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose. Your book is really amazing and inspiring. I can really relate, and not only me but my employer too. Well, actually the reason why I was able to read your book is because of my employer. They gave us (their employees) your book during team building. And I'm just happy because our company is doing the same thing "culture-wise" you have, and I felt so blessed I am being part of this company. Thanks, Zappos, for sharing your experiences and inspiring other people around the world.

Cherry │ 03/17/2013

I just had to send an e-mail to thank you for taking such good care of your customers. I ordered this wallet yesterday and worked very early this morning, so I didn't have an opportunity to check my personal email. I got home at 1 pm this afternoon with a box from Zappos at my door. I didn't even know it had shipped. What a wonderful surprise! You guys really do go above and beyond every time I deal with you. Your service is fantastic, shipping is extraordinary, and returning things (when I have to) is a breeze. Thank you for everything you do! You are one of kind!

Erika Y. │ 03/17/2013

Just wanted to send a quick message to tell you that you are fantastic! I ordered a pair of fencing shoes for my 7th grade daughter, Sabrina who is growing out of everything . . . hoping that she could use them next week. They arrived yesterday—woot! And she was able to use them for the Minnesota State Fencing meet this weekend (she did great, varsity bouts tomorrow!)

Diane R. │ 03/04/2013

I usually never do this, but I just need to say how much I love ordering from you. I ordered shoes last night thinking that I probably might not get them until Saturday or Monday, even though I have overnight shipping—which was fine because it wasn't urgent I get them. To my surprise the shoes arrived today. I honestly have to say that I only get shoes from Zappos. There is great selection between expensive and lower cost shoes and a quick turnaround. I have only positive experiences from this company and hope to have many more. So I just wanted to say thank you.

Monique L. │ 03/04/2013

Last night I was at the front desk at my senior living facility called the Waterford. Tony, a resident here, really likes my shoes. I told him about Zappos, and a small group of people were listening. I asked tony if he wanted me to order him shoes. He got excited so I took my shoe off, and he asked me to help him. I have Parkinson’s and Tony is in a wheelchair, but together we got one of his shoes off and slowly we got my size 12 Nike on Tony’s foot. I laced it up and said it looked good. Tony looked at me and made a motion with his hand. I guessed that he wanted me to check to see how much room the front of the shoe had. He wanted a perfect fit, and he smiled when I held up my hands where he could see there was good room. I went to my room and ordered the shoes last night. This afternoon, Carol called from the front desk; I asked her if the package was from Zappos. She said yes, and then she got excited and said, “You just ordered that last night for tony.” So now Carol wants a printout of every white pair of Reeboks that Zappos has. I knew I should have kept Zappos’ greatness to myself, but it’s such a social place here that we all know everybody's business. Now thanks to Zappos I’ll be the “go-to guy” for shoes. I really fear the other seniors finding that Zappos has much more than shoes and overnight service. I like my privacy and keep a low profile; my worst nightmare is being elected king. They just voted last month on the king and queen; I have no idea who won. I stayed in my room that night. Zappos, I love you but you need to give some lousy service or send the wrong order. Please help me; VIP deal is killing me. Thanks for listening to this long and twisted account of life here at the Waterford.

Charles G. │ 03/04/2013

I would just like to say this website is awesome! This shipping is fast and customer service is excellent . . . I have loved all the things I have bought. Thanks for everything. I will be buying again!!!! :)

Jamie A. │ 02/24/2013

Thank you so much. You guys are super, nice, and I can't say enough about the service I have been given. Thank you so very much to everyone for being extra nice, and I know it's genuine. What a great company to deal with, and I appreciate that you make things like exchanges so simple . . . THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart . . . and oh, by the way, have a great Valentine's Day!

Susan G. │ 02/17/2013
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