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I wasn't sure of the appropriate forum or place to send this. Context: I am on the phone all the time with customer service for mortgage companies, banks, credit cards, etc. for work. I think now to decompress from the endless autonomy and prickly representatives, I should just call Zappos customer service every once in a while. I have never had a more pleasant sounding or more positive short and sweet interaction than I just had with the nice lady who helped me change my shipping address. WOOHOO Zappos! Way to keep customer loyalty.

Catriona P. │ 09/23/2013

Always, always, always nothing but perfect transactions with Zappos in all regards, including purchase, delivery, and returns. Never a problem, always a pleasure.

Marla │ 09/23/2013

I just called to say thanks for your excellent customer service and fast shipping!

Pat M. │ 09/16/2013

I love Zappos! Every time you guys go above and beyond for me. I used to shop at department and other online stores, but now I only go through Zappos. No one can match your policies; no one does what you guys do. Thank you for your awesome service, and thank you for taking care of my needs! If you ever receive anyone upset with you guys, send them to me, and I'll make sure they know how awesome you are!

Kathy S, │ 09/16/2013

Aloha, I'm calling from Hawaii. Mahalo for the slippers! It has been wonderful wearing it. It is exactly what I needed. I like them so much I'm buying another pair.

Gerald G. │ 09/16/2013

I want to let someone know how impressed I am with the people who work at Zappos. I could order online, but I would rather call because every time I do, I end up laughing my head off! Not just once, but every time I call, I get someone who has a great personality and a great sense of humor. I tell everyone I know that Zappos is the best company to do business with, EVER! I give Zappos an A+. If I ever move to Vegas, I'm getting a job there. Then I can get even better deals. Please congratulate whoever does the hiring. Thanks from a lifetime customer.

Erin S. │ 09/16/2013

You guys are great! I don't think I would want to order with anyone else. Everything goes so smoothly!

Malinda S. │ 07/29/2013

Just want to tell you how much I like your service. Keep up the good work. I'll be telling other people how easy it was to find a product on Zappos, have it shipped, and returned in great time. I did also make another order to replace the one I returned, and I have received it. It fits well. Thanks again.

Doris V. │ 07/29/2013

I'm relatively new to Zappos.com and have heard a lot about you from others. My daughter recently ordered a few products from your website, and one of the pairs of shoes didn't fit right. (She ordered "wide" and they were a bit loose, so she decided to order the regular size.) In trying to help her, I had my first experience on your website and was soooo impressed with how easy and well-designed everything was. It was very easy to log in, find our order history, and select return. You also had chat, phone numbers, and all the other info we might need in easy to find places. I can't tell you how impressed I was with the design, infrastructure, and people you had helping me once I used chat. (I chatted with Brendon who was very helpful and friendly and helped me overcome my potential mistakes without making us feel bad at all.) I just wanted you to know what a great job I think you're doing. I'm a bit of a "Customer Service Psycho" so I'm not easily impressed, but you definitely merit the praise. Keep up the great work!!!

Randy L. │ 07/29/2013

Man you guys are good, and that's why I keep coming back to you for purchasing. Great customer service and responsiveness since you ship out the same day most of the time! Thanks for all of your hard work!

Andres │ 07/29/2013

I just would like to take a moment to say thanks for the excellent customer service. My daughter was so upset when her new light-up Skechers were defective and kept blinking. I figured it would be a huge hassle because I threw out the box already. I dreaded the 40 minute call on hold, the finding of a box, going to the post office to return (with 3 kids), etc. To my shock, there was no wait on hold, I was greeted with a friendly voice who even asked how my weekend was! The call took less than a minute and a new pair of shoes were on the way. No hassle, no stress. I have used Zappos to order many times in the past, and I have always been happy with my purchases. I will never go anywhere else for shoes!! And I WILL be spreading the word about a company who does practice excellent customer service ALL the time!! Thank you!!!

Candice M. │ 07/22/2013

I just want to thank you, Zappos. On Saturday, I was sitting at my three-year-old daughter's ballet/tap (well, they call it “ballet,” but it's more of a “let's try not to fall down too much” class. When changing from her tap shoes to ballet shoes I realized her ballet shoes had gotten too small. So, as they went to the next session, I went to the Zappos app on my smartphone and within five minutes I had a new pair of ballet shoes ordered. On top of that, because I'm a VIP member, I see that I will have them by Tuesday. Tuesday! That's amazing! What is even more amazing is that, for the heck of it, I tracked the package just now and saw that it has already been delivered. A DAY EARLY! I have NEVER, EVER had an issue with Zappos and am always so happy with the service I receive. Just know that I am smiling as I type this and your company just made my day.

Megan D. │ 07/22/2013

I just wanted to take time out of my day to thank you for your wonderful company great customer service. I ordered something yesterday, a little after 1 p.m. and it’s already on the UPS truck to be delivered today. I don't know how you guys do it, but don't ever stop. Thank you for your generous return policy. Your company gets it that not everything is going to fit or work out. You have a very loyal customer for life. P.S. Your customer reps are professional and funny and kind.

Dorothy S. │ 07/22/2013

I had to drop your customer service department a quick note to say THANK YOU! I had to make an exchange on an order because I had ordered the wrong size, and the two customer service reps I spoke with were both friendly, efficient, informative, patient, and extremely helpful. I can only remember the name of the last rep I spoke with on the exchange order (Travis) who did an amazing job. But first rep I spoke was equally amazing (my apologies for forgetting his name). Whatever you guys are doing when you're training your employees, please keep doing it because it was hands down the best costumer service experience I've ever had, and because of that, Zappos will be the first place I go to when I need to order shoes. You made the entire process so easy, but most of all, your people are a joy to work with. So kudos! I don't know what you're doing but you are doing it right. I will highly recommend your website to my friends and family. Again, thanks for having such great customer service employees. Such a breath of fresh air.

Teresa W.-C. from Austin, TX │ 07/15/2013

To all of you at Zappos--you are amazing! Yesterday morning I went shopping and bought a dress. I needed shoes to go with it and decided to look on Zappos. I have used your site before and have been extremely satisfied with your selection and service. Today you outdid yourself because at approximately 1 p.m. yesterday afternoon I ordered some shoes and today--you can see I am writing this just after 1 p.m.--I have the shoes in my closet!! Wow, what service--and the shoes are perfect. I love it that you carry so many shoes in narrow widths because that's what I wear. I am a fan--and will continue to recommend your company to my friends who shop online. Thanks so much.

Anonymous │ 07/15/2013

I placed an order on May 2, 2013 and had some problems (due to PayPal issues, not you) and had to call to make sure my order was paid with the correct credit card. Brandi H. helped me, and she was SO nice and made me feel comfortable that the PayPal problem was resolved. We were discussing the order, and I shared that the shoes were for my daughter, who was graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University on May 10. She was so thoughtful and asked me to wish my daughter “congratulations.” This was a personal touch and makes me feel even better about buying from Zappos. BUT, to top it all off, she sent my daughter a flower arrangement with a note of congratulations from her and Zappos! I have never had a business be so personal in their dealings with me. I am totally impressed and just wanted to send you a sincere “Thank you!” for brightening my daughter's day—and mine!

Martha A. │ 07/01/2013

I just found out that Zappos added a category for Vegan shoes and products! You don’t even know how happy this makes me to find leather-free goods. I just forwarded the link to a group of about 150 people. Thank you so much. Keep it up and please continue to increase your offering.

Tabathia S. │ 07/01/2013

I just wanted to say thank you! You guys have the best customer service and seem to really enjoy the company you work for! I had an issue with an order not being delivered for my wedding day, and you guys worked with me, sent me flowers, and just were amazing and I never thanked you for it! It was in October 2011! But I just was now thinking about it and wanted to say something! I looked and no longer have the e-mail, but just keep being awesome!

Lori K. │ 06/24/2013

Thanks for being so prompt. I have ordered from you guys before and have always enjoyed your service, pricing, and selection. Much appreciated.

Jeffrey R. │ 06/10/2013

Zappos, you did it again! I can't believe that my order from yesterday morning came this afternoon! I ordered myself two pairs of Volatile sandals (my love!) and some performance socks for my husband. Your products are awesome, but it's the impeccable service that keeps me coming back! We've moved to a small town in OK, and you still got the goods here ASAP! You rock!

Aura D. │ 06/10/2013

I recently had the pleasure of an online chat with Jennifer M. I was returning some shoes and had mistakenly checked the box for store credit. Jennifer answered my online chat query. She went out of her way to be friendly during our chat, while still being helpful and completely professional. As she was looking into my request, she kept me engaged with friendly comments and questions. Even taking time to be personable and friendly, Jennifer was able to help me quickly. I am constantly impressed with Zappos.com. The website is great, easy to use and fast response time, along with good selection criteria to help you find what you want. But that's the least of it. Zappos is definitely all about service, truly outstanding service. It's obvious that they work hard to exceed expectations. It's not just words. They consistently under promise and over deliver, whether it is shipping times, quality of merchandise, website experience, or friendly service from people like Jennifer. I can only think of two things that would improve Zappos: more and more kinds of merchandise—I'd order everything through Zappos if only I could. And a shoe store in Walla Walla, WA would be heaven (though I'm not sure my husband would be quite so happy about it). Please give my sincere appreciation to Jennifer M, and thank you for asking for my comments. Take care and say thanks to all the great people at Zappos; y'all are certainly amazing.

Julie L. │ 06/10/2013

Your whole system is great! I love Zappos!

Elizabeth J. │ 06/03/2013

All contact with your reps was pleasant—all very helpful. Unfortunately, the merchandise didn't work/fit.

Jessie H. │ 06/03/2013

No question. I just know that in our world where everyone wants to only complain, I want to say thank you Zappos!! I love Zappos. I just returned items past the very generous 1 year mark. And you accepted them. I have store credit which won't be hard to use. You could have just refused a refund in any fashion. But thank you, Zappos. I sing your praises even more now.

Marissa G. │ 06/03/2013

I am one happy customer! I seriously just ordered my shoes yesterday. I received an e-mail with a tracking number this morning, and it said my shoes would be delivered around 4:35 pm. So what happened? 4:35 rolls around and a “ring” at my doorbell. What?! Yay! (I know that part of the delivery credit goes to UPS, but kudos!) I have had to contain my online shopping experiences so that I do not become an addict, but when I online shop, I will be at Zappos.com! You're the only one for me. And if I wasn't already happily married, and it was physically possible to be married to you, I would be! :) Thanks for your awesome customer service, prompt attention to order, and superfast delivery. Zappos.com for life!!

Sara R. │ 06/03/2013
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