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I literally want to shout it from the roof tops!!!!!!!!! I love, worship, and can't get enough of Zappos and their customer service! They are truly second to none! I have always had the most pleasant experience with the customer service representatives at Zappos. In fact, each time I communicate with a Zappos customer service representative, I feel like I am talking with my best friend! I have to remind myself each time that I am only talking with a customer service representative! I always want to ask the customer service representative at Zappos to meet me for coffee; they are truly THAT PLEASANT! The customer service at Zappos is incredible. Whatever you are doing there, you should truly get into every business, school, department, etc. and train the world! It is unreal! You have far exceeded my expectations, and every time I brag to someone how much I love Zappos, they always say, "That's just the reputation they have! They are awesome!" I am happy to know that not only do I know how awesome Zappos is, but others know too! Additionally, when I was talking to your representative, Rose, today, she told me she loved it at Zappos, and that the company loves to make their employees happy as well. She told me that today at Zappos, there was snow being made outside her window . . . just to get everyone in the holiday spirit! Thank you for being amazing to your customers and employees! I will certainly pay it forward! Thank you, Zappos and God Bless. Happy, healthy holidays to you and yours!

Kerry B. R. │ 12/23/2013

I want to take a moment and thank you for the great job Zappos did delivering my Christmas orders. I did about 95% of my shopping online, and Zappos is only one of a few companies that got my order to me correctly, on time and without damage. I know it seems like that should always happen when a customer places an order, but it rarely does these days. So, great job! I am one happy, happy customer.

Kathy B. from Oak Ridge, NJ │ 12/23/2013

Dear Everyone at Zappos.com, I'd just like to thank you for your fur-free practices. I noticed on the Humane Society's web page that this company is listed as a fur-fee retailer/designer. I want to congratulate you for your greed-less nature and to let you know that because of this I will be making many purchases from you in the times to come and I will tell all of my friends to consider you as well. I have heard really great things about this company! Your merchandise is just beautiful, and I look forward to breaking the bank by buying your lovely things in the future! You kindness will not go unnoticed. Thank you so much!!

Anonymous │ 12/23/2013

Just want to take a minute to say Thank You to everyone at Zappos for your CONSISTENTLY awesome service! My orders are always correct, your site is easy to navigate, your return policy is simple and most importantly . . . everything is delivered like lightening! So impressed every time with the quality of the merchandise and packaging, it is as it appears! FYI . . . still waiting for stuff from other websites that was ordered 2 weeks ago but you guys are like 2-3 days max! Very reliable . . . wish I could order everything right down to dinner from you. Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays! Fondly, Eileen

Eileen C. from North Caldwell, NJ │ 12/23/2013

I just ordered the wrong size AND the wrong color of Hunter Rain boots for my daughter for Christmas. I just hung up with Adam in customer service. He helped me through the exchange process. My new boots will be here in three days. The process could not be easier. Thanks Zappos. You have a lifelong customer in me!

Amy L │ 12/20/2013

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for handling my situation like you did. I was very impressed with your service. I called to claim that my packages were not delivered as it was showing in the system; you offered to reorder my packages again and resend them to me at no cost. This was on a Saturday night. On Sunday morning I found my packages on my front porch. I never did find out what happened to them originally, but I called to cancel the second order. I, again, just want to thank your company for being so customer oriented! We all hear about "customer service," but few companies actually really offer it! Congratulations to your company for being so special!

Raquel A. │ 12/16/2013

I would just like to thank you for such astronomical services! I LOVE ZAPPOS AND EVERYBODY THAT WORKS THERE! THANK YOU!!! You guys got me through some bad times; I appreciate each and every one of you!

Amanda M. │ 12/16/2013

Zappos, you amaze me. I have always loved the site for its selection and ease of use. I wear size 10 and 11 in women’s, and it is not always easy to find cute styles on the store shelves in those sizes. Zappos is my “go-to” place, even more so now. On Saturday, Dec 7, while stuck at home due to the winter storm, I shoe shopped from the warmth of my bed. At 10 p.m. that night, I submitted my purchase of two pairs of boots. While checking out, I saw that every shipping option available was free; standard, 3-day, 2-day, even next day shipping. Zappos, forgive me. I doubted you. I thought there must be an error. I proceeded to the check out and right before submitting, I changed the shipping option to “next day” just to see what happened. My total amount stayed the same. No shipping charges. I was thrilled. My purchase was scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, and I was already planning my Wed. attire around my new boots. Today, Monday the 9, I sat watching the morning news when the doorbell rang. I opened it to see the UPS truck driving away and a Zappos box sitting at my feet. No way. That is incredible. It was only one of the pairs I ordered, but I am so impressed. Besides that, I've never had UPS deliver to my home before 2 p.m. I always assumed it was a “route thing.” How did Zappos do it? I can't order something local and get it that fast. You set the bar high for online merchants. Free next-day shipping, and then it arrives a day early, AND you appear to change the UPS delivery schedule so it is hours ahead of schedule. WOW. I have always recommended Zappos any time someone asks me about shoe shopping. I can guarantee that many people will be hearing this story without asking, and I hope to be sending friends and family members your way for their purchases. Keep up the great work, Zappos! Many kudos to you for OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE!! You are in a league all your own!

Laura C. │ 12/16/2013

Zappos, all employees I've EVER dealt with are AMAZING!!!!!! You guys ROCK!!! I wish I could work for such an AWESOME company! Everything about Zappos is positive. It's encouraging just to shop! I just wanted to say “kudos.” Y'all are totally 110% friggin' wonderful! Remarkable! And most excellent. Your #1 satisfied customer.

Kerri B. │ 12/16/2013

Let me just say, I LOVE ZAPPOS!! You will be happy, I am sure, to learn that I am keeping the boots that arrived on Monday!! I wanted to thank you for your patience, as I returned several pair, at your expense, before I found some that fit. I rely on Zappos. You almost always have my size and smaller sizes are not always available locally. No need to reply, I just wanted to tell you THANKS!

Gay Y. │ 12/16/2013

You have the most charming e-mails. I am sorry the boots did not work out, but due to your exceptional customer service and public relations staff, I will try shopping with Zappos again. Happy holidays to your staff. I know everyone is working very hard to meet the demands of the consumer, and I appreciate their efforts.

Jane M. │ 12/16/2013

I just wanted thank the customer service staff; you guys were very helpful and very self-explanatory. I never shopped with you guys before, but I had a great shopping experience. I work in customer service too, and believe me I know it can be stressful where you can write a book on your job, but I just wanted to say thank you very much.

Clare W. │ 12/16/2013

I write so many negative letters of complaint that I thought it was only fair to let a company know when it's doing things right. I want to commend Zappos for its excellent customer service! When I call Zappos, everyone is always so helpful and knowledgeable and “on the ball”—not like some companies, when it's a crapshoot and you cross your fingers that whoever answers the phone will know what they're doing. Furthermore, recently, I had a problem and with a phone call, Zappos took care of it—they believed what I told them (not always the case w/other companies) and made a wrong right! I didn't have to get mad, I didn't have to raise my blood pressure, I didn't have to contact my MasterCard to dispute the charge—Zappos just nicely and sweetly handled it. So, thank you, Zappos, for your great customer service—it is much appreciated!!!! Please make sure that this letter of appreciation is circulated to the higher ups so they know what a great job you are all doing!

Diane G. │ 12/16/2013

I ordered my boots after 5 p.m. on Wed. and found them on my doorstep on Thurs. afternoon! Un.Be.Liev.A.Ble! Great boots! Great service! Great God, how'd you do that? Thanks so much!

Gina G. │ 12/16/2013

The customer service is OUTSTANDING at your company. But I also need to say that you can have the best customer service training in the world—but you still need great people to deliver it, and you guys are GREAT! I also need to acknowledge the owners who empower you all to make your customers happy! Please forward this to your management! Thank you so much, and I LOVE my boots! Happy holidays!

Elizabeth S. │ 12/16/2013

I used the Android mobile app for the first time today, and it's great. I just wanted to let your UX team and developers know they've done an awesome job (and the support team for reading this :P). I was able to grab a low-stock item, while on the go, without the hassle that accompanies normal ordering via phone. Thanks a bunch!

Benjamin B. │ 12/16/2013

I always have the best experience with all the staff at team Zappos. You all are friendly and down to Earth. Love my Zappos. Thanks.

Peter W. │ 12/16/2013

I just want to let you know how happy I am with Zappos. I started by just looking for a wallet, ran a search and you came out. I love your videos; it help a lot. I got great customer service on the phone who put me in VIP club. Now I still have the wallet, but I have boots, shoes ,slippers, sandals, gloves. Great merchandise and next day services is why I will keep on buying from you. Only thing I would like you to grow your big and tall for clothes. Thanks again.

Bruce C. │ 12/09/2013

"I am SO very impressed w/your whole organization. I ordered by phone and that gentlemen was the very best I have ever dealt with. I ordered two different sizes, not knowing which size would fit and returned the oversize one. Your return process was so fast and w/the return e-mail that was REALLY neat. You can all be very proud of your company, and you have one VERY impressed and satisfied customer. And by the way, my boots are so comfortable and unique. One very satisfied customer.

Lois H. │ 12/09/2013

Absolutely loved your confirmation email. Just wanted you to know that, even if the boots don't work out for me, it is always a pleasure dealing with you folks. You make me smile every time! Thanks for that. Wish all businesses I dealt with would take a page out of your book.

Priscilla │ 12/09/2013

I placed an order at 5:00 p.m. yesterday and was so surprised when I went home for lunch that my order had already been delivered! Unbelievable! You all should be commended for your hard work and dedication to customer service. I will definitely pass the word on—ZAPPOS IS THE PLACE TO SHOP! (I even used my experience with you in my marketing classroom today!) Nothing beats superior customer service!

Susanne S. │ 12/09/2013

I wanted to say that I appreciate Zappos. I ordered from a department store the other day only because they have a leather jacket (Halogen brand) that I own that my friend loves as it was her 50th birthday tonight. Trust me … I checked Zappos first to see if you had the brand. I ordered the jacket for her 50th birthday... and it didn't make it. Tonight I didn't have a jacket because I ordered from that store. I told the store what I thought and even said that I should have ordered from Zappos! SOOOOOO … I'm saying/sending a BIG FAT THANK YOU FOR YOUR AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I own many businesses and understand customer service and Zappos ROCKS! I tell my friends ALL THE TIME! So THANK YOU, THANK YOU! ZAPPOS ROCKS!

Darcy M. │ 12/09/2013

I wanted to send Zappos a note and thank you again for the great service you provide. I am just amazed at how easy Zappos is to work with, and your customer service blows any other company out of the water.

Jason C. │ 12/09/2013

I just want to say thank you for your amazing customer service. Every interaction I have with your company is easy, upbeat, and friendly, even when I buy and return a dozen pairs of shoes before I find the perfect ones! Your e-mails always make me smile, and I find myself turning to your company more and more for my online purchases. Thank you for your positive attitudes ... you make me feel that the customer always does come first with you. Your company is for sure on Santa's nice list; may all your Christmas wishes come true! You have a customer for life.

Janet M. │ 12/09/2013

What an exceptional experience I have had at Zappos since I discovered this great source for my favorite Vera Bradley bags. I have placed two orders in the last several weeks with the customer service dept. What a pleasure it is to find that CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NOT DEAD. If you would enjoy talking with these exceptional young ladies that excel in every facet of customer service, give them a call. Out of a 10 being the best grading system that is in my world, Zappos gets a 15. Sincerely, Happy in Tucson.

Peggy B. │ 12/09/2013
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