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I just received this email from one of our Email Team Members, and it cracked me up! This is a great example of how wonderful we are by letting our team members truly embrace their creativity in every venue :)

Brooke L. │ 04/28/2014

Just want to say … it is a pleasure to do business with you guys! It is like talking to a REAL human being … what a HOOT! Thank you! Customer service is TOP!

Candy L. │ 04/28/2014

Zappos—I don't usually do this, but I wanted to thank you for your amazing customer service. I am constantly delighted by your fast service, your ease of returns, and how helpful every single customer service person has been. Your "live help" makes it so easy, and someone always responds so quickly. My most recent situation was a pair of Frye boots I purchased in January had a tab on the boot rip off. This was a very expensive pair of boots that was a big decision to purchase, and I was immediately concerned that I'd have to go through the Frye company, since it seemed to be a defect, and how much hassle that might be. Even just thinking about having to find a box, go to the post office, send them back, wait for a new pair, and not know if I would end up having to pay anything was stressful. Once I contacted Zappos this a.m. via chat, my concerns were put to ease. I had the option to return or exchange, and I chose exchange (since I love the boots). Not only did they ship out a new pair TODAY that I'll get tomorrow, but I'll have 14 days to return the old pair, and I can just use the box the new pair arrives in. It makes my life SO much easier.

Jami N. │ 04/28/2014

Dear Zappos ... My order just arrived like you said it would! How fast is that!!!! I want to thank you for being such a reputable company that puts the customer first. I refuse to shop anywhere else online, ONLY Zappos! :) You guys make the whole process so seamless and easy ... What's not to love? And ... if you don't like what you ordered, you make it so very simple to return the item, and either exchange for another item or get your money back. :) I believe in giving accolades for a job well done! Zappos has certainly earned every good comment they've received. Thanks again for your EXCEPTIONAL customer service! Sincerely, an extremely satisfied, happy customer.

Mary W. │ 04/28/2014

I want to express my satisfaction in dealing with your company. Though I live in Canada, I often browse your website. Twice now, I have had questions about a certain item (UGG Adirondack Tall—by the time they go on sale, my size is no longer available!) and have phoned your customer service line. Both times, I spoke with a competent, friendly, and very helpful woman. I was remiss not to get their employee numbers so that they could be commended specifically. However, after dealing twice with such helpful people, I was left with such a good impression of the staff you evidentially try to employ. It was a refreshing change from the usual incompetent, apathetic, unhelpful attitude that seems to characterize people in public relations these days. Thank you for making my dealings with your company a pleasure.

Justine S. │ 04/28/2014

I would sincerely like to thank Zappos and the amazing customer service I've gotten from your team over the past couple years. I have never experienced anything better in the 10+ years I've been making online purchases. I've convinced my whole family and all of my friends to shop with you guys ... and I hope you keep it up!

Ryan T. │ 04/28/2014

I have been a customer of Zappos for a number of years. I REALLY, REALLY LIKE Zappos!!!! Yours is one of the few companies that I buy from that I have ALWAYS had excellent customer service and never, never, never had a problem with. Thank you!

Franki N. │ 04/28/2014

I have to say you have the best, most intuitive return/exchange process. I don't have to search each page for the next step—it's right there whether it's a return or an exchange. You've anticipated your customer's thought process in your site's decision tree—absolutely terrific. Wish more online product sites were like yours!!

Leslie P. │ 04/28/2014

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that you have gained a customer for life. My wife and I are planning a trip and needed clothing for it. Zappos has such a great selection of items to choose from, and it made our shopping extremely easy. We didn't have to search all over the Internet. Not only did we receive our orders in no time at all, it was as if the warehouse was just around the corner waiting for us to place the order. TRULY AMAZING! On one occasion I realized that I ordered the wrong size immediately after I submitted the order. I called Zappos to change the order before it was processed. I was again amazed as to how friendly the rep was (Jennifer in Las Vegas) and the fact that I was not sent to a number overseas. Jennifer helped me with every question that I had and made this transaction seamless. She even took the time to thank me for making her day, which was totally unexpected. What a great employee. Even more amazing is that just a few days later I received a hand written card in the mail from her thanking me again for making her day. I said to myself, “What kind of company and their employees do this sort of thing in today's world?” Well now I know it’s Zappos, and it's made me a loyal customer. Thank you Zappos for being such a great service provider, thank you for having your services here in the USA and most of all THANK YOU for having such a GREAT TEAM! ?

Mark F. │ 04/14/2014

I just want to say THANK YOU!! The ease of returns and the speed of refunds is the best on the planet! You set the standard, my friends. Zappos ROCKS!

Shay T. │ 04/14/2014

I made my purchase from your company last week. Unfortunately, the item I bought did not fit. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your easy return policy. I even called customer service, and the woman I spoke with was so helpful and tried to see if my boots were even made in a larger size. Everything was so simple, I will definitely shop this site again Thank you.

Sara R. │ 04/14/2014

The freeway maintenance you have sponsored through northern Las Vegas is amazing. I took my wife to Las Vegas for the first time last weekend and I was really worried about all the garbage that has historically on this stretch of I-15 ruining the mood. It has never looked better. Thank you for all the hard work.

Elden S. │ 04/14/2014

I have been a Zappos customer for many years, but do not shop that often with you guys. Well, I decided to buy a pair of shoes from you. Placed the order yesterday afternoon, got the shoes TODAY! That was amazing in and of itself. But what really blew my mind was this: I'd ordered the shoes one size down based on several reviews saying the shoes ran big. Alas, I should have ordered my normal size—they were too tight on me. My heart sank as I contemplated the process of requesting a return and then placing a new order, hoping to get my order by Saturday (the day of my party). I was SO THRILLED to see that y'all have the option of exchanging shoes for a different size with JUST. TWO. CLICKS! Honestly, your business model and customer service totally rocks! I must shop Zappos much more often! :)

Arit A. │ 04/14/2014

The neighbor brought it over last night. We do not know them so it was very nice of them to deliver it. The package was delivered unopened and the packages inside were perfect. We are deciding which shoes we like the best. It is a hard decision. My husband talked to another neighbor we do not know today. He was making sure we got our package … I guess word travels fast in a small town! LOL?The UPS driver was really upset due to if the package was stolen he would be responsible for the replacement cost. We think he must be new because we had a new mailbox put in about four months ago and never thought about the house numbers were not on the new post … so it was a good thing ‘cause now we have fixed that! No harm done and it all worked out great, plus met some nice new people. Thank you Zappos!!!!

Cynthia C. │ 04/14/2014

Thank you for being so amazing. No hassle, no drama, no questions, simply a new pair of slippers—which by the way are perfect. I am very happy. :-)

Cris Y. │ 04/06/2014

Ok, I just bought another pair of my favorite walking shoe in the whole world. The New Balance 990. I've bought them in New Balance stores. I've bought them from department stores. I've bought them for all the members of my family. Then, because I have been living on another planet, I suddenly discovered Zappos, and now I buy them from you guys. I didn't know anything about Zappos. So, I called. I listened to the joke of the day. I talked to the super nice and the actually real and approachable human beings who you would like to be your next door neighbor instead of the grumpy guy who always comes out in his pajamas. And I looked up YouTube videos on just what Zappos was all about. And I was hooked! I bought shoes, lots of shoes, happy shoes. I thought happy thoughts about Zappos while I bought my shoes, when I received my happy Zappos box, when I wear my shoes, and even when I have to package up and send back a pair that didn't work out, I am still thinking very happy thoughts ... and mostly I was wanting to share a happy thought with all you wonderful folks at Zappos.

Debbie C. │ 04/06/2014

After I penned my midnight note to you guys last night, I thought and thought, why exactly does shopping at Zappos make me so happy? And I think I might have a little nugget. Your company celebrates its employees and creates a company culture that is positive, energetic, creative, and allows people to unabashedly be their quirky selves. The rest of us don't work in such supportive company cultures, but by shopping with you, we get to touch just a little bit of the energy of Zappos; we are kinda like employees once removed if you get my drift. We need your creative and optimistic energy in our country today, and Zappos is living and breathing proof that being good to people can be profitable; we don't have to be the wolves of Wall Street to make our living. We can be wildly successful AND be good to each other. I think that is a big truth that is worth supporting. You guys are our horse in the race of changing the business world for the better. And we are rooting for you to win!

Deborah C. │ 04/06/2014

I love Zappos! I noticed my new gloves have a defect in their seam. All I had to do was click exchange, and I'm done. No fuss, no fight.

Rachel S. │ 03/31/2014

I just wanted to let you guys know that I think your customer service is fantastic. I also think your company is great all around. :) Last week there was a misunderstanding about a bathing suit I had ordered. Somehow I received an e-mail stating that I would be refunded for a return I hadn't made. I called to let you know, and I was allowed to keep the suit free of charge. I wanted you to know that meant a lot to me. A few days earlier, I had lost my brother suddenly and unexpectedly. It brightened my week a little that I was rewarded for being honest. I just wanted to let you know I really appreciated it, and it made an otherwise terrible week better.

Heidi D. │ 03/31/2014

I just wanted to give a bravo shout-out. I ordered some shoes yesterday, and there they were, sitting on my porch waiting for me when I got home today. Excellent customer service as always!

Bre S. │ 03/31/2014

I don't usually write to companies at all, but I have to say thank you for the best customer service ever! I shop both online and at the mall and have never had a company make an exchange so easy or a customer service representative be so nice! I have been telling anyone who will listen about your company. Lol. You will be whom I shop with from now on! Zappos I hope you keep up with this level of service!

Michelle R. │ 03/31/2014

Thank you for your easy return policy. Zappos is a customer- friendly company, and I always feel like you appreciate my business. Kudos to you for getting it right and for making customer satisfaction a priority. Have a nice evening.

Chollet D. │ 03/24/2014

I am absolutely impressed with your level of customer service! I received a pair of boots the next day after I ordered them that looked unworn but had a little black scuffmark on them. Other than the mark, I loved the shoes! I tried to overlook the mark, but before wearing them decided to call you guys to see if I should order a second pair and send back the ones I didn't like. When I called in, your very sweet and charming representative told me she would send me another pair without charging me again. When I asked what I was to do with the original pair with the mark, she said whatever I wanted; I could just donate them if I wanted. (Since it seems like a manufacturer's defect). I am so impressed. I'm almost speechless. The only other place I've ever received that level of service is at a specific department store. You really made my day. I will be forever your loyal shopper.

Lisa S. │ 03/24/2014

Zappos is an amazing company. Zappos is my preferred company for purchases. Have a good Monday!

Gail W. │ 03/24/2014

I just wanted to tell you that my return to Zappos was the easiest return I have ever made. My daughter ordered shoes for Turnabout and they weren't the color she had expected. This was absolutely the easiest, most hassle-free return I have ever made. Will definitely be using Zappos for all our future needs. Thank you.

Paulette E. │ 03/24/2014
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