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I just want to thank you guys for being my favorite damn website around. Seriously. Every aspect of your service is A+ without an exception. Even your phone support is insanely great. I mean, when I call Zappos, the support agents actually sound happy, not only to help, but to be working for your company. That is not a common thing, and it's very, very cool. It makes a difference. One time I wrote you guys a nice e-mail, and you gave me a VIP account for it. I mean, holy crap. That VIP account is one of the coolest things anyone has ever given me. I've never seen a website do anything like that. I hope you guys never change. Your website is perfect. Your selection is epic. Your customer service is impeccable. I've never run into a problem with you guys, ever! And if I did, I have to assume your amazing customer service would get it cleared up immediately. Stay the same forever, Zappos, because you guys are the best around. Not even Newegg has provided me such a hassle-free, seamless, easy customer experience. Whoever reads this—you work for a damn good company.

Andrew H. │ 07/22/2014

I shop a lot from you guys. I'm a VIP, and I plan to keep on shopping with you guys. You have the best customer service of any company I have shopped from. And that is worth a lot of money.

Kate W. │ 07/22/2014

I cannot say enough about how great your customer service is. I have ordered several pairs of shoes from your company. The customer service people are always friendly and go beyond what any place I have ever delt with to provide above excellent service. I am truly a Zappos customer from now on.

Morgan E. │ 07/22/2014

I just wanted to write a customer service testimonial for you guys. I am a VIP, and I am treated like a queen every time I contact you guys with a problem. Anyway, so here is my testimonial: I have been a customer of Zappos for a long time. I shop with them so much that I am a VIP member, but even before being a VIP I was treated like a queen whenever there was a problem. You really don't have anything to lose by going with these guys. It's free shipping both ways (so you can try something on and return it if you don't like it without being out of pocket) and you have A YEAR to return something. That is insane. These guys offer the best customer service I have EVER had from ANY company. Period. I contacted a representative via Live Chat because I had ordered a pair of jeans for my boyfriend, but after three wears there was a tear in the rear. They apologized for any inconvenience and had a brand new pair sent to me the next day and even said a warehouse manager would inspect them personally before sending them out. They said I could discard the torn jeans—which I wouldn't even have to send them back! Every time I talk to someone, they are so polite and helpful. I can tell they treat their employees well there. I only wish I could work for them! Thank you, Zappos!

Kate W. │ 07/22/2014

I can't pass up an opportunity to say "thanks" to the wonderful folks at Zappos. On occasion that I've needed help, the folks manning the phones could not be nicer or more helpful. The last time I spoke directly with someone from your team, I asked to speak with her supervisor to pass along thanks for a job done well. The folks responsible for hiring and training are doing a wonderful job and deserve recognition and thanks. I would love to work for Zappos! Your folks sound genuinely happy—imagine that!

Martha W. │ 07/22/2014

I'm not responding to complain, but rather to thank you guys. You are the most incredibly run company that I've ever seen. You do all the little things that make a HUGE difference. Every time we order, I feel like I'm doing business with a friend and not some giant corporation. We will actually drive to the mall to find the right size and then come home and order on Zappos. Partly because you're so easy to deal with, and partly because I would rather spend my money at a business like yours that actually cares about it's customers. I tell everyone I know to never buy shoes anywhere else again. You guys do an amazing job; keep up the good work. Thanks again for everything you do.

Eric S. │ 07/14/2014

All this happens because we are HUMAN and IMPERFECT! Loved the video, too. I also love Zappos—You guys have never disappointed me, and as a matter of fact, after this, you even keep getting better and better! We all need to be more understanding and have good senses of humor when things don't go quite as planned. I had an another issue (can't even remember the details) a few months ago when I called Zappos and spoke with someone in your customer service department—He made everything happen just right, and I couldn't have been happier. He was just a friendly, fun and understanding, real person that made me realize that Zappos is way ahead of the game in this department. You have a great team there and are definitely hiring the best to make you the best online store out there.?For your information, this order was delivered by UPS at my door a few hours ago before I ever even read this e-mail from you, so apparently it didn't affect as many of us as you thought. I won't even have to embarrass any of you with a phone call—At least not this time! My order was ordered, shipped and received in less than 24 hours. YEA! Thanks for this great communication.

Nancy B. │ 07/14/2014

Thank you! I think you should add the superlative 'Exemplary' to your team's official title because my purchase and exchange with you could not have been easier, faster or cheaper. You certainly have a new, biggest fan. I am coming off of surgery to repair my Achilles tendon and, unfortunately, there have been complications with the incision. For this, I needed a comfortable backless shoe and needed it fast. I received my initial order much quicker than the 4 to 5 business days (closer to one I believe), which amazed me, but I was a bit crushed when the sandal turned out to be too small. I was sure I'd have to wait a week to receive an exchange (your online process to effectuate said exchange was so simple I was sure I was missing a step), but two days later I was twice as amazed. I don't usually write e-mails like this, but I also don't find such incredible service to write about. Thank you for your wonderful service. I will be visiting your website/store before any other for any online purchases I plan to make.

Seth B. │ 07/14/2014

As always, your service was courteous and prompt. Love doing business with Zappos!!

Susan D. │ 07/14/2014

I really like this belt. It arrived PROMPTLY. I want tell you about a order I placed for bedroom slippers & when they arrived they were the wrong size. I called & was totally amazed how the return & replacement worked so GREAT. Since that transaction worked so good, I ordered a belt. I'm not really a fan of ordering on line, but thanks to you, that may change. THANKS for the good service.

Dick M. │ 07/14/2014

Service, it seems, tends to be getting worse and worse. As companies struggle with rising costs of goods, materials, wages and government mandates, service is usually what tends to suffer the most. What used to be a "can do" attitude has devolved into a "we don't do that anymore" or just a "we don't do that." So, in an effort to lure current and past customers, companies offer deep discounts or freebies, which in turn only reduce the bottom line even further. Online companies tend to hide behind hard to reach telephone numbers and emails that often go unanswered for days, easily taking your money then seemingly sitting on that cash flow for several days before actually shipping anything. Fortunately online reviews help steer the savvy customer away from such headaches. So what does it take for a company to provide a WOW factor, especially if it's online? I wanted to buy a pair of Keen shoes. Due to a high school football injury, my foot has become slightly deformed and Keens are practically the only shoes I can wear all day and I don't feel like chopping my feet off at the end of the day. I went to a local sporting goods store that I know always has a great selection of Keens. Looking for a particular color rather than a particular style, I found a pair that were perfect. I asked the salesperson for my size, unfortunately he didn't have my size in black, but had them in brown. They felt like heaven on my feet and I was excited that such a shoe existed. This is where the local sports store missed its WOW opporunity. Now to be fair, this particular sporting goods store does for the most part provide excellent service and usually has anything in stock I'm looking for; they just missed an opportunity to take it one notch up. I asked the sales person how I could get a pair. He said that we could order it and it would take 10-14 business days to arrive. Politely he gave me his name, the style name and number and I told him I would call the next day if I wanted him to order it for me. I went home and tried to order online from this company and, although I found a list of their stores and products that they offer, I couldn't find any way to order these particular shoes on their website. (Another anti-WOW factor.) Then I put these shoes in Google search and found some companies that offered these Keens at a lower price (the retail price is $110) and visited one of those websites. They offered them at $93 and then added $12 for shipping. Their reviews, however, were less than stellar, with some complaining that they had to wait weeks when they returned a pair to get a different size. I looked elsewhere. Having sold premium shoes for a while, I was always reluctant to buy anything from an online company called Zappos. They were the competitors. They took money out of my pocket. But I badly needed these new shoes and went to take a look. I knew they had free shipping both ways and I knew they had a solid reputation. I wasn't prepared for what came next. I found the Keens and my style. And my color. And my size. AND they were is stock. OK, let's put them in my cart and checkout. What I haven't said yet is that this was Monday night and I was hoping at the very least to get my shoes by Friday at the latest. Checking out I see an option for overnight shipping. How much more for overnight shipping? It would be great to get them on Wednesday. Here's part one of Zappos WOW factor--overnight shipping for this pair of shoes could be done at NO CHARGE! My answer? Yes, please. Right after sending the order, I get my first e-mail that starts off saying "Let the good times begin." They also promise fast, free delivery, 365 day free return policy and 24/7 customer service with a phone number prominantly displayed. Then I get a second email with a large "Thank You For Your Order" blazened at the top. They also include a sense of humor, by addressing the e-mail to "Zappos zealot" and including XOXO, Zappos.com as the signature line. On Tuesday, they sent me another email telling me they had shipped my shoes and they should arrive on Wednesday. There was a tracking number for UPS as well as another clear message with a phone number to call if I had any questions. Just as they had promised, my shoes arrived on Wednesday, with a great thank you note and clear instructions if I needed to return them for any reason. The sporting goods store missed a sale, possibly forever. Zappos gained a customer for life. So what does this mean? If you own a business or work for one, where is your WOW factor? How is it that other companies continue to raise prices and still have people beating down their doors to buy from them, while other companies struggle just to pay the bills? There seem to be several factors, including employees that share the company's passion to be the best, a consistent product, and the willingness to go out of the way to provide a positive customer experience. That is "money in the bank!"

Doug │ 07/10/2014

I was shocked to say the least. I mean, I order a lot of things online but some things I do not even bother to return due to the hassle/costs involved. I figured with Zappos, I will give it a shot and wait the 2-4 days for my replacement sneakers since I knew the holiday was coming up as well. But what Robynn did for me was completed unexpected, especially since it was all done through Live Chat. Most companies treat Live Chat as an “illusion” to customer service. For example, if I get information from Live Chat from another company, 9 times out of 10, I would have to make a phone call to a representative to either confirm or deny the information that was provided to me through the Live Chat, wasting twice the time to solve the same issue. Robynn followed through on what she said she would do, and I had the email confirmations with tracking numbers to prove it and the sneakers arrived the very next day as well, all without me having to keep records of the false promises that other companies would have made. And if you ever called a cable company, you know exactly what I mean :)

Paris H. │ 07/07/2014

Just want you to know that you are my HERO of the week! As an online seller, AND a Zappos customer, I was trying to be ecologically friendly and reuse a Zappos box for one of my shipments. A Williams Sonoma copper double champagne bucket fit perfectly and was scheduled for shipment to Houston, Texas via Fed Ex ground delivery on 6/17th. Unfortunately, the address label became disconnected from the box and the package was delivered back to Zappos! I can only imagine the shock when the Zappos employee had a champagne bucket instead of a pair of returned shoes in hand! Living up to Zappos’ good core values, this kind employee took it upon himself or herself to read the packing slip and insure it was forwarded to the rightful owner! I am so impressed that I can only begin to tell you how much. Almost all my shoes are purchased from Zappos as well as a lot of other items, and I want to tell you that you have made an even more loyal customer. I will forward this message to all my friends and shout your praises to anyone else who would like to hear them. Please tell that employee that this is what makes Zappos a great company. Thanks so much!

Phyllis V. │ 07/07/2014

A piece of my shoe broke, so I called to see what could be done and ended up have the easiest, most wonderful experience! Thank you for making it super easy! I will always shop Zappos first now!

Elisa M. │ 06/30/2014

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Zappos, for being my "go to" for shopping. I enjoy my shopping with you so much. I can shop when I want, where I want, and how I want. (Usually, early in the morning or late at night in my PJs on my iPad or iPhone when stores are closed and without the pressure of closing time or other shoppers getting the merchandise that I want!)?Thank you for transforming how I shop and meeting my needs as a person who works past most stores' closing times during the weekdays and who doesn't want to spend her weekends shopping. Thank you for not judging the amount that I purchase and return. Thank you for introducing me to great new brands like Seychelles and l Jeans!

Sarah C. │ 06/30/2014

I don't actually need help; I just want to tell you how much I love Zappos! Your service is amazing!! I love getting the shoes so quickly and being able to return them easily too, if necessary. In fact, that makes me take a chance on shoes I might otherwise be afraid to try because I know there is no risk! Also, your phone and chat service have always been great. Keep up the great work!M

Meredith A. │ 06/30/2014

To make a long story short, I had a few mishaps in ordering a pair of boots lately. Despite a few mistakes from Zappos, I had the most EXTRAORDINARY service along the way! I even received a hand-written thank you card (and credit) from Rebekah in Las Vegas, which was entirely unexpected! I can't say enough about the superior quality of service, kindness and efficiency of Zappos. Despite getting the wrong order twice, I will ALWAYS turn to Zappos first because of the first-rate help I received in fixing the problems.

Melanie U. │ 06/23/2014

Just a thank you to all of you for your kindness as I have been trying to figure out the best pair of running shoes. I am now very happy and there will be no more returns. I promise. Everyone on your staff is so kind, patient and polite. Thank you all for the quality customer service. Other companies should take a page from your book.

Kathleen L. │ 06/23/2014

Wow!!!! You folks are right up there with LL Bean for superior customer service! You made the process to find and try the proper fit for walking shoes for a senior citizen living in a senior facility who no longer drives (ME) so easy with over-the-top speed of delivery and easy, cost-free returns that I will certainly return to Zappos for future purchases! My credit card was credited immediately … I was pleasantly amazed as it, too, helps my budget by protecting my cash flow.

Mary B. │ 06/23/2014

I just wanted to drop you a line to say THANK YOU. I broke my leg a few months ago and the Zappos team has been amazing in helping me buy some new shoes without the hassle of going to the store on crutches. I've acquired new sneakers to wear to physical therapy (Asics gel equation) and new supportive flats to wear to the office and my sister's graduation (Ahnu Karma). The customer service team has been incredibly helpful and friendly, never making me feel guilty about a return or exchange. Returns and exchanges have been incredibly quick and convenient. And the joke of the day never fails to elicit a chuckle. You've made a very loyal customer out of me. I can't thank you all enough and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do and what a difference it has made for me.

Rikki T. │ 06/23/2014

Hello! I don't have a “problem” tonight but wanted to take a second to tell you how a-MAZING I think Zappos is! I ordered a pair of earrings earlier this week and they came looking kinda funny. The post was in the wrong place and they just looked weird. I contacted you to see if I could exchange them or if I should reorder a new pair and your customer service rep said to discard the damaged pair and a new pair would be sent out. I got the new pair today and they are perfect. :) I just wanted to say thank you for trusting me and shipping a new pair out so quickly. You guys are awesome and all my friends, family (and people on the street), know how amazing you guys are!!!!

Heather V. │ 06/14/2014

Not sure if this is the appropriate venue, but I must give some positive feedback on your extraordinary customer service . . . as well as your website. At 10 p.m. last night, after laboriously searching for and successfully ordering two pairs of shoes from my cellphone no less (computer died recently), I immediately received a WAHOO e-mail from Zappos and felt like someone had reached out to pat me on the back. Such a small thing, but I laughed out loud. Not my first experience with the awesome Zappos, but I did want to share. Most want only to broadcast complaints, but it's even more important to recognize businesses and their people who routinely perform well above and beyond!!! XOXOX Zappos team.

Roberta G. │ 06/14/2014

You are thee most wonderful company, people, entire staff/team I have ever, in my 80 odd years, dealt with. So terrific are you that I'm just writing to you as if you were a personal friend . . . which you are!!! Zappos for president, for congress, for the way to run the country!

Ann A. │ 06/14/2014

I work in the airline business. My company is one of the few airlines that is known for outstanding customer service, so I am always happy when I run into a company that is focused on the service they provide to their customers. It is rare to find "customer service” anywhere. I'm always surprised when I am on the receiving end. In dealing with Zappos last week I was surprised and very pleased with the service I received. ?I just wanted to commend you for making my transaction with Zappos the best online service I've experienced. I have ordered from you in the past and have always been pleased with the service and product. This time, I needed a larger size so I had to exchange the shoes I had purchased. I needed them quickly, so I immediately called to reorder expecting to be charged again and credited when you received the return. First, I was shocked to actually speak to someone, who was respectful and polite; second surprised he offered to ship out the correct size prior to receiving my exchange; and third he sent me a return postage label so I had no shipping charges at all. My final surprise was the following day my shoes arrived. Thank you for a great online purchase experience. I will definitely order again.

Pam D. │ 06/14/2014

I have used Zappos for several shoe purchases over the last few years now. I always feel like I get the best prices, service, and fast delivery that I could ask for, not to mention a great selection of shoes. I have a Zappos VIP account, and I could not be happier with all of the deals I find and how easy the site is to maneuver around. I just wanted to let everyone on the Zappos team know that I very much appreciate your efforts and will continue to shop with you far into the future because of the great service I receive. Thanks for all that you do and keep up the good work!

Marcus H. │ 06/14/2014
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