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I love the jeans I ordered but I love your company more. The website is so user friendly even for those of us in our sixth decade. The customer support is fantastically helpful. I don't hesitate to place an order from you because I know I will always be satisfied with the products and, more importantly, your service!

Linda │ 02/23/2016

Your customer service is absolutely amazing. Everyone goes above and beyond. Everyone is so helpful. Zappos needs a round of applause. It should be mandatory that people call zappos for everything, car license renewal and everything. LOL. Stephanie was great. Zappos has the best customer service ever.

Erika │ 02/23/2016

When she calls to our family she receives a friendly open tone of voice, patience, and knowledge of the shoes. They understand and will research the information she needs. If she asks for suggestions, they are wide open to helping her find items and are always happy to help. The reps are enthusiastic and mindfully engaged with the client. If Zappos treats the reps like family with praise and compensate them, Zappos will have continued growth because the reps will do their best. It is obvious the reps love their jobs. They treat the clients like family. To management---Keep doing what you are doing for the employees because it works. Kudos are so important. knows from personal experience that our employees are empathetic and kind. They know what excellence is.

Laura │ 02/23/2016

I have a long, slim foot that has been all but abandoned by shoe manufacturers. In searching for shoes that might fit if I stuff them enough, I wish that you had a search option allowing one to find shoes that reviewers (or manufacturers) say seem narrower than marked. It is difficult, not to mention frustrating, to have to comb through several hundred shoes in the hope of finding one pair that doesn't run wide. Otherwise, I love your site?

Emily │ 02/23/2016

Thank you Zappos for the thoughtful bamboo plant of kindness. I am speechless. It really put a smile on my face after a long day. Much appreciation!!!

Michelle │ 02/23/2016

Thank you Zappos! You’ve set the bar high and we love being your customers. Keep up the good work!

James │ 02/23/2016

Oh my goodness!!! I am sssooo Impressed with your company - How great it works from start to finish! I had purchased items from your company before with Wonderful results (by the way, my friend gave me a gift certificate for my birthday which got me started ordering from you). Unfortunately, the last pair of shoes I purchased were too small and the replacement would be longer than I could wait for a trip I was going on so I had to return them instead of exchanging them. The whole process was so easy and so friendly! You even notified me that you had received the item and gave me more detail than any company I have ever dealt with. I wish all companies were so perfect! I of course will be spending that money you just refunded me with you in the near future. You are welcome to send this out to anyone that might have interest in doing business with your company. Thank you for being the best!!! *

Sherri │ 02/23/2016

You guys are too funny always getting my word of mouth referrals!! Love your site and service u make me feel like a very valued customer.

James │ 02/23/2016

Don't know if a person will get this email but your company is awesome to do business with.

Joseph │ 02/23/2016

I have received the exchange and so appreciate the super-fast shipping and, this confirmation from you!! Zappos customer service is not to be outdone by anyone.

Janet │ 02/23/2016

Yes I was very pleased with my things and how fast they came in, I got them right on my birthday unexpectedly. Thanks it made my day even happier. I will be ordering from you guys again

Ebony │ 02/23/2016

I think that your service is outstanding. Every time that I call everyone is so upbeat and positive. Keep up the good work :)

James │ 02/23/2016

EBay and PayPal need to take lessons from your customer service reps! With Zappos, a problem is no problem. Efficient and polite. Thank you,

Sherard │ 02/23/2016

Thank you for being awesome in every single way. From the super-hero cat that drops my purchases into my cart to the extremely personable, effective, efficient customer service professionals like Gretchen, shopping at Zappos is delightful. You have a lifelong customer in me and I repeatedly sing your praises to friends and acquaintances. Thank you again.

Talina │ 02/23/2016

You are special - a pleasure doing business with a company so customer friendly! Bye-bye catalogs and malls!

Patricia │ 02/23/2016

Thank you very much for letting me know the return arrived safely. This is the first time a company has had that courtesy. This has been the best and easiest online shopping experience I've ever had. Congratulations to Zappos!

Colette │ 02/23/2016

News shoes received - I have happy feet, again. Also noticed this shipment had an enclosure tag in print large enough to read. Maybe that was a coincidence - if not, can I come work for Zappos? That kind of service is too good to be true! Cheers and carry on!

Susan │ 02/23/2016

I would like to thank you for how the way you responded to my issue. Many companies these days don't understand how important it is to please the customer. My dad is an owner of a business and keeping a customer happy is key. I would highly recommend you guys to any of my friends and will be back soon to purchase more products. Thank you.

Christian │ 02/23/2016

I *heart* Zappos.com.I think that says it all...

Beth │ 02/23/2016

Thank you Rachel. I just have to say you guys are the best customer service people I have ever worked with and from now on I will be ordering all of my shoes from your website and your website only thank you

Nancy │ 02/23/2016

I just love, love my card!! Greetings and salutations (borrowed from Shea K.) to you and the rest of the great Zapponian customer loyalty team... The following card has been gracing my fridge for a few months now and I'd like to say a quick 'hello' to all of you that made my "shoe buying experience" such a pleasurable one! My adventure started November 5th with Stephanie turning a disappointing situation into one that made my heart leap! From my first pair of Softwalk Irish shoes (received end of November) to the Ivanhoe and UGG boots (received last week), I want to thank all of you for your assistance which went above and beyond the call of duty! Alphabetically, kudos to all of you: Amanda J; Amanda M; Amanda S; Bailey H; Cassie A; Davey D; Helen; Jessie L; Judith B; Kelli F; Lehua; Lindsey P; Marion B; Nicole; Penny; Rachel M; Stephanie; Shea K; Tara and Tony. And, if by chance I've missed anyone, please, please forgive me!!

September │ 02/23/2016

...your company was fantastic to work with, so thank you for making it a positive experience...

Tina │ 05/04/2015

I just wanted to let you know that your liking my package to Little Red Riding Hood made me smile! Have a wonderful week-end.

Susie │ 05/04/2015

Rarely do I take the time good or bad to leave a comment, not this time. Worked CS for 40+ years, very difficult job. I just wanted to say thank you! You're company has undoubtedly the best customer service I have ever done business with. No other company comes close! Kudos to ALL involved.

Pamela │ 05/04/2015

Excellent customer service.

Stanislava │ 05/04/2015
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