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I was just listening to HIS radio here in NC which is a Christian radio station and heard the story of a young lady that had ordered her husband a pair of shoes from you but received the wrong order. I was so impressed and moved by your response in handling this I had to write to you to say "your company values, compassion and integrity rock”!!!! She said that when she contacted customer service they told her to keep the shoes and they would send her the correct pair ordered :) She stated that she didn't need the wrong pair that was received so she decided to give them to someone that was in need since they had recently experienced the devastating 100 year flood. She stated that when you heard of what she did you not only sent her the correct order you sent blankets to give to the community in need:) God smiles on you for using your business to bless others in recognizing and showing compassion for the needy. Because of this and this lady sharing this amazing story on radio your company will be blessed greatly through possible many orders from radio listeners in a large area :)

Carolyn │ 02/23/2016

I just wanted to take a minute to thank your company for being so giving and awesome (more than what I already thought I just heard on his radio in Raleigh NC about what Zappos did for a community in need by sending blankets and a sweet note to a customer that had received the wrong shoes when she told your company that she was going to donate the wrong shoes to someone in need. What a great story and I will be sharing this with my friends and family! Awesome job and its companies like yours that make America great! Thank you!!

Lori │ 02/23/2016

I am writing about a recent return, which was a Christmas gift for my daughter. We traveled for Christmas and had to pack up all of our gifts with our regular clothes and such from our vacation. I had to return the boots following Christmas and our vacation. I was not aware that my daughter had placed her sweater and scarf in the shoebox to save packing space. I never opened the shoebox, and just shipped it back to you for the return. Evidently, you discovered the items and instead of them being thrown out or lost in space, you sent them back to us. For free? Wow. We loved Zappos before, but wow. That is truly above and beyond any customer service I have ever received and I want to say thank you!

Nicole │ 02/23/2016

I love you. Zappos should manage the world.

Nancy │ 02/23/2016

I wanted to take a moment and personally thank you all at Zappos for this and other amazing customer service interactions I've had with your company. So many other companies could and should learn from Zappos on how to deal with customers. Once again, thank you! I look forward to many more dealings with Zappos.

Jamie │ 02/23/2016

I just wanted to write and tell you thank you for your amazing customer service. My grandmother lives in Missouri and I live in Georgia and one day she found a picture of a pair of shoes that she really wanted. After much searching I found them on your website. I placed the order and had them sent to her. After they were delivered she opened them excitedly and tried them on, but they did not fit. I was trying to explain to her how to return them and exchange for a different size, but that is difficult to do over the phone. So she decided to call customer service to ask what would be the easiest way to exchange them. She called me yesterday after she got off of the phone to let me know about what a great experience she had and the wonderful lady that she had spoken with. She told her how to return her shoes and that she would be sending my grandmother the right size. That really made her day!!! Thank you!! I will definitely be ordering from Zappos again!!!

Dawn │ 02/23/2016

My zappos surprise! Vera Radley Camofloral Tote and wallet. I truly was surprise!!! Thank you for your outstanding customer service… Maybe you guys could school a few other companies.

Anonymous │ 02/23/2016

Thank you so much Zappos and your wonderful employees. Believe me these are so appreciated. My granddaughter is almost 12 and I made a promise to her at birth to always make sure she was well shod. Thank you Zappos for helping me and my family! Every company should be like you. My granddaughter is now a shoe fanatic and I so look forward to doing business with you in the further. I have been with you for many years and thank you so much again!

Anonymous │ 02/23/2016

Thank you Zappos. Your lovely card and pair of boots just made my day! I will always stay a loyal Zappos’ customer – Zappos you rock!!!

Anonymous │ 02/23/2016

Whoa!! This is an awesome, beautiful, email, and not just for the $50 coupon (which I very much appreciate!!)! Thank you so much, Diego! *rubs hands together* Now, what shall I buy next from Zappos? :) Keep up the great work!

Danette │ 02/23/2016

Once again I must praise your capable team for the excellent way you take care of your customers! It has been aeons since I've see the "Greetings and salutations" at the start of a message. Have a great day out there in Vegas!

September │ 02/23/2016

Wow! Thanks! That is great and quick! Who would have thought I would get a response in the middle of the night :) I hope you guys aren't up because your attempt to be 20 and dying your hair purple turned out to be a disaster. Thanks again!

Heather │ 02/23/2016

Just wanted to thank you guys for the amazing customer service, especially with my last returned item. Zappos #1

Sherry │ 02/23/2016

Thank you so much for the fast shipping and wonderful product. I will definitely order from you again!

Terri │ 02/23/2016

Thank you for checking in with me, everything went great, the app is easy to use the product showed up quickly and fit right. Your reputation precedes you, I am comfortable knowing if I needed to return something it would be painless.

Eric │ 02/23/2016

Just wanted to let you know what unbelievable service I have received. I was blown away with every part of my order from the wonderful website to the ease of navigation, to exactly what I wanted to browse. The selection was well organized with plenty of choirs. But what really amazed me was to come home today and find that my order was already delivered. I had placed an order with another company 2 days before my order with you. It is scheduled to be delivered next Tuesday. That's the service they give the customer. They need to take lessons from you! This was my first order from you, but won't be the last. Thank you in keeping great customer service alive.

Peter │ 02/23/2016

I recently used your Live Chat with employee (bot? human? who knows?!) Keaton, who was very helpful and prompt with responses. I also appreciate the comic book references of Batman and Joker, and found that delightful. Please note my gratitude to Keaton as well as your Zappos team. You have a strong reputation of having some of the best customer service out there, and I'm happy I experienced that first-hand.

Susan │ 02/23/2016

I just got an email from you guys and I can't hardly believe my eyes!!! Not only did you take $20.00 off my order, but I'm getting it tomorrow!!!! UPS emailed me and told me so!!!! You guys are incredible!!!!! Thank you, Thank you!!! I don't know what I ever did without you!!!! You all are the best!!

Delores │ 02/23/2016

I wanted to thank you very much for your patience as I have ordered and returned several items over the last week. My 14-year old daughter was recently put into leg braces and we have been hunting for a pair of boots that were wide enough in the foot bed PLUS easy to get into. The most recent purchase (Soft walk, size 12 EE, wide calf boots to the knee) are easy for her to put on and completely cover her braces. She is thrilled and far more comfortable knowing she can cover her braces at school. I truly appreciate your willingness to ship both ways for free - you made finding the right thing so much easier! I have been a long-time customer, and this experience has just further reinforced my love for Zappos.

Hilary │ 02/23/2016

I just wanted to send a note to say thank you. I live in New Orleans, and our shopping is limited. We have a lot of boutiques, which is great, but the hours are limited and difficult to get to when you work full time. Your 24 hour shipping has saved me on a number of occasions! I know many people write to tell you when they're unhappy, so I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your awesome service and free next day delivery. You all are amazing!

Lauren │ 02/23/2016

You guys are just amazing! What an incredibly nice thing to do, and I definitely know a place to donate them where I have given clothes in the past, where they serve people who really don't have anything. I know you guys are known for your customer service, but this truly blew me away. Thank you so much. And you will most definitely be getting more of my business in the future!

Lyn │ 02/23/2016

I found out my debit card was compromised and a fraud debit was done by spending over $1,700 on Zappos! Yikes, it through me through a loop. I called my bank immediately and had the debit card cancelled. I call Zappos and alerted them of the situation. They were wonderful. I can't imagine having such a wonderful experience with a bad situation. I felt so violated my hard-earned money was taken from me but your staff made me feel better. They were able to find the purchase and low and behold your team caught the fraud before you shipped the merchandise! So thank you Zappos and please tell your team they are doing an excellent job!

Lisa │ 02/23/2016

A huge shout out to Zappos.com for providing the BEST customer services ever. I'm speechless at what just happened. I purchased a pair of UGG moccasins for my daughter’s birthday, she also received a pair from her grandparents so I had to return the pair I bought. I submitted a return request and packaged the shoes and left them in my car. The following morning I noticed my car was broken into and the shoes stolen. I called Zappos just to notify you that the return will not be coming as the shoes were stolen. I was put on hold and the customer service rep informed me that you guys will still process the return to my account. I was speechless and in tears as this is not at all what I was expecting. I can't thank you enough Zappos. I will make sure that everyone I know is aware of how great a company you are.

Nisa │ 02/23/2016

You were kind enough to let me exchange a pair of boots that were over a year old but were brand new. I was asked by your staff to find a good place to donate the old boots to. I have sent them to a school where they will be used by a series of young girls. Apparently, they are always in need of boots should you have more to send. They are thrilled so, thank you!

Kate │ 02/23/2016

Thank you so much. Those who constantly outperform themselves. Will eventually outperform their competition. Your customer service far exceeded my expectations. The best kind of pride is that which compels an individual or organization to do their best, even when no-one is looking. Thanks for setting the standard for competition

Gilbert │ 02/23/2016
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