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ASICS Men's Sneakers Make Running Look Good

Combat sore feet while running with ASICS Men's athletic shoes. Designed with runners in mind, these shoes provide the ultimate comfort and protection for physical activity. Check out our selection and find a pair that you love. 

The technology in ASICS running shoes provides features that decrease the chance of injury and discomfort during running and walking. Rubber outsoles create a durable, non-skid bottom that aids in preventing slips and falls on slick surfaces. They are non-marking, so you don't have to worry about scuffing the floors at home. Mesh uppers are lightweight and breathable to prevent your feet from getting overheated. Unlike many other men's gel shoes, the dual-gel cushioning systems in ASICS gel shoes minimize shock, and take the pressure off of your knees and ankles. Additional cushioning in the heel provides easier transitioning movements, while the gel in the front reduces the amount of shock as you propel yourself forward, lessening the impact on your joints. Stability supports help prevent rolling your ankles or twisting your knees for safer runs. Lace-up designs let you create a custom fit that helps you feel secure, and prevents your feet from sliding around in the shoe. Removable sockliners feature moisture-wicking, anti-microbial fabric that prevents any fungus from growing in the shoe or on your feet. Foam footbeds add a layer of comfort, and cushion your foot through each step, while minimizing the strain placed on your knees. 

Call our helpful customer service agents anytime to find men's running shoes or other sports shoes that suit your style and exercise needs. Consider casual shoes for when you're not running. We always ship our shoes for free. Rest easy knowing that our 365-day return policy lets you return an order if you aren't satisfied for any reason. 

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