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Give your feet a feeling of comfort and luxury in a pair of men's athletic shoes. Due to the development of footwear technology, shoes offer protection and performance while keeping you stylish. Browse our large selection to find a style meant for you.

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When it comes to physical activity, find sports shoes that offer benefits for your sport of choice. Many fabrics create a lightweight shoe that allows you to move without feeling weighed down. The flexible material provides a full range of motion for quick movements. Mesh uppers offer improved air circulation and prevent overheating. Anti-slip rubber soles protect against slips or falls on slick surfaces. Durable rubber provides longer wear, even under strenuous conditions. For running, consider foam midsoles to help absorb shock, reducing the strain placed on lower joints and the spine. EVA midsoles don't wear down as fast, and help with shape retention.

Zappos has a large selection of men's running shoes with strategically placed pockets of gel or air in the crashpad. These help prevent injury when your foot makes contact with the ground. Lace-up shoes provide a custom fit for less slipping when running and walking. Shoes with asymmetrical laces create a tighter fit, and don't cause friction on your forefoot. Opt for cushioned insoles that provide a layer of softness that molds to your foot over time. Guide rails keep your weight centered, increasing balance and stability. Cross trainers are useful for those who play multiple sports. They keep your feet comfortable over a variety of terrains, and increase traction with rubber soles. 

Our friendly customer service agents are ready any time to help you find a pair of men's sneakers that work for you. We always ship for free, and our 365-day return policy makes returning them hassle free.

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