ZAPPOS x HONESTLYWTF: Last Minute Halloween Costumes


Zappos x HonestlyWTF:

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

If you've waited 'til the eleventh hour to pull together your Halloween costume, don't sweat it! Erica Chan-Coffman, the founder of lifestyle blog HonestlyWTF, shares 3 DIY costume ideas inspired by some seriously iconic ladies we bet you know and love.

Halloween has always been my holiday. For as long as I can remember, I've homemade my costumes, which have notoriously taken weeks of planning and long nights burning the midnight oil at a sewing machine. Nowadays, it seems I hardly have enough bandwidth to create one costume, let alone an entire family's! Why does this holiday always seem to sneak up on me!? In recent years I've created semi-homemade costumes, where I'll tweak and tailor a store-bought costume to make it look unique. I'm also loving the idea of creating costumes that can be reworn or repurposed after Halloween night. It cuts down on waste . . . and time!

I'm excited to partner with Zappos to recreate some of my favorite, most iconic fictional heroines. Not only is every element of each costume from Zappos (that includes clothing, accessories, and shoes), but the costumes are made up of wardrobe staples that can be worn year-round. I mean, we all need a teddy coat, trench, and leather jacket in our outerwear repertoire! And yes, this is proof that you can actually looked pulled together versus thrown together on Halloween, even if it's super last-minute. If you've procrastinated and still don't have a costume (I can relate) by early next week, you can simply place an order via the handy Zappos app; and get everything delivered the next business day - Just in time for trick-or-treating. I hope the looks I've created will give you some inspiration. And now...Can you guess who these characters are?









Costume curation by HonestlyWTF; photography & video by Andrea Posadas.