1 Sneaker, 3 Ways: Stan Smiths

Good luck walking out your front door without spotting a pair of Adidas’ OG Stan Smiths on nearly every cool person you pass from off-duty models to hip-hop moguls to stylin’ grandpas. By now, the uber-famous style, endorsed by tennis champ (and, um, grandpa) Stanley Roger Smith in the ’70s, has reached official cult status, which means there are literally thousands of ways to wear them. But here are three you maybe hadn’t thought of yet.


1. The New Prep

A black turtleneck and jeans is perhaps the most classic no-nonsense look in existence (and a very crisp nod to Apple’s Steve Jobs). But when it’s done with a distressed pair of slouchy blues, a long tailored coat, a major belt buckle, and a new pair of Stans, the timeless ensemble gets a modern twist.


2. Funky Fresh

There are no rules when it comes to planning an outfit around a classic shoe that has decades-long staying power, which means you can let your personal style run wild. The pairing of a gauzy striped turtleneck with a marble-patterned smock dress could veer into decidedly girly territory, but stays grounded and cool with the addition of Stans.


3. Business as (Un)usual

Power clashing (checked jacket over ’80s button down tucked into patterned pants) is completely office-appropriate when you’re working within a tight color palette. And throwing in a pair of Stans in a non-competing shade? Now that’s a real boss move.



Written by Julie Vadnal


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