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Queens-born queer rapper Dai Burger is fearless in her approach to music, fashion, and dance. Before her music career, Dai toured the world as a backup dancer for Lil’ Mama, and perfected her raunchy, no-limits looks as a stylist for the infamous downtown shop Patricia Field (the eponymous boutique of Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field). Following a series of killer mixtapes and EPs over the last few years, Dai released her hotly anticipated first full-length album, Soft Serve, in August 2017.

Reminiscent of female rappers from the ’90s, like Trina and Rasheeda, Dai’s powerhouse, tell-it-like-it-is attitude sets her apart, as does her flashy, vibrant style, which takes its cues from early 2000s glitz. “How I'm feeling is what I'm going to exude,” she says. “And hopefully it's not a replication of something that I've already done because the point is to keep them saying ‘Wow!’”

Below are her favorite classic sneakers.


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“There's just something so timeless about a classic sneaker,” says Dai. “Every closet needs a pair.”
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