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Your new favorite place to shop for your classic sneakers, The_ONES you’ve always loved. We’re also sharing the stories of the people that keep us seriously inspired, The_ONES giving us life right now. Stay a while, we’ve got some fun stuff in store...

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Pastel Pleasures

Pastel colors are our new obsession. The soft, muted colors are fun yet subtle enough to wear with any outfit. We rounded up our favorite baby pinks, dusty blues, mint greens, and powdery lilacs that you’ll want to wear all summer long.


The Stories

A celebration of the people who inspire us and the classic kicks in their closets.
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Ballet Break x The_ONES

When three off-duty San Francisco ballerinas trade in their pointe shoes and the stage for classic sneakers and the playground, it’s pure magic.
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Hanging in Silver Lake with a Magazine Founder Who’s Changing the Game

Zarna Surti of new WOC mag, Tonal, was our spirit guide to this L.A. ’hood, which can serve up a strong drink, powerful night of poetry, or damn good taco exactly when you need it.
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Vans X A Tribe Called Quest

Vans has teamed up with American hip-hop collective A Tribe Called Quest on an expansive footwear collaboration. Can you kick it?
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California Girls: Meet the L.A. Influencers Taking Hijab to New Heights

Exuding West Coast chill and enterprising business savvy, these L.A. stylesetters seamlessly integrate hijab into their high-fashion streetwear—right down to their classic Vans and high-top Filas.
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Get Your Kicks on Route 66

When four fabulous friends set out on an epic cross-country trip, we just had to come along.

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