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4 Actually Chic Mom Jeans
(Worn By An Actual Mom)

In the spirit of proving that mom jeans—long unfairly stereotyped—are, in fact, awesome, we hit up Erica Chan-Coffman.

She’s the entrepreneurial DIY maven behind Honestly WTF, who’s collabed with brands from Madewell to Free People. She’s a mom of two (Quincy, 7, and Coco, 4). And she’s casually cool, calm, and mostly collected.

Below she talks reclaiming mom style and shows off four mom-jean outfits, which demonstrate that moms do, indeed, know best.



Mom Stuff Q/A

Describe your style?

“Effortless and playful while still being able to sit cross-legged on the floor with my kids.”

Parenting-hack win:

“Cuddles are the cure and can, almost always, tame situations better than words.”

Mom “tools” in your purse:

“A small box of mini colored pencils, a notepad, Lego Minifigures, and, of course, hand sanitizer and wipes.”

Thoughts on mom jeans before & after this shoot:

“I love high-waisted jeans, but have never dared wear them in rigid, no-stretch denim (gasp!). I was pleasantly surprised by the fit and how comfortable they are!”

If mom jeans had a slogan, it would be:

“Not just for moms.”

Favorite booty-shaking dance song:

“The entire family has recently been jamming to the Trolls World Tour soundtrack!“

Be friends:


I love a white-on-white tonal look (thank you, OxiClean), especially in the spring. It's just so crisp and easy.

—Erica Chan-Coffman

Any iteration of this look can be best described as my daily uniform: a breezy and boxy linen blouse half-tucked into a pair of high-waisted, slightly slouchy jeans with plenty of layered gold chains.

—Erica Chan-Coffman

A ribbed tank top is my favorite layering staple, especially when paired with high-waisted jeans. It's the perfect foundation for a look—just add a cardigan, blazer, or button-up shirt and a colored sandal.

—Erica Chan-Coffman

Although my palette is generally pretty neutral, there's nothing I love more than the surprise of a dramatically vibrant pair of shoes. Also, there's nothing more forgiving than black denim. Just like we need cheat days, we need those black-denim days! I love this pair's ability to suck it all in.

—Erica Chan-Coffman

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