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5 Easy-to-Wear Jeans We’re Obsessing Over This Fall

Our favorite thing about fall? The return of denim (sorry, pumpkin spice). We asked five of our fashion crushes to share the best Abercrombie & Fitch jean trends to try now. Welcome to your most stylish fall ever...

“It can be so hard to find high-waisted, comfortable denim that also stretches. I love this pair because they mold to my body perfectly.”

—Tyla Lauren of @tylauren

“I know we all hate that dreaded back gap and with this pair, I don't have that issue. Whether I'm standing, or sitting, this pair of denim fits perfectly.”

—Tayla Santos of @taylasnts

“I love that this fit is snug at my waist and has some give at my hips and thighs. Plus, it hits right where I like when it comes to length. It’s about finding jeans that work for your curves and not the other way around!”

— Mandy Ansari of @mandy

“This is the perfect silhouette for showing off a sleek ankle boot. Pair with a cropped turtleneck for those not-hot-not-cold fall days (my favorites!)”

—Catherine Newell-Hanson, Zappos Style Director

“There isn’t anything more classic than denim and white sneakers. It’s been my favorite pairing since I was little! I love that I can wear these jeans relaxed because there’s enough room for my “too legit to quit” thighs."

—Yolande Macon of @thelanguageofyolande

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