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Our Style Director Shares The MOST Comfortable Bra Styles

Our Style Director Share The MOST Comfortable Bras

We’re riding a “less is more” mentality, paring down to only the comfiest bare essentials—yep, we’re talking intimates. Leave bad fits behind, because we're all about undergarments that look and feel good—and these 6 essential bra styles (customer faves, curated by our style director) are proof.

PS: Still on the fence about parting with your beloved (and well-loved) undergarments? Pros recommend replacing your bras around every 12 months to avoid evils like broken underwires, slipping straps, and stretched-out elastic.

The Lounge Bra

Trust us when we say this easy-as-Sunday-morning style deserves recognition as a weekend essential (alongside your latest Netflix binge). Lightweight, crazy-soft, and designed with plenty of stretch, the lounge silhouette gives new meaning to barely there.

The (Actually Comfy) Underwire Bra

Imagine this: an underwire bra you won’t want to fling off the second you get home ( Softly molded cups make the dream a reality, creating a smooth silhouette so undetectable that you (and your favorite T-shirt) will wonder what you ever did without it.

The Yoga Bra

Whether you’re stretching during a pre-yoga sesh...or just for the remote, this customer-favorite studio style can flex with you—without skimping on coverage. And if you never want to take it off because it's just that dang comfortable, you're in luck because its moisture-wicking fabric will keep you feeling fresh from an AM barre class to a PM brunch—and beyond.

The Wireless Bra

Kind of like your BFF if she was an undergarment...She’s chill without being fussy, supports you, AND always knows how to lift you up. Even without an underwire, this bra is “supportive enough to work under tees and sweaters,” says Zappos style director Catherine Newell-Hanson, “but comfy enough for a day spent at home.”

The Not-Ugly (We Said It) Nursing Bra

Behold: A nursing bra that doesn’t look like it came from your grandma’s closet, because breastfeeding shouldn’t be a months-long sentence of postpartum potato sacks. Practical elements (like accessible clasps and lots of stretch) paired with feel-good details (like delicate lace and a flattering neckline) make for a confidence-boosting bra you’ll actually want to wear—even after your kid exits newborn territory.

The Scoop Bralette

Whether you’re someone who prefers a little east-west support during your REM cycle, or if you just need enough coverage to greet the ramen delivery dude, allow us to suggest a supremely versatile bralette. Super-stretch jersey and an equally elastic band make for a second-skin feel so comfortable, you’ll wonder if being forgettable is actually a good thing.

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