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We Let 3 Kids Choose Their Own Back-to-School Outfits

We Let 3 Kids Pick Their Own First-Day-of-School Outfits

Heading back to school might look different this year, but we’re true believers that the first day should still be an EVENT. So, we took the tradition of dressing up for a new school year & flipped the script by asking three cute (and, apparently, very style-savvy) kids to choose their very own head-to-toe looks. Scroll down for their A+ outfit debuts.

Meet Grey

She’s never met a sandwich she didn’t like, and has been keeping busy at home in NY with plenty of science experiments. (Turns out baking soda + vinegar + food coloring = volcanoes!) Here’s what she’s looking forward to as a kindergartener:

Her first-day-of-school agenda:

“On my first day, I will make a tower with blocks!”

Favorite subject:

“Painting because I use all the colors. I just like everything at school!“

Ideal homeschool lunch:

“Pasta with string beans and I love to eat sandwiches too.”

Fun fact:

“If I could be any animal, I would be a lion. I like that they roar, have fur around their faces, and they are brown like me.”

I feel comfy in this dress. I can wear it all day. It is pink, yellow, white, and blue. It has stripes and no pockets. My glasses are circles and pink. My sandals are cute and glittery.


Meet Miles

When he isn’t kicking it (literally—he’s a kickball fan) on the blacktop, he’s probably brushing up on his dinosaur facts. As an almost-preschooler, he’s already dreaming about the prospect of homework assignments (fun ones, according to him!). Here’s what else the four year old is musing about:

Home is:

Provo, Utah (he just moved!)

Life goals:

“I want to be an archeologist. I hope there is an archeologist classroom in school this year.”

His first-day-of-school outfit makes him feel:

“Peaceful inside.”

Best knock-knock joke on the playground:

“What do you call a pile of cats? A meow-ntain!”

I like that my outfit is cozy and cool. My shoes are cool and waterproof!


Meet Naya

Fourth grade isn’t ready for Bay Area-based Naya, who says there isn’t a school subject she doesn’t love, and has more after-school hobbies than we have sneakers (which is a lot, people). Here’s what else makes the multi-talented nine year old special:

Coolest talent:

“Capoeira, it is a Brazilian Martial Art. I can play instruments, sing songs in Portuguese and do acrobatic tricks.”

How she’s going back to school:

“Online. I will be doing things on the computer and seeing friends on google meets.”

In her first-day-of-school outfit she feels:

“I feel confident, older, more mature and grown up.”

If she had 3 wishes:
  1. Two labradoodles.
  2. The Coronavirus to be over.
  3. The Sun to never die.

I picked my outfit because the tie dye matches with the pants and I love blue. I am not into things that look too girly. I love the shoes too, they are sooooo comfortable!


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