2020 Bucket List

24 Ways To Be Cozy, Comfy & Content

Cozy’s not just a winter mood—it’s an all-year-long mindset. It’s about feeling good, comfortable, HAPPY, and at ease; JOMO over FOMO; and allowing yourself to be just a little indulgent (when needed!), sans guilt. In the spirit of the new year, we pulled together a handy 2020 bucket list of must-dos (in no particular order) to keep those feel-good, cozy vibes flowing.

1) Spend all day in bed. Order delivery. Get back in bed to eat it.

2) Finally use that face mask that’s been in your bathroom drawer for 1.3 years.

3) Plan an adult pajama party. Alternate horror and comedy flicks. Squirt Sriracha on your popcorn. Drink bubbly.

4) Buy one cashmere thing. Any cashmere thing. Start below.

5) Master a ridiculously good cookie recipe. This is the chocolate-chip recipe that blogger Emily Vartanian, whom we recently featured, swears by.

6) Go stargazing.

7) Spend a day helping out an an animal shelter.

8) Binge watch these new-to-Netflix shows (if the sneak peeks and cast are any indication, they’re gonna be great): AJ and the Queen, Ratched, Spinning Out, Next in Fashion, Locke & Key.

9) Take a mud bath. They’re good for the skin—and the soul.

10) Buy some bubble bath and soak till you’re wrinkled af.

11) Staycation and buy a day pass to a local hotel pool. Bring water toys for the kids. Let them go nuts.

12) Camp in your backyard with the whole fam. Next-level your s’mores with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Read by flashlight.

13) Create a new 100% feel-good playlist.

14) Download these apps focused on wellness, mindfulness, and good vibes: Aura, Calm, Headspace, Luminosity, Reflectly.

15) Plan a spa day with a friend. No spa in town? Manis/pedis with a pal still feels like a treat.

16) Wear socks with sandals. Controversial? Perhaps. Cozy? The most.

17) Do hot yoga, then get an ice cream. Life’s about balance folks.

18) Stretch.

19) Buy yourself a new book. Finish it. These five topped ‘best books of 2019’ lists: "Girl, Woman, Other"; "On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous"; "Fleishman Is in Trouble"; "Mostly Dead Things"; "In the Dream House."

20) Go somewhere that has a fireplace. Stake out a spot and order a boozy hot chocolate.

21) Wear a sweater as a scarf. It’s a look, plus extra layers should you need them later.

22) Take a damn vacation. DON’T WORK during it.

23) Follow these inspiring accounts on Instagram because they’re serving up inspiration, laughs, and commiseration 24/7: @alex_elle, @cleowade, @theholisticpsychologist, @scarymommy, @yung_pueblo, @iamwellandgood.

24) Random act of kindness. Nothing warms you up from the inside like paying it forward.

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