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National Parks of the South

These southern national parks are home to cascading waterfalls, heavily wooded hills and mist covered mountain tops.

As with most national parks there are opportunities for hiking, fishing, camping and picnicking. However, these specific locations also include opportunities for horseback riding, historic tours, canoeing and kayaking, as well as cave tours.

Come explore this sultry wonderland with some of the most beautiful terrain in the nation and let us help you prepare for the trip!


Beat the heat and humidity

Tight, heavy fabrics make it harder for your body to acclimate. Light-weight, breathable fabrics, such as nylon and polyester, that drape slightly off your body work well. These offerings also come with a bonus of a bug repellent built in to keep away those bothersome pests that live in these humid climates.


Don’t get “bogged” down with wet feet.

It’s hot and humid, but waterproof footwear may not be your best option as there’s no breathability in the sole, so you still may end up with damp feet. Instead, look for a sturdy sandal that can handle those peaks and valleys as well as giving some much needed air conditioning.


Summer Thundershowers!

These areas average between 46-70 inches of rainfall annually, with the majority falling in the summer months. Many of these storms blow in quickly, so be prepared with a packable rain jacket, just in case.


Brook Trout to Largemouth Bass

If you’re planning to fish while enjoying these parks, you’ll need some gear to keep you reeling them in all day. These accessories will help you keep angling without aches.


Mammoth Springs – Cave Tours

As the world’s longest known cave system, you’ll want to take a tour to see this “mammoth” organism. Inside the caves, it will be damp and vastly cooler than outside. Take some non-slip shoes as well as a sweatshirt to make sure you can focus on the cave and not your goosebumps.


Great Smoky Mountains – Horseback Riding

The diversity of plant and animal life makes this southern portion of the Appalachian Mountains America’s most visited national park. Much of the park isn’t accessible in a car, but can be reached on horseback. In order to stay comfortable, we suggest clothing that will stretch and move with you and “Bullseye”.


Congaree – Canoeing and Kayaking

The Congaree River Blue Trail is a 50 mile designated recreational paddling trail from Columbia, SC to Congaree National Park. This paddling excursion is too good to pass up and this recommended gear will ensure you can relax and enjoy the scenery while you row.



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