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National Parks of the Northeast

Each national park in this area has it’s own history and texture. They have similar, moderate climates with the possibility of rain any time of year. The summer months have an increase in heat, with high levels of humidity. Here are some tips on how to beat the heat while enjoying this natural wonderland.


Unpredictable Weather

While the temperatures are generally mild in these areas, rain is frequent, and fog is common in the summer months. Keep a jacket nearby to protect against the rain and as an additional layer.


Cool off with these hiking sandals

When the humidity is high, wearing waterproof boots can sometimes be a drag. Try these hiking sandals, they still have great tread to keep you steady, but may keep your feet cooler than the full coverage alternative.


Don’t let mosquitoes “bug” you.

These insect repellant clothes will keep the bugs at bay so you can spend your energy enjoying the water, rather than swatting away annoying pests


Acadia – Swimming

Many national parks have water features, but few have swimming specific areas. Acadia National Park has two monitored beaches so pack a few items to have a relaxing beach day in the Park.


Cuyahoga – Golfing

While there are a few national parks that have courses within the park boundaries, Cuyahoga has four! They are privately owned and operated and have their own cost not covered by the entrance fees. Here are some comfortable clothing picks that will help keep you swinging, hole after hole.



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