Zappos Packs | Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

A city rich in history, tradition, and culture, you’ll find yourself on foot roaming (pun intended) from monument to monument with plenty of photo ops along the way. Make sure you’re prepared for the intense summer heat; pack lightweight breathable clothing, but most importantly make sure you travel in style.


Dress(ing) appropriately to explore cultural monuments

Dress for the heat – a flowy summer dress that isn’t too revealing is your best bet. If you’re planning to visit a few of Rome’s beautiful churches, make sure to cover your shoulders, knees, and wear shoes. A scarf or a light cardigan should do the trick!


Rome the night in style like a local

Italians are known for their attention to detail, so make sure you’re looking chic heading out for dinner. You can’t go wrong with black - whether you’re opting for a black dress or an all-black ensemble, pair it with a stylish jacket and comfortable heels to add your own flavor.


Don’t sacrifice style for comfort

Wearing flip flops is a big Italian no-no. You’ll want to be comfortable since you’ll be doing plenty of walking, most of the time on Rome’s famous cobblestone streets. Pack a few sturdy yet stylish sandals and flats, as well as a couple cute stacked heel sandals or wedges as options for a fancy night out.


Must pack “IT” accessories

In Italy, no outfit is complete without a pair of dark over-sized sunglasses and a chic designer handbag. Bonus points for carrying an Italian-made designer bag!



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