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National Parks of the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is known for it’s awe-inspiring trails, stunning lakes and beautiful shorelines. You can hike in the rain forest, kayak in glacial mountain lakes, or whale watch from the shore. The average temperatures range from 40°-70° during the day, and can drop below freezing at night. You’ll also see snow from 5,000-8,000 feet well in to July. With some of the highest rainfall annually, you’ll definitely want to keep yourself covered and protected from the elements.


Rain is always just around the bend.

It rains more days than it doesn’t in these areas. Packable, waterproof shell and pants help keep you dry and block the wind too.



Say “no” to soggy feet.

These waterproof, breathable hikers help keep your feet happy and ready for that next hike.



The temperature can fluctuate.

Make sure you’re ready for those Fahrenheit drops with these insulated jackets. All these styles use a poly fill, which helps to keep you warm even if they get wet, unlike the down alternative.



Don’t forget your head and hands.

While the weather is milder in the summer, there is always a chance of a storm blowing in from the coast and the temperatures dropping. Keep a pair of light-weight gloves and a hat close at hand, just in case.



The right pair can make the difference.

Wool is a great temperature regulator, and is the perfect fit to help protect against blisters.



Crater Lake – Cycling

A number of visitors choose to bike the 33 mile loop around the lake. A beautiful ride, with over 30 scenic pull-outs, we recommend these products to help keep you happily peddling mile after mile.



North Cascades – Fishing

This area is home to a number of species, from fresh water cod to steelhead trout. These picks will help make sure you’re comfortable, even if you aren’t successful. (FYI: Do your homework with regard to licenses and park passes as they may not be available in the parks.)



Olympic – Kayaking

Whether on the lakes, rivers, or coast there are kayaking options for all levels of experience. You may have to push off, and your feet may get damp, so a good pair of non-slip sandals is desirable. You’ll want to wear layers and carry a waterproof pack to keep all your gear dry.




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