The LGBT-Z circle is dedicated to providing education and resources, and a little fun, to Zappos with a focus on the LGBT-Z community. As a company, we strive to bring our whole selves to work; this includes facets about ourselves that live within this community. Our goal is to provide a safe space to bring about a perspective not everyone gets to hear, experience, or understand all while keeping in mind our core values.


Meet Our Leads

LGBT-Z is an evolving circle with Lead Links, Cody Britton from our Las Vegas team and Jesse Fox from our Kentucky team. We are ever evolving, rebuilding to have a diverse group of individuals representing as many areas of the community as possible. Together, we believe we can provide a better understanding of challenges within our community and ways to overcome them.


Our Mission

To foster growth, personally and professionally, while establishing a strong community through social interactions, workshops, functions and education in the enlightenment of LGBT-Z matters.




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