Tentree’s Very Literal Go Green Initiative



Authentically rooted, tentree’s commitment to sustainability is interwoven in everything they do — from using eco fabrics to planting trees.



Outdoor lifestyle brand tentree takes on deforestation with an ambitious tree-planting program and minimizes its footprint with eco-friendly manufacturing initiatives. 
This fast-growing Canadian company has built a following with an ethos of “accessible environmentalism,” wanderlust inspiring social feeds, and a versatile offering of clothing. Their casual “trails to cocktails” bags and apparel are just as at home on the subway as they are on mountain adventures. And shoppers can feel great about planting trees with every purchase.
Tentree was founded as a vehicle for planting trees and lets customers track their impact using a tree registry program. They’ve already planted over 30 million worldwide, and are shooting for one billion by 2030.


Planting Trees and Protecting the Future

If the name didn’t tip you off already, tentree takes the one-for-one model used by many in the apparel business and multiplies it by ten. For every item sold, they’ve committed to planting ten seedlings in areas where reforestation will enhance social, environmental and economic good.
By restoring heavily logged areas, some of the world’s most impoverished communities are seeing improved employment opportunities, soil and air quality, wildlife habitat, and food and energy availability. Tentree partners with organizations planting trees in hard-hit countries, like Cambodia, Indonesia, Haiti, Madagascar and Nepal, as well as closer to home regions in North America.



Quantifying Progress as a Certified B-Corp

As a Certified B-Corporation, tentree joins a list of progressive companies who are reevaluating traditional business practices and committing to positive change. B-Corp members voluntarily operate by higher standards of environmental stewardship, governance and employee equity.
A network of “people using business as a force for good,” B-Corps like tentree continue to refine as technologies in their respective industries evolve. Since its initial certification in 2016, tentree has improved their overall impact score by more than 30%.



Tentree for Women


Manufacturing with Eco-Friendly Materials

For tentree, environmental responsibility doesn’t end with planting trees. They’re working to become greener in every aspect of production. From incorporating organic, renewable and biodegradable fibers, to pioneering products made from recycled materials, tentree is striving “to become the most environmentally progressive brand on the planet.”
Every item they sell is made from sustainable materials. Some, like coconut, hemp, linen and cotton are familiar, while others tap into technology to turn algae, eucalyptus and plastic bottles into performance fabrics and foams.   


Tentree Bags



Tentree for Men


The Mobius: Sustainability in Action

When tentree began designing the Mobius, they wanted “to create the most sustainable bag the world had ever seen,” says CEO Derrick Emsley.  To achieve this, they rethought every aspect of production — incorporating recycled polyester and hardware and an innovative new padding formed from algae instead of fossil fuels.


The sustainable side of things doesn’t just come from fabrics,” says Emsley, “it also comes from the function and the durability of that product.

“The sustainable side of things doesn’t just come from fabrics,” says Emsley, “it also comes from the function and the durability of that product.” 
Available in a tote or an expandable roll top backpack, Mobius bags look beautiful while offering a range of functionality. Their iconic forest and ocean graphics bring the outdoors to wherever you are, and the go-anywhere design works for a weekend adventure or your day to day grind.



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