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More than a brand, Life is Good is on a mission to create a community of optimists.

Brothers Bert and John Jacobs took a gamble on the power of positive thinking when they started selling their first Life is Good t-shirts.

Conceived as an antidote to negative and sensational news, their shirts with uplifting messages serve as a reminder to look for silver linings.

“We wondered if we could create something that helped people focus on what’s right in their life and in the world, and maybe create a kind of a rallying cry for optimists,” recounts co-founder John Jacobs.

From that first shirt with their grinning cartoon guy, “Jake,” to a beloved brand that donates 10% of their net profits to charity, Life is Good proves that people gravitate toward positivity and kindness.

Jake: From a Doodle to the Face of a Movement

Meet Jake, a pet lover, bike rider, weekend warrior, outdoor explorer, and all-around optimistic guy. Fans of Life is Good may know that he’s the face of the brand, but super-fans are on a first-name basis.

The simple illustration was first dreamed up as “the guy who has life figured out,” and as the brand continued to grow, he got into all sorts of fun activities. Today, he has plenty of pals and is still out there adventuring and trying new things.

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The Kids Foundation

Giving back is an integral part of the Life is Good philosophy, and the brand makes a big impact through their Kids Foundation. They dedicate 10% of their net profits to the charity, which supports educators, healthcare workers and community organizations. Together with their partners, the nonprofit arm of Life is Good serves more than 1 million underprivileged and vulnerable children a year.

“The Kids Foundation brings us back to our values constantly,” says Jacobs. “We’re able to see firsthand the impact of the work we’re doing because 10% of our annual net profits go to our Kids Foundation.”

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Sharing #SomethingGood

Life is Good shares their co-founders’ family tradition with the world through the hashtag #SomethingGood. Based on their mother’s dinner table ritual, the Jacobs brothers ask members of the Life is Good community to share “something good” that happened in their day.

For every #SomethingGood post, Life is Good donates $1 to the Kids Foundation.

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