Black Empowerment and Awareness


Black Awareness and Empowerment

The Black Awareness and Empowerment circle is dedicated to the enhancement and progression of the Black community, both within our company and with outside organizations as well. We strive to increase cultural awareness, educate and build on personal and professional development, and maintain support in the fight against injustice. We commit to these efforts through representation, leadership, and collaboration.


Meet Our Lead

Nerrick Jackson, Operations Manager in Kentucky, leads the BAAE circle and demonstrates a strong commitment toward enhancing the leadership skills of each member. The diverse backgrounds within BAAE allow everyone the opportunity to share their unique experiences, with unity and passion for the Black culture at the core. We believe the awareness being raised and education being provided will improve the Zappos experience for everyone.


Our Initiatives

• Providing a safe space for employees to come together and have conversations that will lead to meaningful change.


• Prioritizing the evaluation of our hiring, recruiting and progression practices, diversity initiatives, and advocacy that support marginalized communities in a sustained, long-term way.


• Offering continued resources and education for both employees and leaders within the company.


• Increasing Black-owned brands carried on our website and facilitating their marketing support.




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