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Adaptive Inclusion. Function. Fashion. Community.

Functional and Fashionable Products
to Make Life Easier



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Nike FlyEase

Nike FlyEase

Inspiration and innovation for every athlete.

Performance and function
Easy on/off
Men’s, Women’s and Kids

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4Ward Clothing


Super soft, reversible clothing that makes getting dressed easy.

Fully reversible
Tear-away tags

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NBZ Clothing

NBZ Clothing

Jeans, casual and dress pants made with elastic waistbands.

Zipperless design
Soft, stretchy fabric

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Care + Wear

Care + Wear

Helping people live comfortably, safely and stylishly.

Ultra-soft, antimicrobial
PICC line covers
Chest access shirts

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Independence Day Clothing

Independence Day

Basics and classic fashion that allow for independent dressing.

Tagless styles
Front/back reversible
No buttons or zippers

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BILLY Footwear

BILLY Footwear

Universal design with fashion in mind.™

FlipTop™ technology
Easy in and out
Fashion forward

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BILLY Footwear

In 1996, Billy Price became paralyzed from the chest down and left with limited mobility in his arms and hands. Having difficulties putting on his shoes, he came up with a brand new zipper design that works for and appeals to everyone.

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Where Function Meets Fashion

Zappos met with founder and chief designer Ryan Ringholz of PLAE to find out how their shoe designs for kids could bring function and fashion together.

Our Top Picks From PLAE

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Our Story

A few years ago, a Zappos employee took a call from a customer whose grandson received the wrong shoes. Sadly, the employee was unable to find a replacement for what she needed. Our customer was frustrated — and rightfully so. She shared that her grandson, Gabriel, has autism and is unable to use shoes with laces due to the challenges of tying them. As Gabriel ages, it becomes increasingly difficult to find footwear for his needs.

That call made a lasting impression on our employee, and he vowed to do something about it. Following several months of immersive research, education, and talking with families and people with disabilities, he helped create a team dedicated to sourcing products that are functional, fashionable, and meet all types of needs. Although we’re just getting started, Zappos Adaptive aims to connect people with products that make life easier.



------ A Special Thank You

"I am honored and so proud that we still have companies who care about changing lives, and that put their customers and employees first above the bottom line."

  • Tonya Richardson, grandmother of Gabriel, and the inspiration behind Zappos Adaptive


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