Product Review: 4 Things To Know About The Nike FlyEase


The FlyEase began with one young man’s determination to have independence.

Born with cerebral palsy, Matthew Walzer worked hard his whole life to master every aspect of living on his own. One thing he couldn't do was tie his own shoes.

As a junior in high school, he was frustrated and embarrassed at the prospect of needing someone’s help when he went to college. He wrote to Mark Parker, CEO of Nike, explaining his problem.

Nike listened. And created the FlyEase.

Every day, people take for granted the ability to slip their feet into shoes. FlyEase is Nike’s design solution to help millions of people who struggle with this often overlooked task.

For children and adults who live with cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, chronic fatigue or wear braces, the act of steadying the shoe, maneuvering the foot in and then the motor skills required to tie them can be difficult or even painful.

FlyEase lets you slip into the shoes directly and zip them up with ease.

Zappos is proud to carry FlyEase as a part of its Adaptive shopping experience, providing functional and fashionable products that make life easier.

Here are four things to know about the FlyEase:

1. Function

This shoe works to simplify the wearing of a traditional sneaker. With a revolutionary zipper around the heel, the foot is able to slide in without angling. The shoe can then be easily zipped back up for a fastened, secure fit. The ease of zipping, sliding and fastening means that the sneaker is easier than ever to put on without impacting the athletic qualities of the shoe.


2. Design

Nike’s mission statement proclaims, “If you have a body, you’re an athlete.” The FlyEase is an athletic shoe through and through and has the same classic trademark style for which Nike is famous. In fact, to the untrained eye, it’s hard to tell that the shoes are different than their non-FlyEase counterparts. FlyEase also comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Whatever your sport or fashion sense, this design has you covered.


3. Comfort

There’s a reason that Nikes are popular with everyone: They take comfort and innovation to an entirely new level. The FlyEase is no exception. When Matthew wrote to Nike, he called out the fact that their basketball shoes were the only comfortable shoes he could wear and still get the ankle support he needed. Nike took this seriously and strove to make sure that there was no loss of comfort or stability in the FlyEase. They were able to create a shoe that did not lose any of its comfort with the added zipper. With the right amount of stability and cushion, the FlyEase is perfect for whatever your day will bring. From walking to running, they provide comfort, function and style.


4. Material

Comprised of lightweight and breathable fabric, you can wear the FlyEase anywhere you go and still feel comfortably cool. Each shoe weighs a mere eight ounces, making it light enough to wear for many activities. The cushion foam insole and responsive foam midsole give it the right amount of softness, while the tread’s grooves make it stable and dependable. This all adds up to a well-made shoe that can stand the life of an athlete.

In Nike’s quest to include all athletes, they've stumbled across the shoe of the future. The breathable fabric, sleek design and perfect fit make it the ideal sneaker no matter your abilities. It gives anyone with daily challenges the chance to gain independence without sacrificing style and, most importantly, their dignity.


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Written by Kayly Lange