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Find clothing and shoes that may fit your body type. We worked with Disability Fashion Styling Expert Stephanie Thomas to put together a curation of fashionable items with you in mind.

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Styling Dru

"As a Disability Fashion Styling Expert, I’ve learned to focus on how a garment fits more than what department it comes from, and that was my focus when dressing body-positive model and Little Women of LA cast member Dru Presta. Dru recently graduated from college with a degree in Fashion Marketing, so style and fashion are important to her professionally and personally.

For me, having followed clothing and retail trends for people with disabilities for over two decades, I was super excited to work with Dru. During my styling consultation and fitting with Dru, I learned more about her specific dressing needs. Then I used my Disability Fashion Styling System: Accessible, Smart, Fashionable®, to pull pieces from both the women’s and children’s department that were Accessible, Smart, and Fashionable for Dru."
Accessible - Easy for her to put on and take off
Smart - Medically safe, not causing any harm to her body
Fashionable - Great looking pieces that work well Dru’s body type and her lifestyle and she loves them

- Advice from Disability Fashion Styling Expert, Stephanie Thomas.


Look #1 by Stephanie

In addition to modeling, Dru is a body positive influencer who loves fashion. This first look incorporates gold leggings, an on trend fluffy coat and these black wedge sneakers really make this look stand out. When Stephanie pulled the wedge sneakers out of the box, Dru instantly loved them but didn’t think they would fit. The wedge sneakers were wide enough and fit Dru perfectly!


Look #2 by Stephanie

Dru lives with Metaphyseal Dysplasia-Schmid Type, which makes finding bottoms that fit both her waist and hips challenging. Stephanie, on styling Dru, said: "I pulled a pair of overalls, since I’d never seen Dru in overalls before. What I learned on set was that she never wore overalls because she had difficulty with the fit. So, I selected overalls with extra stretch to fit Dru's body type and they worked great!.

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