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Frequently Asked Questions

(Last updated July 10, 2020)

Why is Zappos looking to do this?

Over the years Zappos has had many requests from customers about selling single shoes, or shoes of different sizes - this program stems from these requests. For all of those customers who have called us, emailed us, replied to us on social media, or completed our research survey - THANK YOU! Our goal is to create a solution for this.

Are you working with people from the disability community in creating this offering?

Our customers' input, feedback and stories are very important to us at Zappos and we are listening. We had tremendous response to our survey in 2019 and received a lot of emails from customers interested in the test throughout the year. We are using what we have learned to help shape the shopping experience for our Single & Different Size Shoes Test.

Are you still accepting responses to the initial research survey?
This particular research survey is now closed.

Can I buy just one (1) shoe?


Can I buy 2 shoes in different sizes to create a pair?

Absolutely! Whether you are buying just one (1) shoe, or two (2) shoes of different sizes or widths to create a pair, we refer to this as buying ‘single’ shoes.

Can I buy mis-matched shoes?

Yes you can buy mis-matched shoes. From what we've been hearing, this is a new (or returning) trend and we want to support our customers. If you want to mix and match left and right shoes to create a mis-matched "pair" that will now be an option with this test. Just be aware that choosing different styles for your left and right foot may mean that each shoe is a different price and may fit differently.

Can I return 2 different size shoes that I previously bought from Zappos? (I.e., I bought 2 pairs to get the proper sizes and now I'm left with the leftover shoes still in my closet.)

Unfortunately, no. Only single shoes that we will be offering through the program will be eligible for return.

However, if you have some unused shoes currently sitting in your closet, we would like to suggest donating them to Soles4Souls, a registered non-profit organization that helps people in need all around the world. Soles4Souls accepts all types of unused or gently worn shoes and they will gladly accept single and different size shoes.

Through our partnership with Soles4Souls, Zappos will cover the cost associated with shipping your donation. All you have to do is pack up your unused and/or gently-worn shoes in a box (up to 50 lbs.), print out a pre-paid shipping label, and drop your donation off at any UPS store in the U.S.

You can print your pre-paid shipping label by creating or logging in to your account and learn more about Soles4Soles by visiting our Soles4Souls/Zappos for Good program page at Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Loyalty Team and they can walk you through the process of printing out a shipping label.

Everyone wins - you free up some space in your closet, Zappos pays for the cost of the shipping, and people in need around the world receive your unused/gently-worn shoes!

I see you're calling this a TEST, what does that mean?

Traditionally, this would be referred to as a "pilot" or "beta" test. We've called it a "Test" to keep things simple. A pilot or beta test is usually a small-scale test conducted in order to evaluate feasibility, time, cost, etc., and improve upon the program prior to a full-scale release. For the purposes of this test, it means that we will be starting with a small number of brands and styles (with a full range of size and width options) before including a larger selection of brands and styles.

Do I need to be accepted into the test to purchase 'single' shoes?
No! When we launch, all existing and new customers are welcome to purchase single shoes via the Test.

How long will the test run for?
Once the test is live, we will monitor customer feedback, product sales, inventory levels and other factors on a regular basis and make changes to improve the experience. Where possible, we will do this on-the-fly. Where that's not possible, we may pause the test, change direction, and resume the test when we're ready again. No matter what, customer service is our number one goal and we will do our very best to keep you informed as we make changes to the program that will enhance the customer experience.

What happens at the end of the test period?
We plan to continue evolving the experience and as we receive feedback and monitor a variety of inputs we will reach a decision point and either, expand the program by adding more brands and styles, or end the program. With your feedback, we are hoping to make this program a success!

Will this test include ALL of the shoes on

No; this test will start with a few of our brands and styles of shoes currently offered on These are the top brands that were requested by those who participated in the research survey.

What brands will be included in the test?

The brands that will be included in the test will be BILLY Footwear, Converse, Kizik New Balance, Nike, Plae and Stride Rite. These are the top brands that were requested by those who participated in the research survey.

Are the brands supportive of Zappos selling their shoes as singles?
Absolutely. We have spoken with our brands and they are equally as excited and interested in this test.

How were those brands chosen?
The decision to include these brands was based exclusively on feedback from the research survey.

When will you add other brands and sell them as singles?
We are not planning to add other brands or styles during the test period, but we will be closely monitoring the feedback we receive and product sales, and make additions as needed.

What styles will be included in the test?

Check out styles from some of your favorite brands that are are included in the test.
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What sizes of shoes will be included in the test?

We have chosen brands and styles that offer a variety of options for Men, Women and Kids. Where possible, the range of sizes includes everything from Toddler, through to Mens size 18 and Womens size 13. Select styles will have widths ranging from narrow to extra extra wide.

Will the shoes included in the test work with my custom orthotics/braces?

We cannot guarantee that a particular style will accommodate an orthotic/brace because each orthotic/brace is different. We are doing our very best to include brands and styles that our customers have told us work with their orthotics/braces.

What is the price range of the shoes being offered in the test?

We will have a variety of brands and styles that cover a wide range of price points.

Will it cost me more to buy one (1) shoe instead of a pair?

No! We are incredibly excited to announce that we will NOT be charging any premiums to buy just one (1) shoe. We will be charging exactly half of the price of the pair for a single shoe!

Will my insurance cover the cost of these shoes?

Zappos is not a medical provider and cannot guarantee that the cost of a shoe or other product will be covered by your particular insurance plan. You will need to contact your insurance company and/or doctor to talk about what your plan will or will not cover.

Will the same Zappos Shipping & Return Policy apply to this test?

Yes! Zappos Shipping & Return policy absolutely applies to this test. In short - If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase from Zappos, you can return your item(s) for a full refund within 365 days of purchase (Returns must be unworn, in the state you received them, and in the original resealable packaging). To view the full details of the policy, read it HERE.

Where can I learn more about this program?

There are multiple options for keeping up-to-date with this program:

  1. Keep checking this website and FAQ

  2. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram - just search for "ZapposAdaptive"

  3. Email us at with questions or feedback.

I don't live in the USA - will this program be available internationally?

Unfortunately, no. Zappos does not sell internationally at this time.

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