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Purdy Picks

Learn how Amy Purdy, a Para-Snowboard medalist and long time Zappos shopper, styles herself with fashionable finds.

Working with Zappos Adaptive allows me to share my insights as a shopper which can help others find stylish clothing and shoes that meet their needs. Together we can help people wear clothing that is an extension of themselves.
-Amy Purdy

Top 10 Favorite Winter Products

1. High Waist Jeans

I'm into high rise jeans. It's easy to tuck into a shirt or wear them with a crop top. They also are stretchy which makes it easier to get over my prosthetic.

2. Zippered Thigh Boots

I always get asked how I get boots on my prosthetic leg... Zippers! These Bed Stu boots are cute, easy to get on and super hip!

3. Flexible Slip-Ons

I love how flexible these shoes are. The leather has some stretch to fit my prosthetic. They can work with a lot of different looks.

4. Dress Up Jacket

I live in Colorado, it’s freezing cold, and I don’t know how to dress up my outfits! This is my go-to jacket of the holiday season. Think about New Years! It feels like a blazer on the sleeves but it’s a nice puffer jacket as well!

5. Comfy Slip-Ons

These Report shoes are great. Having zippers on both sides of the shoe makes it easier to get on and off my prosthetic. I also love the synthetic snake embossed pattern.

6. Buckled Booties

These boots can dress up any outfit. The silver buckle plays up my silver ankles. There is also a zipper to get in and out of really easy!

7. Fantastic Faux Fur Jacket

This is fun and trendy with it’s faux fur and faux animal print. You can dress it up or dress it down and I’ll be wearing it all winter!

8. Any Day Edgy Leggings

These leggings are great! The pattern hides the lines you get when wearing prosthetics and the faux leather adds an edge to wearing leggings.

9. Full Length Zipper Boots

I always looks for boots with full length zippers, and these Lucky boots have them. This helps makes it easier to get your prosthetic in the shoe.


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