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Meet the Model: Margo on Expressing Herself

The Ultimate Go-Getter.

Margo knows what she likes, and she’s not afraid to say it. After responding to our social media casting call, we invited her to participate in one of our Zappos Adaptive photo shoots. For the shoot, disability fashion styling expert Stephanie Thomas of Cur8able worked with models like Margo to find functional and fashionable looks that fit their personal styles. For Margo, that meant finding pieces that matched her vibrant personality.



Tell me about something that’s been a struggle for you when it comes to clothing.
A struggle for me when it comes to clothing…other than dressing myself? I’d say things that leave a lot of red marks, like uncomfortable pants. I also wear a binder, so anything that shows midriff or open back can be a struggle. Other than that, I seem to wear what I’ve always worn, I just have to figure it out differently.

What about shoes?
Shoes! I don’t care how complicated the shoes are, I’m going to put the shoe on. If they’re going to give me a purple sore – and they have – I will still put them on. I’ve learned the hard way, but I love my shoes!

If there’s one thing that you could create clothing-wise that fits your needs, what would that be?
Probably a t-shirt or jackets, even a crop jacket. Crop jackets look better on a small torso, but if they didn’t move when I fidget, that would be great. If it would just stay on me and the straps didn’t fall, and the collar didn’t open, that’d be great, but I don’t know if that’s possible. I guess I’d have to paint the clothing on!



If you could make up any wardrobe you’d like, what would that look like?
I’m making it up? Then, I’d like things that are more fitted. I’m very small and it’s hard to find adult clothing. But I’m also too big for child clothing, even though I’ve been told I look tall in the wheelchair. I have a little torso and small legs and my chair is too big. So, I think that’s probably my main thing I’d want...fitted adult clothing.


What is something that you wish people understood about you using a wheelchair?
Well, in my situation – and I actually saw this on a news episode – the one thing I would want people to remember is that disability is the one group that we can all become a part of at any time, and it doesn’t take away from who we are. I shouldn’t all of a sudden go from being one person to being a different person. I shouldn’t be grouped differently than I used to be grouped when I’m the exact same person - I just use a wheelchair. I would want people to remember that, for example, you could trip over a sidewalk right in front of me and could end up in my situation and you’d probably want to be treated the same as you were before. I think that’s my biggest thing.


What’s one thing you’d want to tell the world about yourself?
One thing I’d want to tell the world about myself…I feel like I have a lot, a lot more to give, and a lot more to take in. I’m just waiting for it and waiting for it. I’m just open for it, and I feel like there’s that much more.

The Zappos Adaptive team worked with Stephanie Thomas who put together a variety of outfits that would work for Margo and others who require smaller sizes.


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