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Created with meaning and purpose, BILLY Footwear is revolutionizing how kids put on and take off their shoes. Featuring a FlipTop™ design, each style can be zipped open and closed with minimal effort.
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Innovative FlipTop™ Design!



Universal Design with Fashion in Mind.™

BILLY Footwear is a line of shoes with universal design for people of all abilities who enjoy wearing fashionable, no-hassle footwear. With a zipper that goes along the side of the shoe and around the toe, the foot goes in unobstructed. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s for everyone.






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Billy's Story

For Billy Price, it all started when he fell out of a three-story building. He broke his neck and became paralyzed from the chest down, leaving him with limited arm and hand mobility. Daily tasks became much more difficult, especially putting on shoes independently. Thus, he began his 18-year mission to design stylish, functional shoes without limitations.


“I wanted to be like everyone else and have stylish shoes … I used to have people help me put my shoes on because I couldn’t put them on myself. There had to be a better way. We solved the problem by having a zipper that goes around the outside of the shoe and the toe so the upper folds over. When you put your foot in flat, you can zip it up and voila — the shoe is on.”
- Billy Price, co-founder of BILLY Footwear


Behind the Design


Chevron Outsole

The chevron patterned outsole represents forward movement. It’s a reminder to evoke the past and the challenges once encountered. But it’s not a matter of staying in that position; it’s a matter of picking up the pieces and moving forward.

FlipTop™ Upper

Undeniably the shoe’s most distinct feature, the full-zip detail is intended to fold open like a book and symbolize a new chapter in life. And when you step in, you are stepping into the story of your life. Each day is a new chapter of adventure!


What Customers are Saying



This will give my son some independence and something to be proud of. Not only are they functional, but they are super cute.


We really love the shoes! My daughter's OT saw them and was very impressed. They are very cute too, which is important to us.



We put on our son's orthotics and were pretty skeptical. However, the zipper on the boot went around the toe box and it was no trouble at all.