Wellness January 4th, 2017

Save Face With These Winter Skincare Solutions

The winter months bring cold weather, causing super dry skin. Harsh winds and dropping temperatures tend to leave the skin irritated, tight and chapped. For some people, it can even be painful and uncomfortable. In this case, hydration is going to be key. So whether you’re female or male, you’ll want to use products that are going to be the least drying as possible. Here are some great skincare tips to help combat winter’s most grueling months.


A crazy as it may seem, you want to stay away from cleansers that are super foamy and sudsy. Usually, cleansers that foam will contain harsher ingredients that are meant to strip your skin of its natural oils. It may feel nice to have squeaky clean skin, but you’ll want your skin to hold onto as much of its natural oil as possible to prevent drying out.

Some cleansers to consider are cleansing oils and creams (think of your grandma’s cream and how she slathered it onto her skin and wiped it off without water). Not only will this remove dirt and makeup by lifting it from your skin, but it’ll add soothing hydration back in.

Pro tip: When you wake up the next morning, try to avoid using a cleanser. Rinsing with water will do the job and prevent unnecessary stripping of your skin.


As wonderful as it is to scrub your face with exfoliants containing ingredients like sea salt and sugar, your skin can be prone to dryness, destruction and aging. Take microbeads for instance. These little pieces of plastic, known as polyethylene, can tear into your skin and, upon draining, don’t properly break down in sewage systems and pollute the environment.

If you must exfoliate, try a liquid exfoliate with ABH and BHA ingredients instead. It sounds scarier than what it really is. These will eat away at any tough layers of dead skin without causing the micro-tears and dryness that physical scrubbing can cause.


You can find a mask for just about any skin issue. For extra hydration, a soothing weekly mask is extremely helpful. When shopping for a mask, look for anything containing ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, Co-Q10, honey, avocado, coconut oil or beeswax. Not only will you treat your skin, but masks are a great way to pamper yourself while cozying up in your PJs on a brisk winter night. I love any masks that contain avocado since it’s a great natural ingredient that’s both hydrating and soothing for the skin.


The age-old rule is never to leave your house without coating your face in some sort of SPF to prevent aging. And it’s not just for the hot summer month, either! Even in winter the sun still beats on your face. Since too much sun exposure can dry out your skin, or cause it to peel, you want to protect yourself all year long with an SPF at least 25 or higher. An excellent way to get the most benefit from an SPF is to apply a vitamin C serum, or oil, to your skin beforehand. It works as a natural antioxidant to protect against skin damage, so adding it to your routine should double your sun protection.


As great as a steamy shower feels on your skin when it’s downright frigid outside, it’s doing terrible things for dryness. It may be hard to avoid but try turning down the temperature when washing your face. There’s no need for it to be ice cold, but as cold as you can stand. Cooler water is great for your pores and will prevent that tight, dry feeling that hot water leaves behind.

Furthermore, just as you want to hydrate your outside, hydrating from within is just as important. Depending on your size and weight, as well as your activity level, it’s recommended you drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh. Quenching your thirst can do wonders to dull, tired-looking skin!


It goes without saying to use a heavy moisturizing cream or gel at night. Try to avoid products that contain mineral oil, since this ingredient just sits on top of your skin and doesn’t allow any moisture to penetrate.

Lately, a big trend is to use facial oils or serums at night since they’re denser and more luxurious. These are a great alternative all year long since oils tend to sink into your skin a tad bit better and give your skin a beautiful glow when you awake. If you don’t want to break the bank, straight coconut oil, almond oil, or grapeseed oil right before bed will do the trick. A great tip is to apply your moisturizer to slightly dampen your skin. This method will help you twofold by conserving the product as well as help penetrate the top layers of your skin.

Whatever type of skin you have, or issues you may be battling, we all have to fight winter dryness the same way. So if you follow these helpful tips, you’ll be sure to get through the winter with glowing, dewy skin!