Wellness January 4th, 2018

Nature's Gym: The Better Venue For Working Out

Gym memberships. They’re quite silly when you think about it.

The four walls, the stale air, the static views, the monthly fees. It begs the question: Why on earth are millions of Americans paying to walk the Stairmaster when there are paths, trails, hills and mountains aplenty to be used for free?

Things just don’t add up.

That’s why Merrell wants you to become a lifetime member of Nature’s Gym.

At Nature’s Gym, you’re liberated from everything you hate about traditional workout facilities. Here, there are no class schedules; there are no waits to use a machine; there are no eyes secretly judging you from afar.

Instead, Nature’s Gym provides all of its members infinite room to spread out, lots of fresh air to breathe in, natural obstacles to overcome and plenty of spaces to recharge.

The days of monotonous workouts are over.

And when you join Nature’s Gym, you can count on Merrell to be with you every step of the way on your fitness journey.

For the pavement, dirt and everywhere in between, get hybrid performance and run anywhere in Merrell’s versatile Bare Access Flex. Its dual directional midsole makes this the ideal shoe for running on rugged landscapes. And with its integrated Hyperlock heel counter, there’s no need to slow your roll during quick descents and sharp turns.

Looking to adventure further off-road? Take on the rough stuff with the Agility Peak Flex — the epitome of a trail runner. Technical terrains, such as slick stones and rough rocks, are no match for this high-performer. Its lightweight design will make you feel like you’re moving between clouds.

But that’s not all: Train beyond your runs with the Vapor Glove 3. A Nature’s Gym workout is better when you’re in touch and in control. Get closer to every park bench box jump and picnic table dip in this minimalist, no-nonsense sneaker. Oh, and not to mention, it's vegan-friendly!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Merrell’s and visit any one of Nature’s Gyms thousands of locations nationwide. Your gains are infinite.