Wellness December 13th, 2016

Featured Runner: Jewels Busenberg

‘Everything hurts, and I’m dying!’ This is pretty much what I say at the end of every race, from a 5k to an IRONMAN. However, it’s that runner's high and the feeling of accomplishment that keeps me coming back for more!

The Basics

How long have you been running?

About 11 years ago my sister-in-law asked me if I wanted to run a marathon, to which I replied, “Ummm no.” Well, later that month I got a flier in the mail for Team in Training. I decided to go out for a training run, and I loved everything about it! I was hooked and looked forward to our group runs every Saturday. I said, “Well if I’m only going to do this once I might as well do it right,” and trained for the Maui Marathon and completed it a few months later. Clearly, that wasn’t the end of my marathon running.

Your go-to running shoes are what?

For long distance, I’m an avid ASICS Gel-Kayano person. I've been wearing them for ten years. For shorter, faster runs, I'm recently obsessed with the new Brooks Hyperion.

What's your favorite distance to run?

I love a half marathon. I feel like it’s something that’s achievable for me to do without a lot of time away from family to train. Also, I don’t feel as exhausted after a half and can travel to different places to run them and still do fun vacation things.

Do you have a preferred time of day to run?

I love to run early in the morning with friends. I’ve seen a lot of amazing Vegas sunrises. And when I’m done it's nice to come home and have the whole day open for whatever I want to do.

The Soul

Where is your ideal place to run?

Hmm ... It depends. I can run anywhere as long as I like the people I’m running with, and they’re the same pace. Ha! A beautiful, shaded trail with lots of greenery is probably my favorite with crisp weather, but not too cold that my legs are numb.

What's the best piece of running advice you've received?

“Do what you can do in the moment and don’t look ahead.” That has gotten me through many, many races and many distances. Control only what you can at that moment in time as it makes long runs a lot less overwhelming.

Do you have a favorite pre and post-race/run meal?

Pre-race meal: boring chicken and rice.
Post-race meal: pizza! I’m from New Jersey, so I know good pizza when I find it.

What is on your running playlist?

A lot of techno. I love running to a good beat where I can zone out and just forget I’m running. Lately, Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding and some Tiesto are in the top mix.

What tips do you have for staying motivated, or when you're just not feeling it?

“Man, I really regret getting my run in!” said no one ever.

Tell yourself you’re only going to run one mile. Then by the time you get to a mile you’re like well, I’m already here so I might as well keep going. Running can get boring so make sure to change the pace, the place or the friends you run with.

The Accomplishments

Do you have a favorite race?

My favorite race was the Maui Marathon. The pasta party the night before the race is right on the ocean, which is just gorgeous, and the start line is so awesome with flamethrowers and a lot of cultural aspects. Once the race starts, you get to run along the ocean the entire way.

What's your most memorable running moment?

IRONMAN Arizona is my most memorable running moment because I knew I was going to finish the full race. It was raining all day, I was cold, I had the worst blisters, but I will never forget the last two miles. Seeing the lights of the finish line in the dark coming up as I just kept chugging along. I had tears running down my face for the last half mile. I was just so happy I got it done!