Fashion & Footwear May 24th, 2017

Five O'Clock Attire You Can Wear (Nearly) Anywhere

Got island-wear envy?

The founders of Tommy Bahama believe nothing changes your attitude like changing your latitude, and no one captures the allure of sophisticated island living better than them.

The brand's luxurious apparel transports the wearer to a place where the weekend never ends, and every sunrise is the dawn of a new adventure.

Whether you live in New York City or San Diego (or parts in between), there are no rules to wearing your inner beach bum on your sleeve. So, follow along as we cross the country and showcase the best of what Tommy Bahama apparel has to offer!

Daniel NYC
New York City, NY

Hungry? Daniel is a very high-end restaurant, located in the heart of New York City. Yes, you need to wear a suit and tie, but no-one said you couldn’t sport a Sea Glass Breezer Shirt underneath. This lightweight, breathable linen incorporates a slubby crosshatch weave for a classic island finish. Throw on a tie and no one but you will know you’re rocking island attire.

And anytime your lady or your client takes you to a high-end, suit-wearing restaurant, finish the look with some cool Felton shoes on your feet! The convenient slip-on design and breathable leather lining will remind you of beaches and Bacardi.

Beer Project
Tampa Bay, FL

Thirsty? Thanks to the St. Petersburg’s Museum of Fine Arts, people from all over the world get to enjoy the art of suds during the annual Beer Project on June 9. And what better place to strut your beachiness than right near a beach?

The Shake No Evil Camp Shirt would make you stand out in the crowd, and everyone will know you mean business … the business of fun! June tends to be hot and humid in Florida and the soft, lightweight woven silk of this shirt is perfect festival attire.

Boot Hill Museum
Dodge City, KS

Hang ‘em high! Dodge City was famous for their outlaws, lawmen, saloons and shootouts. What better shirt to wear to Boot Hill than the Bet On A Shore Thing Tee? The playfulness of the cards on the back still shows Dodge City you mean business with a royal flush.

Pair the tee with some Key Grip Shorts, and you’ll impress even the hardest hearted outlaw buried in Boot Hill. Outlaws like George Hoy, who was shot by Wyatt Earp in 1878, and Edward Hurley, who was killed in a saloon shooting spree in 1873. If they had been lucky, they would have worn Tommy Bahama instead of six-shooters!

Grand Canyon National Park
Sedona, AZ

Echo! Echo! To completely embrace your beach bum status, hook up with a guided tour of the Grand Canyon. For just $175 per person, you’ll depart Phoenix and get a full-day tour through the Grand Canyon, Sedona and the Navajo nation.

Style it up in these Linen the Dream Shorts. They’re lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for the ride to the canyon and all the exploring you’ll do once you get there. Pair those shorts with a Plumeria Patchwork Tortola Silk Camp Shirt, and you’ll be taking “tourist” to a whole new level.

The Strip
Las Vegas, NV

Love risk-taking? Unless you’ve been to Vegas a million times, the Strip should be your premier destination. All the glitz and glamor will pale in comparison to your Flamenco Fiesta Shirt! The silk will keep you cool in the hot Vegas sun, and the straight hemline with side vents will provide a little well-needed aeration.

Peruse the real flamingoes at the Flamingo Hotel, flaunt your flora in the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art or swim with the sharks at Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef in your Baja Kraken Up Boardshorts! (OK, well, unless you’re a certified diver, you can’t swim with them, but you can still rock those boardshorts while perusing the aquarium.) Next, head to the Mandalay Bay Beach where they have 2,700 tons of sand and a 1.6 million gallon wave pool.

Mission Bay Park
San Diego, CA

Whale watching, anyone? Rounding out our beach bum trip across the country, our travels wouldn’t be complete unless we counted sunny California. The weather in San Diego stays at a relative 68-72 degrees year round, which makes it perfect to hop aboard a boat in your Authentic Montana pants.

These pants are made from a stretch cotton twill giving you the flexibility to maneuver around the bow as you try to find the best place for spotting Orcas. You can easily dress them up with a button-down shirt or a classic Polo, like the Emfielder. Made of Supima cotton and polyester, this shirt will let you breathe thanks to its wicking properties.

Embrace the island life and live the dream! Be a beach bum wherever you call home, but do it in Tommy Bahama style!

Embody The Island Spirit