Fashion & Footwear June 26th, 2017

Show 'Em What's Underneath

It’s what’s underneath that counts.

Just ask Jockey.

For 140 years, Jockey is known the world over for its premium, high-quality underwear and intimates apparel for men and women. Their style, versatility and comfort make it a favorite amongst celebrities, athletes and people like you and me.

But the product and brand go far deeper than that.

Earlier this year, Jockey revealed a new, inspiring campaign titled #ShowEm, where the brand honors everyday heroes who embody the spirit and values of Jockey and the characteristics that make each person unique, like perseverance, courage, family and hope.

Each month, Jockey profiles another individual in a personal, intimate video illustrating what’s underneath it all, both literally and figuratively.

To date, #ShowEm has shared the powerful stories of Chris Van Etten, a U.S. Marine veteran who shows perseverance always wins; Lisa Cusimano, a firefighter who defines courage as serving something greater than yourself; Michael Cottone, an adoptive father who exemplifies the gift of family; Michaela DePrince, a war orphan turned ballerina who demonstrates that with hope, anything is possible; and Remi Adeleke, actor and former Navy SEAL who overcame adversity and now dedicates his life to inspiring others.

Chris Van Etten

Lisa Cusimano

Michael Cottone

Michaela DePrince

But these aren’t the only bold, devoted and strong individuals living amongst us. They could be your supervisor, your mechanic, your neighbor … or even you.

What if we were all brave enough to put our truest selves out there? Jockey encourages you to Show ‘Em What's Underneath by uploading a photo of yourself and adding a personalized message.

How will you #ShowEm?

Show 'Em The True You