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8 Clever Ways To Deskorate Your Space

Martha Stewart does it. Joanna Gaines does it. Even Jonathan and Drew Scott do it.

They decorate spaces to fit their customers’ personalities and budgets. Now, granted, most of them deal with large spaces, such as living rooms, bedrooms and whole houses, but you can still take a page out of their books when deciding how to decorate your workspace.

Here at Zappos, employees, no matter what shift they work, have their own desk. It’s a blank canvas ready to have a personal touch added. Because honestly, Americans spend more time at work than they do at home. Why would you want to spend so much time at a desk that doesn’t make you smile?

After all, the more content and relaxed you feel, the more productive you’ll be! So unless you want to feel like a Milton Waddams (“Office Space” fans get it), then look at these options to take your own desk to the next level.

Display creature comforts

Are you a hardcore Batman fan? Do you love collecting figurines and action figures? Bring a few to display in an area of your desk that you can view throughout the day. Not only will it remind other people of how cool you are, but it will also help you to bring your true, authentic self to work every day (as a plus, you’ll find out who among your coworkers is as awesome as you are.) Luis — a customer service representative and a huge comic book fan with tons of neat figurines on his desk — told me, “I decorate my desk this way as a reminder to myself how I love to help people. I want to be a superhero in people's lives! Plus, it helps me "escape" reality, for the briefest of moments, imagining what I could do if I did have superpowers. It's such a great escape!”

Be your own barista

Do you need caffeine to constantly fuel your energy throughout the day? Forego the corner café and use that money to purchase a French press or brewer. This way you can pour yourself a cup right in front of your keyboard. Don’t have the time to blend and brew? No problem! For a quicker fix, consider purchasing an assortment of instant coffee packets that you can simply add to hot water. A few sips and you’ll feel like you’re sitting in a European café getting work done.

Hang photos and notes

Seeing pictures of your loved ones, or reminder notes and quotes, can help boost your mood. A fun and unique way to display these items are by streaming a wire above your desk and using binder or colorful laundry clips to hang them up. A corkboard or pushpin board behind your monitor is also an excellent way to display pictures to view while you’re working. This way you can still display these mementos without cluttering your desk with large frames.

Shine your light

String up some colorful or white twinkle lights to add some pizazz to your workspace. It’ll bring a little magic to your desk and will brighten up your area with their sparkle. If you’re not keen on putting up lights, then a cool lava lamp or light-up figurine can also add some vibrant distraction. Taking a minute to stare away from your computer screen is a nice way to break up the humdrum of your day.

Be a poison ivy

If you love flowers and houseplants, bring in a potted friend from home. Remembering to water it and keeping it alive will add some pride to your day. It’ll also bring some fresh oxygen to your space and can be a lovely conversation starter to get to know those sitting around you.

Organize your space

Keeping your desk neat and clutter-free is a scientifically proven way to remain relaxed and focused. People with organized desks also tend to be more dependable and conscientious. So if you stay organized, it might actually force you to be more productive. There are so many cool organizers on the market, in-store or online, that will surely match your needs. Check out these neat organizers from IKEA and Target. You can even get them in different patterns or colors to suit your personality.

Ditch the computer chair

Gone are the days of those uncomfortable rolling desk chairs that hurt your bottom and strain your back. People are replacing those pesky seats with yoga balls and beanbag chairs. Some companies even allow its employees to use a treadmill at their desk! It’s easier on the backside, and you can burn lunchtime calories at the same time!

Gretchen, another fellow customer service representative, has been using a treadmill desk every day for years. She always gets her 10,000 steps a day! At 62 years old, she says it leaves her with enough energy to take a kickboxing or Zumba class after work. According to her, she’s happy, productive and in the best health she’s ever been in.

Clean the clutter

Are you one of those who just can’t stand having clutter on their desk? They cringe when they see cute little figures, papers overflowing or empty water bottles on a neighbor’s desk. And that’s OK! Some people are more relaxed and focused with an organized desk as opposed to a tchotchke-filled one.

There are many cool organizers on the market, in-store or online that will make you feel more organized and productive. Check out these neat organizers from Amazon. You can even get them in different patterns or colors to suit your personality.

Whichever route you take for your desk decorating, just make sure that it reflects who you are and makes you happy. Who says that you can’t be just as comfortable at work as you are at home? Create your own positive environment, and it will be sure to rub off on everyone around you.

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