Footwear February 15th, 2018

Johnston & Murphy Shoes And The Presidents Who Fill Them

Have you ever wanted to walk a mile in the president's shoes?

If so, Johnston & Murphy is a company that embodies timeless presidential style.

The tradition of making the head of state's shoes started when shoemaker William Dudley, founder of Johnston & Murphy, became so well known for his craft that he was given the opportunity to create a pair of shoes for Millard Fillmore, America’s 13th president. The ball kept rolling from there, and they have since crafted a pair for every president since Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln led our country through some of the darkest times and left some pretty big shoes to fill. He was a size 14, the largest size of any president, and wore a pair of short lace-up boots. Johnston & Murphy made an updated version for our former president, Barack Obama, with the Copeland Chukka, as seen here.


John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy was a president as timeless and fashionable as his first lady, Jackie. His preferred shoe of choice was the classic wingtip. If you're looking for the same sophistication when you're out on the town, check out the Waverly. The smooth polished leather and attention to detail is very similar to the ones worn by JFK himself. In fact, it’ll help you feel like you're passing bills when you're just paying them.


Ronald Reagan

Handsome actor and presidential icon Ronald Reagan chose a pair of stylish cap-toe shoes that go with nearly everything. Whether you'd like to channel him on the red carpet or in the oval office, the Conard Cap Toe fits to precision. Made from quality leathers with the updated touch of a stacked heel and a flash of blue on the sole, these shoes will have you looking as stylish as “the Gipper.”


Bill Clinton

Forty-second president and husband of the current Democratic nominee, Bill Clinton was honored with a pair of blue suede shoes from Johnston & Murphy as a playful nod to the president's love of jazz. If you're a fan of Slick Willie or his taste in music, the Danbury Penny in navy water-resistant full-grain suede will have you singing the blues in the best way possible. This design has the same classic penny loafer style and exciting splash of color as the former president's pair. The unlined interior is also comfortable enough to wear sans socks.


Barack Obama

POTUS 44, Barack Obama, picked a pair of black oxfords with modern and somewhat playful touches. The Tilden Lace-Up will have you feeling those same vibes with a modern, slightly narrowed toe. The extra seaming on the side gives the same whimsical touch while still commanding respect.


It's anyone's guess what Johnston & Murphy's final shoe design for President Donald Trump may be. But we have no doubt they'll be big league when it comes to style, comfort and quality craftsmanship.