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No PreCheck, No Problem: 10 Shoes To Wear At The Airport

Traveling by plane is a quick way to cover ground.

But let’s face it: Schlepping your bags and luggage through the airport, battling crowds and squeezing through tight airplane aisles isn’t the most relaxing way to begin your trip. Add a partner and a couple of kids to the group, and things can get chaotic.

Not only are you responsible for making sure everyone — and their tickets and luggage — aren’t forgotten (see: “Home Alone”), but you must also manage to get through security.

Arguably the worst part about pre-boarding is doing the “TSA strip:” taking off belts, coats and shoes to be scanned, then fumbling to re-assemble yourself on the other side. But as it turns out, you (and the whole crew) can get through the process a lot more efficiently with a little preparation.

In addition to dressing accordingly, wearing shoes that are easy to take off and put on makes a huge difference when it comes to sailing through security. They should also be comfortable enough to walk long distances between terminals, or even allow you to hustle if you’re late for boarding!

Check out the best airport-friendly shoes for every climate and style, all available on No matter where you’re headed or who’s accompanying you, when everyone has the proper footwear, the first leg of your journey will go a lot more smoothly.

These comfortable picks will have you saying, “No PreCheck? No problem.”

1. Adidas Addilette

For fans of athleisure fashion, the Adidas Addilettes are the perfect easy-on, easy-off sandal that can also take you the distance. These lightweight slides have a contoured footbed for extra support, and the thong-less design prevents between-toe irritation. Further, they’re waterproof and have bottom traction, making them perfect for whatever’s next once you’ve left the airport.

With Addilettes, the whole family has their pick of colors and patterns, from florals to metallics, as well as Adidas’ original black-and-white motif.
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2. TOMS Classics

TOMS shoes are as well-known for their comfort as they are for their mission. That’s because for each pair of shoes sold, another is donated to a child in need.

As far as airport-friendliness goes, the Classics make the TSA process a breeze. They’re made with materials like burlap and canvas to allow for breathability and flexibility, and washable inserts help feet stay fresh (many TOMS styles are entirely vegan, too). Bonus: Color and pattern options are seemingly endless.
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3. Vans Classic Slip-Ons

The original skater shoes, Vans are actually designed for comfort, durability, traction and movement. With all this considered — including the slip-on style to get you through security — it’s no wonder these are perfect for traipsing around an airport. What’s more, they’ll do double duty if you’re heading to an active vacation for which you’ll need appropriate footwear.

Despite their overall retro vibe (which is fashionable in itself), Vans Classics come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and materials, if you’re looking for a more modern twist.
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4. Propet TravelActiv

Thanks to a commitment to provide comfort and support for “hard-to-fit” feet, Propet makes the cut as an airport shoe recommendation. With a wide array of women’s sizes and widths available on, this brand can accommodate female travelers of any activity level, including those with fit limitations.

Better yet, the TravelActiv's tie-less laces offer the look of a traditional sneaker and the convenience of a slip-on, making them a smart choice to wear through the airport and throughout your trip.
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5. Nike FlyEase

Nike lovers, rejoice: You can have your favorite sneakers and travel in them, too. It goes without saying that the famous athletic shoe will keep your feet happy for an entire day of transportation-hopping, but the added bonus of the FlyEase is in the name.

The built-in laces, which don’t require tying, allow passengers to wear with ease. This makes them a top choice for men, women and children traveling by air, from cruising through security to getting more comfortable while on the flight.
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6. Skechers Go Walk

Thankfully, the trendy, comfortable Skechers brand comes in a variety of slip-on styles for both men and women, making the passage through TSA a (nearly) smooth experience. Further, the Go Walks are made for mileage too, meaning you can make it to the next gate sans foot cramps or blisters.

However, they don’t have to look like your typical walking shoe. The footwear line offers traditional slip-on, boat shoe and ballerina flat silhouettes.
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7. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

If you prefer sticking with what’s tried and true, consider taking to the skies old-school style with a pair of All Stars. Whether you opt for laceless or lace-up Chucks, they’re easy to get on and off as you make your way to your destination.

Perhaps the best part of these kicks is their versatility. Worn by wanderlusters of any age (and fashionable whether they’re beat up or brand new), the timeless canvas sneaks can be paired with joggers, jeans, shorts, sundresses, leggings and anything in between.
Shop Converse Chuck Taylor All Star


8. Crocs Classic Clog

If on-off ease is your top priority in a travel shoe, you can’t go wrong with a roomy Crocs clog. You won’t even need a free hand to step in and out of these structured shoes, which hold their shape whether or not there’s a foot in them. This makes them especially optimal for kiddos, elderly, or passengers with disabilities since they can be slipped on and off without any assistance.

Additionally, the Crocs’ perforated design allows for optimum breathability — ideal for anyone whose feet get toasty. But if the temperature drops at your start or end destination, these shoes allow plenty of room to wear fuzzy socks.
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9. Birkenstock Boston

Birkenstocks have made a huge comeback, and compared to Crocs, the Boston style provides a more fitted option to suit clog fans. Believe it or not, these heel-less wonders make a great walking shoe that can be removed in seconds flat.

In addition to the trademark suede upper, Bostons are available in sleek leather and shearling-lined styles. And aesthetics aside, Birks are also known for their unparalleled comfort; they contain a foam-padded soft footbed, which molds to the feet of the wearer.
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10. UGG Classic

Those en route to the mountains or a cold-weather vacation — or who get chilly on planes — will stay toasty in a pair of slipper-like UGGs. The shearling-lined boots, which are available in multiple heights, colors, and patterns, are easy to pull on and off when it comes to passing through security. Plus, they’re so comfy, you’ll want to take a snooze while wearing them mid-flight.

When it’s too frigid for sandals or open-heeled shoes, sporting the original sheepskin boot is the warmest and most practical way to travel.
Shop UGG Classic


Air travel can be a hassle, but as the saying goes, a little preparation can go a long way. If you simplify some of the biggest pre-flight stressors — which are multiplied when traveling in a group, especially with small children — your trip will be off to a much better start.

After all, vacations are already too short. They should begin the moment you set foot in the airport.


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