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The Top Benefits Of Adidas Soccer Shoes

When it comes to athletic design, there's something remarkable about being one of the first.

Adidas soccer cleats go way back to the 1920s when two German brothers and shoemakers attached changeable studs to the bottom of soccer cleats.

Though variations of studded cleats, often handmade, had risen and fallen in the sport over the centuries, the adidas design both met federation standards and left quite the impression on the athletic scene.

Over the next 100 years, adidas cleats adapted to the ever-changing sport, player preferences and high-tech materials. From the 1950s to the end of the century, the iconic adidas Samba became a household name both for indoor soccer and an everyday fashion statement.

Adidas shoes today are still one of the most dependable picks for new and experienced soccer players alike. We'll peruse the top lines from the past several years to match your playing style and field preferences.



What technology does adidas use, and what are their top soccer shoes?

One of the most exciting things about adidas soccer shoes is that its original designs are still topping today's charts. Though the company has updated materials and the structure of the shoe, similar models that made it to the FIFA World Cup throughout the 20th century are still trusted today.

Though adidas offers many complex models of shoes for the professional player, they also offer traditional looks that make it to the top of industry lists despite their outward simplicity.

Modern adidas soccer shoes, just like all the top brands, use their signature set of technology to keep its footwear lightweight, perfectly structured, and ideal for performance. Some of these include:

Agility skin textile
Material that's made to compress around the player's foot for flexible support

Tension tape
A material that intricately wraps around the foot and ankle to keep it in place

An upper skin material that adds rubber spikes on some models of shoes for ball grip

Outsole design that is geared toward boosting agility and speed on the field

Here are a few of the top-rated soccer cleats for children and adults, which we'll explain more below:

• Copa 20.4
• Nemeziz Messi
• Classic Samba
• Predator 19.3
• Copa Mundial
• adidas X



What are the best indoor adidas styles?

Indoor soccer shoes are relatively straightforward compared to outdoor cleats. Textured rubber soles provide ultimate traction on the street or court, while internal foot support keeps players safe and energized for a long game. Adidas set the tone for indoor soccer shoes with its popular Samba look, but several top picks also receive similar fanfare.

Copa 20.4

Those looking to balance modern technology with a classic look can check out the Copa 20.4 for indoor matches. The textured rubber base can easily transfer between the court and artificial turf, adding crucial traction for both surfaces. Combined with an EVA insole, players remain comfortable against the hard playing ground. The signature synthetic upper means that they are breathable, flexible and provide a supportive, skin-tight fit.

Nemeziz Messi 19.4 IN

As our top pick for kids indoor soccer shoes, the Nemeziz Messi toes the line of sleek and modern while remaining grounded. A Torsion Tap collar, simple to the tension tape mentioned above, keeps their feet comfortable and safe without a high ankle profile. The insole is elasticized for a comfortable fit and ultimate heel stability.

Classic Samba

If you're on the hunt for a retro favorite with updated technology, the Samba has been updated by the company to meet the needs of today's casual players. Serrated rubber outsole provides necessary slip-proof traction. Also, a padded footbed, extended tongue and fabric lining provide comfort without flash.



What are the best outdoor adidas styles?

Outdoor soccer shoes are designed to make a player feel at ease on any style of field. Though firm ground shoes are the most common soccer cleat, many of these adidas lines come in alternate varieties for both turf and soft ground play.

Predator 19.3 FG

The Predator line goes back to 1994 and has seen multiple iterations that receive rave reviews. The 19.3 FG for firm ground play combines traditional lace-up construction for flexibility and a high-profile ankle for field support. The shoe incorporates the signature Primeknit material and Controlskin on the shoe's upper material for ball control. Hybrid studs are uniquely designed for optimate traction.

Performance Copa Mundial

Available for adults and new young players, the Copa Mundial is one of these classic examples of a simple cleat that can't go wrong. The shoe is constructed in the soccer cleats traditional k-leather material with a simple lace-up enclosure. However, synthetic lining and extra leather support make them immediately comfortable with a highly-rated fit across the industry.

X 19.2 FG

Several soccer experts place the adidas X 19.2 at the top of their lists for a standard outdoor field. Control the ball with optimal contact with an asymmetrical design and a low-profile ankle that grips without a high liner. Their lightweight material and arrowhead studs make this an ideal shoe for showing off speed on the field.



Adidas soccer shoes, for indoor and outdoor games, rely on time-tested technology without flashy design. Between the textured upper material and its signature methods for ensuring fit, adidas is a great soccer shoe for the professional or the new enthusiast.

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