Fashion May 29th, 2019

8 Fashion 'Rules' Women Should Feel Empowered To Ignore

When you dress for the day, whose preferences do you follow?

How we look and dress is one way we express who we are, and women of all shapes and sizes are refusing to conform to a single idea of how the “perfect” woman needs to look.

Forget about sticking to clothes that are “flattering,” putting an age range on trends, and thinking menswear is only for men! Fashion is about expression, not obligation, and women can wear clothes that reflect their personalities, not a pre-conceived set if criteria.

Below, check out eight archaic fashion rules women can feel empowered to ignore. Reject others’ expectations, ladies — it’s time to dress how you want!


1. Always dress to flatter your body type

Society is gradually accepting and including plus-sized women in trends, although there’s still a long way to go. Nevertheless, an underlying idea of dressing to “flatter” your body type remains. Translation: wear clothes that make you look as long, lean and cellulite-free is possible. Oh, you can have curves — but only if they’re in the right places.

When it comes down to it, let go of this outdated belief! Dress to emphasize your favorite assets or experiment with a trend you’re excited to try. No matter what you’re wearing, if you love yourself, it’ll radiate for all to see.

2. Cover or hide your physical imperfections

Another aspect of flattery includes covering or hiding your physical imperfections. But who decided what “flaws” are, anyway?

News flash! Every woman can wear form-fitting clothes, show some skin, and — dare we say it? — every body is a bikini body. You should never feel self-conscious about wearing shorts, sleeveless tops or two-piece bathing suits, whether you’re curvy, petite, tall, busty or athletic. Don’t ever feel the need to “cover up” or hide any part of your body. If you chose to conform, you wouldn’t be you.

3. Crop tops are for flat tummies

Midriff-showing tops have been popular for a while, and contrary to popular belief, they’re not only for ladies with flat abs.

Whether you’re a size 2, 20, or anything in between, there’s a cropped style out there for you. Wear your shrunken top with a high-waisted skirt for a peek-a-boo sliver of skin, or go all out with a shorter crop and low-rise jeans to show off your belly button. The only rule here is to dress in something that feels comfortable.


4. Trends are for young people

Age is irrelevant when it comes to trends, and the idea that they’re only for young people is a total misconception. The only thing any woman needs to rock a trend is confidence; a quality that’s absolutely timeless.

Whether you just turned 25 or 52, go ahead and don those high-waist pants, bold prints, and statement earrings you love — they look fabulous on you.

5. Shapewear is a necessity under fitted clothing

It’s 2019, people! The days of wearing waist-cinching corsets are long gone. Yet, countless women feel the need to squeeze themselves into constricting shapewear to look slimmer when wearing form-fitting clothing, especially dresses and skirts.

There’s no shame in wearing shapewear if it boosts your confidence. However, given the choice between sucking in a few inches and breathing properly, be empowered to opt for the latter. Oxygen is really important — and if you have curves, why try to hide them?

6. Tall women shouldn’t wear heels (and short women should)

What a woman wears on her feet shouldn’t be determined by her height. Taller women deserve to strut proudly in a pair of stilettos instead of feeling self-conscious about their height. Meanwhile, shorter women have a right to stick to flats if that’s what they prefer … and vice versa!

If wearing high heels makes you feel powerful and sexy, or wearing flats makes you feel pretty and comfy, choose the footwear that works for you, no matter how tall you measure.


7. Menswear is only for men

Despite the name, menswear isn’t just for men! One of the best parts about being a woman is the ability to incorporate both delicate, feminine pieces and structured menswear in your wardrobe. In fact, menswear for women is big right now, including boxy blazers, oversized oxfords and baggy trousers.

Try mixing and matching masculine and feminine pieces, like floral skirts with a tweed jackets, or a head-to-toe power suit with a patterned silk blouse underneath. This is a modern way to create an edgy look that’s all your own.

8. Leggings are too revealing to be pants

Ah, the subject of debate. Are leggings really pants? The simple answer: they are if you want them to be.

Wear leggings as pants if that’s how you’re most comfortable. And if you feel too exposed? Then don’t! Leggings also have no size restrictions. They’re made for every body type, and those looking for more coverage (regardless of size) can opt for thicker materials. The point is, if you love how leggings feel and how they hug your body, don’t let anyone tell you whether they make appropriate pants.

Fashion “rules” have changed through the centuries, and clothing has evolved into a means of expression. Show the world you’re empowered by ignoring style guidelines pertaining to size, height, gender and age. Rock a wardrobe that shows off your best self!

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