Fashion May 11th, 2020

12 Spring Essentials For The Mama-To-Be

Spring flowers aren’t the only things growing this season if you are expecting!

Spring can be a lovely time of year to be pregnant due to the mild weather in much of the country. Figuring out what to buy for your changing body can be as hard as deciding which Spring flower is your favorite.

We are here to help you nail down the Spring essentials that will grow with you and carry through your journey. Allow us to show you how your maternity wardrobe can blossom this Spring!


1. Belly Bands

This is a must-have essential. The belly band allows you to wear pants you already have for a longer duration, if not through your whole pregnancy. The band covers the top of jeans, trousers, or leggings, and holds up the pants while looking like a layered shirt under whatever top you prefer. The band also adds additional support, especially if you are carrying low. Who doesn’t want to help take the load off?



2. Comfy Sandals

Super comfortable, but won’t let you down on the style front. Look for a spring sandal that offers generous support and a comfy footbed that can transition into summer.



3. Maternity Jeans

This is an investment piece we recommend. Think of how often you wear jeans. Life won’t change just because your body does. There is a wide array of colors and fits. Our only suggestion is to make sure the fabric has stretch. We recommend checking to see if your favorite denim designers make maternity denim. Maternity denim comes in a wide price range so you can go with designer denim or with a true maternity brand.



4. Light Jacket

Weather can still be chilly in Springtime in many places. Besides, you may be experiencing hormonal changes that affect you if you feel hot or cold. A lightweight Spring jacket is the ideal layering piece. Look for a versatile style so it can be worn in the fourth trimester and after.



5. Printed Top

Let your personality shine through with a fun printed spring top. Tops are wonderful for layering. Further, they are an easy and effective way to showcase the latest trends in prints and a place for you to show off your personal style.



6. Casual Springs Dress

As the weather warms up, you will want to be less constricted with fabric. Enter the quintessential casual summer dress. This basic will be your go-to as the temperature rises. Dresses are the best way to look put together and feel comfortable. We suggest a cotton or cotton blend for maximum breathability.



7. Nursing Bra

Keep the girls snug, and yet easily accessible with a comfortable, seamless nursing bra. The smooth fabric will adjust with you as your size changes and is ideal for everyday wear, nursing, and sleeping. This is an investment piece that is worth every dollar.



8. Maternity Pajamas

When you are at home, you’ll want to be lounging in a comfy pair of pajamas. These are worth the splurge for you, and also make for a terrific gift idea.



9. Basic Tees

Stock up on a few basic tees that will cover your bump. These will serve you throughout your whole pregnancy. Who doesn’t love T-shirts and jeans?



10. Maternity Leggings

A maternity legging is so versatile and can be styled in numerous ways. There is always the basic black legging, or you can go for a sportier look. Either way, it will be comfortable and allow you to move freely.



11. Oversize Jean Jacket

One of the most essential basics is a jean jacket. Throw this on when you catch a chill. This will last through your pregnancy and after.



12. Perfect Trench

A sophisticated staple that is a must-have!



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