Fashion July 15th, 2016

Get The Look: 5 Modern Styles That Exude Jackie O

Jackie Kennedy Onasis is one of the most well-known and influential fashion icons of all time. Most people can name at least one of her trends, where oversize sunglasses, strings of pearls and beautiful trench coats often come to mind.

But what made Jackie an icon? She certainly wasn’t the first to wear elbow length gloves, and women had been donning headscarves since the ‘50s. It begs the question: Why did women everywhere start emulating her, and why do we still look up to her today?

Jacqueline Kennedy was thrust into the spotlight when her husband, John F. Kennedy, was elected President in 1961. With one baby, and another on the way, the young and beautiful Jackie resonated deeply with women across America. She was modern and forward thinking, but “Always a mother and wife first.” To both the older and younger generation, she was relatable, yet glamorous; practical, yet elegant.

Her style encapsulated this range of old and new. Her clean lines were on trend with the space age, but she would wear them with classic pearls. Hats were on their way out, but she paired a futuristic looking trench coat with a pillbox hat. Everything was fashion forward with a nod to the past, which made her look timeless.

During her time in the White House, Jackie gave birth and lost a child. Her husband had a highly publicized affair and was later assassinated. Through it all, she never failed to keep her composure and grace. She was immortalized as the beautiful heroine in a great American tragedy. Jackie, and her strength of character, was loved the world over.

As we look at her in this light, it’s easy to see how she became an icon. Women everywhere felt a kinship to Jackie, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Her time as the First Lady was only the beginning of her influence on fashion. Like a true icon, she continued to be a trendsetter throughout her life. No matter what fashions changed, she always stuck to her basics, and they continue to be synonymously considered glamorous, chic and timeless.

Who doesn’t want to be glamorous, chic and timeless? Here are five of Jackie’s fashion basics, and how to make them your own:

Clean Lines

Less is more. Jackie loved bright colors and bold prints, as well as her signature black and white. To keep it clean, she would wear a simple shift or A-line dress. To make it modern, try something with clean lines that adds a little pop, like this Ted Baker cutout dress.

Cinch the Waist

Tall and thin, belts and bows at the waist would help accentuate her shape. Make it modern and draw the eye with a two-piece dress. This Aidan Mattox is both classy and unique.

Oversize Sunglasses

After Jack’s assassination, Jackie fled to Greece to protect her children. She began wearing them to fool the paparazzi, hoping they wouldn’t recognize her. Keeping her children safe was her highest priority. It was there that she met and married Aristotle Onassis, and Jackie Kennedy became “Jackie O.” Make it modern with Fossil sunglasses are the epitome of glamour and simplicity.


With her simple black turtleneck, she epitomized casual chic. Make it modern and nail this simple, versatile look with a ribbed black turtleneck from Michael Stars.

Trench Coats

This staple of Jackie’s wardrobe made every look instantly chic and effortless. Try a trench with an asymmetrical zipper, like this Calvin Klein Single Breasted Trench.

We’ve been trying to capture Jackie’s essence for 50 years; chic and glamorous never goes out of style. Her beauty, both inside and out, still inspires us today. Because of this, Jackie is one of the most influential fashion icons of all time.